January 22, 2012

Help Wanted

Heroes come in many forms.

Many of you may not see Chris Carter as a hero. I do, and I wanted to ask for your help. The whole story is at the website linked to and all I ask is that you swing by, have a read, and if you think this is something you can get involved with, please send a few bob.

Pat Nurse  has the details.

I am supporting this campaign for three reasons:

1. Smokers are just about the only minority against whom open discrimination is practised, accepted, and worse, encouraged.

2. From a lawful standpoint, Chris has been denied justice. He called a witness, but because the witness is one of the elite, the witness was not summonsed.

3. Chris has dedicated the last few years to smokers rights. He needs a leg up.

I will always support the underdog. I have today donated £50 to the fund. All we need to do is bung in what we can afford and we may be able to keep this good man out of gaol. All we need to do is raise £1,250.

We chipped in seven times that amount to free Nick Hogan.

Let's do what's right.

Let's keep Chris where he belongs: with his family.

Many thanks,



Pat Nurse MA said...

Thanks CR - People like Chris Carter go that extra mile for us collectively, so collectively we should that go extra mile for him.

The only people today willing to treat smokers with dignity is smokers.

Anonymous said...

I have e-mailed to ask for an address I can send a cheque to. Will be donating £25. As many people as possible also need to be in court on the day.


Anonymous said...

Just promoting this CR. There's a tenuous link with the whole smoking thing as the EU's fingerprints are all over every facet of control in our lives:



handymanphil said...

Hi everyone and many thanks "CR" for giving this appeal a leg up to save a very sick but brave man from the indignity of a prison cell.
To save time all the details are on the website here: http://smokersjustice.co.uk/
for those wishing to send payment by cheque simply make payable to P&P Productions and post to: 37,Windley Road, Leicester. LE2 6QX
I will update the site as soon as I have news but please, eberyone, remember to spread the word that Chris needs OUR help.
Thank you all
Phil J

I Reject FPTP said...

Smokers should buy an e-cigarette, and replace their expensive habit with a healthier and just as satisfying one. Not one of those tiny little cheap cig shaped ones, a proper long lasting mod with 10hrs battery life and cool factor too. The nicotine fix and habit are both satisfied fully from day one. Don't fight against what you know will kill you, switch and be legal in enclosed areas again.

midlifemisfit said...

You might be legal with an e-cig,but you,ll still get turfed out of Witherspoons pubs.
All about Health....don,t make me laugh.

Unknown said...

Thanks CR, you are a gent and a scholar for helping to spread the word. To anyone who does not think Chris will not be imprisoned for his beliefs then just think about my hero Nick Hogan who was jailed in similar circumstances and was released through sheer people power.

Phil, when I get back to my own flat a cheque will be winging it's way to you.

Anonymous said...

Tenner donated

I Reject FPTP said...

I don't visit Witherspoons, but I have 'vaped' in the London Palladium, Mash Barrel and Harvester restaurants. No problems. It is about health. I'm all for smokers rights, but I cannot deny the facts. I was a choking, tired, yellow skinned nothing of a chain smoker, now i'm a vaper and I never cough, have wonderful clean skin and my breath doesn't stink. For ppl who want to continue standing outside smoking a B&H at 40p a time, fine. Its up to them. I'm just saying there is an alternative for people who don't want cold turkey, patches or that disgusting nasal spray. It works too. Plus you still get to indulge in your nic fix. Notice too that I have no agenda, search on Google. I'm not selling you anything, just telling you that you can switch to a better, cheaper alternative with no downside. Plus you can tell the govt to shove their sin taxes.

Pat Nurse MA said...

E cigs, I would say, are the best alternative for those who want to quit.

However, your choice to quit smoking should not be forced upon those who chose to continue smoking.

It's people like you that give decent vapers a bad name.

The legislation has now become so ridiculous and is implemented to further the stigmatisation of smokers and nothing else. They've even admitted it - so no. It's not about health.

Only Smokerphobic bigots and idiots unable to think for themselves believe that.

I Reject FPTP said...

WOW. Just wow. What a moron. A guy comes on here and tries to help and gets called a load of vicious crap for trying to save your life? Keep it, carry on. People, this is the kind of company you are keeping, enjoy.
Outta here ...

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Bunged a tenner into the pot.
However for those wishing to quit, go ahead but don't do it on health grounds.
There are alternatives.
Additive free tobacco, it IS the chemicals they put into (commercial)cigarettes that cause the dreaded ailments and not the tobacco itself.

Argue all yo wish I have smoked since I was 7 years old and am now a fit and healthy 56.
It only takes 24 - 48 hours for the lungs to recover after smoking but it takes years to get the chemical imbalance corrected from the additives.
SHS NEVER effected me or my family and we are all still living and well. My mother smoked and my father didn't. Mom is dead (not through smoking)and dad is still going strong (80s).

Namaste, rev;

Rob F said...

I Reject FPTP, the only criticism you've had so far is from Pat, who was hardly dishing out 'vicious crap'.

She was just being reasonable. Good for you if you find E-cigs a replacement for cigarettes. I have one, too.

Just don't try to play the martyr or saviour (as in you really tried to help people, but were cruelly rebuffed - that was the essence of your last comment, wasn't it?).

If I want to smoke, that's not your problem. If Pat or Chris or anyone else want to smoke, that's not your problem either.

It's called freedom of choice. Got it yet?

Anonymous said...

Just donated my tenner


James Higham said...

Smokers are just about the only minority against whom open discrimination is practised, accepted, and worse, encouraged.

2. Drinkers.
3. Christians

Anonymous said...

I also notice that the vaper demanding everyone conform to HIS way OR ELSE - also doesn't mention one lick about an innocent man going to prison for his "crime" of smoking a cigarette. So, I guess for the vaping industry, who throw full support behind the SHS Fraud (because it's profitable financially, no different than Big Pharma) don't give a damn about justice, truth or false imprisonment - and would prefer instead smokers ALL go to jail - unless they switch to expensive e-cig replacement therapy instead, which of course earns them a whole lot of money. Gee, they couldn't care less someone goes to jail for the "crime" of smoking. The vaping industry should realize, e-cigs HAVE been banned in parts of the US, entire cities, states and taken into account for smoking bans to apply just as much, both indoors and outdoors as regular cigs. UCSF, good example - e-cigs not even permitted to be in one's possession, let alone vaped. Vaping industry needs to WAKE UP already too - and join in the anti-smoking-ban fight, not cooperate with the powers that brought the bans about in the first place, hoping to make a quick tidy profit without concern for basic human rights.

Pat Nurse MA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pat Nurse MA said...

I suspect you don't give a damn about my life because we've never even met.

Looks like even vapers are considered smokers by the anti-smoker lobby so maybe you should wake up.


It isn't about health. Your breath may have "stunk" but mine doesn't neither is my skin dirty.

Shame you can't see how offensive you are

Captain Ranty said...

Thank you all for donating. You are good people.

I can't answer each comment as I have to go and do the worky thing. CEO and CFO are in from the US. I have to go and make nice.

Will reply tonight or tomorrow.


Nick said...

Matched your donation Captain.
The very best of luck with your battle Mr Carter.

dickie doubleday said...

reject fptp, don't take pat nurse nasty comments personally, thats her way when she reads moderate views, she piles in with insults and then before you know it you are offensive and she is the victim when you reply

welcome to the smokerloonies, your comments reject fptp will be acceptable to the cult if they match certain requirements of which the cult find acceptable

smoking kills aint one of them and smelly skin and suchlike which is the known undoubted truth will make you a bigotted smokerphobic.

they speak in tongues here.


Rob F said...

Hi Dickie, good to see that you're impersonating yourself, for once.

Jason Holmes said...

£10 donated and reposted on my forum


dickie doubleday said...

shame on you rob f.

that attack on reject was nasty by pat and you call it reasonable.

a smoker giving advice based on his own experience of vaping that all it was!!

this just shows you how intolerant and extreme these blogs make people who get sucked into more and more nonsense they actually believe it in the end.

ellie12022 said...

obviously smoking brings up strong feelings! I have made a small donation - i do not smoke (in fact, hate the smell, and find myself coughing with ordinary cigs around me) but I do strongly object to the way smoking/smokers are being treated - they have now installed outside my local hospital (and how much did it cost?) special audio devices that will tell you to stop smoking if they catch you..it's not that long ago they had smoking rooms in the hospital.

dak said...

Smokers are a plague on the earth - they puff away at their chemical-laden sticks blowing clouds of evil-smelling smoke over innocent passers-by and throwing their used butts on to the pavement.

Bur freedom is freedom. Donation sent.

Anonymous said...


Can you send Dak his donation back? I think that we disgusting, filthy stinking smokers can do without his money.

handymanphil said...

We have a result my friends. Paul has been waiting for PayPal transfers all day and has phoned PayPal-nudge nudge and an hour later we have raised 719.60 to the Chris Carter account.
Keep nudging folks and we will get there. I am getting the details of who & where to pay on friday.