January 25, 2012

No Independence For Scotland

I have said this repeatedly over the last few years and I will say it again now: Scotland will never be independent.

At least, she won't be for long. It will be the shortest lived independence since records began.

Her "independence" is a misnomer. A lie. A deceit. A fraud. A scam.

Even now, while the SNP lock horns with any dissenters, they are negotiating with the EU. If they get their timing right, on the same night they celebrate independence, they will also celebrate their entry into the Stupid Club.

So much for reclaiming the nation, eh? So much for ridding themselves of those bastards south of the border.

Hear this Nats, and hear it well: between now and the referendum, I will devote untold energy towards telling everyone I know, and everyone I don't know, that the referendum is the worst idea ever. Who, in their right minds, gives up one master for another and declares her people free?

No-one, that's who.

Scratch that. Ireland did. Yesterday, Croatia did. Given the chance, Turkey would. The EU really ought to be renamed the Stupid Club. It is jammed with countries that couldn't wait to gain new found sovereignty, for the first time ever in some cases, only to give it away again.

Scotland will make that mistake. They will ignore the fact that Ireland is broke, and broken. Her people are now enslaved to the EU. So is the rest of the UK but there is a glimmer of hope in the shape of UKIP.

Scotland, in demanding begging for entry to the Stupid Club must also commit to converting to the euro. The euro, as anyone with more than two braincells already knows, is dying. It will be dead within three years. The Germans know it: they are printing New Deutschmarks as if their lives depended on it, (it does), and the Greeks (although dragging it out) will default any day now and return to the drachma. The Italians will follow and so will the Spanish. The Portuguese will also withdraw. They have no choice. They just don't realise it yet.

If Scotland were truly seeking independence, I would support the campaign with all my heart. This country has been good for me and mine. I have been in steady work here since 1989 and the Oil & Gas Industry has provided well for us. My boys got a great education and on the rare occasions we have needed it, the NHS has taken care of us. Our money is spent, whenever possible, in local shops, on local tradespeople, and on local attractions (the tourist stuff as well as restaurants) so I can honestly say it has been a two-way street.

However, I will NOT stay in Scotland if, post-referendum/independence, I end up on my knees with the other 5.2 million citizens in thrall to the EU. I will sell up, and I will head south. Hell, who knows? I may move out of the UK altogether, if Cameron and his Familiars don't get a grip and get us out.

The Nats, those same Nats who told me time after time "Wait and see. Joining the EU is not a given. One step at a time, eh?" were living in cloud cuckoo land. Were they conned as well? Were they lying to me?

Guess what, lads and lassies? Independence and joining the EU are one and the same now.

And I promise to do everything I can to dissuade people from ticking the "yes" box.

If you have any sense you will all do exactly the same.

You may well think of Westminster as the frying pan but believe me, the EU is the fire. It is indiscriminate: it burns everybody.


Mark my words now.



Pete said...

Agree with every word Captain, I have been saying exactly the same things as your good self.

What will the SNP call themselves if Scotland does gain independence from the UK? Oh I suppose they could keep the Nationalist part of the name as they will then reform and try to get out of the EUSSR!

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Just as a matter of interest CR the Deutschmark is set to be the EU currency after the Euro goes.
You are right that the Euro will be no longer, maybe a bit sooner than 3 years though.
It has always been that the Deutschmark would be the currency of the 'German' Reich v IV and once the Euro goes the Brussels centre will move to be closer to the 'fiat' printing press.
A Voilà Germany will be the political centre, the financial spiritual and military for the now created 'New Germany'.

Namaste, rev;

Dave_G said...

There are many, many issues to be answered before anyone could convince me of Scottish Independence.

Energy? The windmills idea proposed by Salmond is ludicrous.
Taxation? To maintain the existing levels of spending the taxes will have to rise.
Defense? Neds perhaps?
Money? The Euro? Are you sh1tting me Salmond?

The list is almost endless.

Mind you - if Salmond said:

'we're dumping the stupidity of CO2/AGW,
we're building nuclear and shale gas supplies,
stopping all immigration except by application,
keeping all taxes within Scotland (e.g no foreign aid),
reigning in on anti-Scottish (British) sentiment from within,
repatriating all foreign-born prisoners,
introducing harsh sentencing for all crimes,
cutting benefits for anyone NOT prepared to earn a living,
putting all annual budgets to a referendum,
demolishing all quangos,
eliminating red tape entirely,
making haggis consumption compulsory etc

(well, maybe not the last one) THEN, perhaps, it wouldn't be so bad to start considering independence after all.

Fat fcuking chance though.....

Dave_G said...

ooops, forgot repeal the anti-smoking laws (sorry Cap'n) :D

Mr Angry said...

Completely right, Cap'n. All Scotland will do will be to swap one master for another. This is what makes me so MAD and, indeed, ANGRY.

My Irish fiancee doesn't really see it, but her kin are enslaved by another empire.

Is everybody blind???

Woodsy42 said...

"that couldn't wait to gain new found sovereignty, for the first time ever in some cases, only to give it away again."

That's presumably because they think grouping together for strength will somehow help them protect that hard won sovereignty. Your name "Stupid club" is very apt, fits both the club and the wannabe members.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

CR: the word 'Salmond' and the phrase 'fish in a barrel' seems to sum up this farce quite nicely!

Captain Ranty said...


Salmond is many things, but he is not daft. In fact, he is one of the cleverest politicians out there. He is, like him or loathe him, a master at the game.

So why is he doing this? Is someone pulling his strings? Does he know? Does he care? Does he really think he can fool 5,200,000 people?


Dave_G said...

"Does he really think he can fool 5,200,000 people?"

Cameron did - why can't Salmond?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

CR: Yup - and fooled they will be. You wait and see - if the referendum ever happens.....

Yup, his strings are being pulled by Brussels......

Yup, he is very clever......

And yup, he is a politician - so the question has to be asked: whats in it for him?

Dave_G said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Salmond is in this for himself and sod the rest of us.

Win or lose he, personally, will end up with so much power we'll be under an effective dictatorship - Scottish style - forever.

He's in a win-win situation, We are in a lose-lose situation.

Captain Ranty said...


Cameron fooled 50 million. Mind you, he still didn't win the election, did he? The Tories snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Regarding Wee Eck: two things happen if "independence" is won.

1. His political party are defunct. No longer needed.

2. Neither is he. Brussels will take over.

I can only imagine he a) wants to be remembered as the man who "won" independence or b) he is lining up a top job in the EU.

Or both.


Captain Ranty said...


If that's the case then is he not a master politician.

That just makes him a subservient, spineless and selfish little toad.


WitteringsfromWitney said...

CR: Almost 'got it in one' (joke)! Why cannot others see the true picture. The number of politicians the UK has who actually care about this nation can be counted on one hand!

Off topic, but relevant: WV slipped up and left the letter 'D' off what was 'bustur'

handymanphil said...

I can't wait to welcome you back CR for i have an awful feeling that a referendum will produce a YES to independence, which of course will still not be independence! Oh well, some might be excited by the prospect-I think???

Anonymous said...

Captain, if the Scottish get their independence, they are out on their own.. lietrally.

The Spanish have made it absolutely clear that they will veto any entry of Scotland into the EU.


dickie doubleday said...

i agree with you rant captain. if i was a scot then im sure i would vote no, my gut feeling is that scottish patriotism will be to blame for a more than probable yes vote when the hard sell really kicks in.

alex salmond looks invincible at the moment , i wouldnt bet against him losing

Robert the Biker said...

I'm also in the Oil and Gas field, and feel much the same about my life in England...and thats the problem isn't it. Al the Oily Fish will stir up all the old bullshit about 'they Anglish', while conveniently forgetting that it's NOT his oil, his submarine bases or his extra money from South of the Border; he can forget about ALL of that. England will be free, not Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side: if Scotland went independent, England would never have to suffer Labour again.

Guernican said...

Not a chance of me wandering off, old boy. I love a good dose of comedy.

By the way, when you do implement your master plan to stop Scottish devolution, don't forget to post the name of the street corner you'll be shouting from. I'm sure you'll be worth listening to.

coz said...

Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose, in this case. Might be a 'better the devils you know' situation.

Dave_G said...

Assuming Salmond 'wins' his vote, won't this mean both Scotland AND England having to reapply for membership of the EU?

If this is true, will the Scottish people even be ASKED?

So, to all you 'yes' voters.... do you really WANT to be part of Europe - or, worst case, a user of the Euro?

These, and more questions, will be posed in the next episode of Soap.

Anonymous said...

2nd attempt to post.


check out how the welsh nationalists are on the bandwagon. Anyhting to keep their fucking noses in the trough. These "joskins"(north walian term for the twats who decide our future by way of little chats through the windows of their brand new landrover discovery's in country lanes up and down the country) need to be educated.

I pity the next generation. They'll all be dressed in grey overalls making their way to the munition factorys. Building drones and monitors for the crazy crew who's job it is to kill the targets on the screen. Big hooters will sound the break times and the people will be silent as they read the new rules to be implemented next week.

Children will be in the same coloured baby grows, watching images of the boss's telling them what they wil be requuired to do in the next few years. All will be silent. No cries, no laughter, no shouting and running around like free little people used to be.

The elders, in the same cloured smocks, will be busy preparing the next days food handouts. Some drop and die where they stand. The orderlies arrive with the carrier truck to collect and dispose of the bodies.

Every now and then people catch sight of the space planes that deliver the bosses back to their posts after their holiday, up there, way way up there.

No music, no books, no freedom of speech, no discussions, nothing.

Bastards. What is life if it aint for living. They can't own our thoughts, can they? They can't own my mind, can they? My soul is mine isn't it?

Too fucking right it is and my childrens is theirs. I tell them everyday about to what to expect from their so-called masters. Fingers crossed, more like mine will join together and put an end to the 1%'s intentions. Once and for all. It's too late for us over 20 to do much except train, teach, inform, and urge the little loud ones to kick some fucking old peoples arses for doing nowt and leaving all to them. Roll on.

Nick said...

Ok Guernican, I’ll nibble.
I’m interested in your thoughts.

Why come here, attack the herald, his readers and offer no counter point?

Do you really think that the world is fine and dandy the way it is progressing at the moment?

If you have children, do you not worry about their future?
If you do, what are you doing about it?

Finally, do you ever wonder what your life would have been like if your brain had not been starved of Oxygen during your birth?

Guernican said...

No need to bite, you cretinous, knuckle-dragging bigot.

I'm just here to observe and chuckle. You carry on persuading each other that your ill-informed views, half-baked ideas and reactionary shit mean something, and I'll post the occasional comment that you're under no obligation to read.


Here... just to prove there's no hard feelings in all this - I absolutely promise - have a smiley face.


Nick said...

Ah! Cretinous, knuckle-dragging bigot? How on earth did you form that opinion?

I see that as well as having internet access in your hostel you also see hidden meaning in plain and simple questions.

Sips G&T.

What are you paid to write your inane dribble?

M6 washers?

James Higham said...

Her "independence" is a misnomer. A lie. A deceit. A fraud. A scam.

Yep but there's no telling a Scot, Cap'n.

Gedguy said...

I have taken up your offer to visit your site, and glad I was in doing so because I can see you for what you are; sad. Those ' bastards south of the border' are called English and are due respect. Now, if you were talking about Westminster, I would find it difficult to agree with you. So far, in your article you have spouted a lot of accusations without one link to back up your claims. Where are your links or are we just to take your word for it? If you are not willing to put forward your evidence then you are just another of those people who rabbit on about nothing. Where is your link to back up your claim that you have just under 2 million hits? All I see are 178 followers.
I see what you have on offer and I don't want to be associated with people like you. Sorry, but I will not be visiting your site again. Have a nice day.

Captain Ranty said...

Just in case you guys do not visit Rosie's blog, this was my comment there:

"Between now and the referendum my blog will reach up to two million people and I will explain the concept of independence, and the scam the SNP is proposing, at every opportunity."

Your man Gedguy up there makes me look like a liar, but it was he that made the mistake. HE misread my comment.

In fact, do get over there:


and read his defence of Scottish "independence".

I roared with laughter when he said this:

"At this moment in time the Scottish peoples are subject to two masters: the UK and the EU. When independence comes we will be subject to only one. In my books that's 100% better."

This man wants a master. This man NEEDS a master. He is Borg.

Forgive him, and move on to those who can be conversed with.


Guernican said...

I'm so charmed that you equate gin and tonic with urbane sophistication.

What next? Flicking your cashmere scarf over your shoulder?

Guernican said...

By the way, congratulations on your successful negotiations with Gedguy. You really seem to be making waves in the political blogosphere.

I think you underestimate your appeal, though.

"Reaching 2 million people"... surely, if you take the number of people (worldwide, of course) capable of accessing the internet, you could multiply that figure by a factor of over a thousand.

Then the 178 people you actually reach could add another little delusion to the pile.

Keep posting, all of you. Please.

Captain Ranty said...


I am torn.

I don't know whether to tell my readers all about you, or give you the opportunity to tell us about yourself.

One of my regular commenters, whose research is second to none, sent me some information that, if shared, would explain your a) sudden appearance here b) why you think and write the way you do and c) why we should pity you.

I learnt years ago never to judge a book by its cover. A lesson you clearly never did learn. You assume, because all you see is 178 followers, that that is it. You overlook/don't see several other things: my 800+ twitter followers, the thousands who choose to get updates via RSS feeds, and lastly, you cannot see my visit stats, so you cannot know how many visits I get, unless I tell you.

Like Gedguy, what you don't know, you assume or fabricate.

I know why you do this and I forgive you.

Have a lovely weekend,


Nick said...

Hmm. I believe you are suffering from Freudian projection.

Please allow me to describe the reality of your existence.

You are awoken each morning as the bin men arrive to empty the commercial waste bin you call home.
You wander around asking people, on their way to work, for any spare change.
No one gives you any as you smell like a tramps trainer and they avoid you.
You spot that the local Library is open, it’s warm inside and you head for the computers.
After a few hours you are warm, but, the stench being emitted by yourself is beginning to overwhelm the other Library users.
Some poor pensioner collapses because of it and an Ambulance is called, it arrives along with the Police.
The Police remove you from the Library.
You wander around some more, it’s late afternoon and you head for the local homeless shelter.
The shelter volunteer tells you that you can stay for the night.
You enjoy your soup and retire to your piss soaked mattress, you don’t mind because it smells fragrant in comparison to yourself.
You drift off into tortured sleep dreading another day of you existence.

I pity you. I really do!
Have a good weekend :)

Guernican said...

I'd have thought you gentlemen would have more important things to do than waste your valuable time being baited by someone as insignificant as myself.

Surely the more space you allow this to take up, the less time you'll have to save the UK?

Nick said...

Hurry up, the Library will be closing soon!

Enjoy your soup though…

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

nope, not a thing more important than you. You are my world and I intend cherishing your comments forever. You make me feel intelligent and wise. Your blog is top of my favourites. I've shared with my friend. I only have one and he's in a coma. Your writings made him move yesterday. I think it was a laugh, maybe a cry, or just maybe a request to wipe his arse with it. Either way keep posting(digging), I thought I was the only remedial on this blog. Now there's two of us