January 08, 2012

Many A Word Said In Jest....

...but in this case it is more frightening than funny.

Still, at least our Deutschen Brüder und Schwestern are getting it. Maybe they always did, but are locked into a similar tyranny? Maybe it doesn't matter how loud they shout, "democracy" wins every time. I am beginning to think that democracy is spelt d.i.c.t.a.t.o.r.s.h.i.p.

And this must be stopped dead in its tracks.

Ready to be horrified?


"Nick Clegg added that after years of Labour authoritarianism, theirs would be a government ‘that hands you back your liberties’.

Now, however, almost unnoticed, this same Government is planning to enact highly illiberal changes to the justice system. 

If, as Mr Cameron intends, they become law later this year, the consequences will be an unprecedented growth of secret hearings in both civil court cases and inquests; to deny ordinary citizens the ancient Common Law right to challenge evidence against them; and to make it far more difficult to call wrongdoing by government agencies to account."

'The key points, set out late last year in a Green Paper on Justice and Security, include a sweeping power to allow Ministers to withhold evidence they deem ‘sensitive’ from any civil open court hearing or inquest, if the Minister thinks disclosure would cause ‘damage to the public interest’ 

If you can tear yourself, and others, away from the telly for five minutes, read the whole thing. And the comments. I do believe people are seeing this pathetic government for what it is at last.

That cozy looking coalition is starting to take on a distinctly Merkelese edge.

What will we do about this?

Fuck all.

As usual.



Anonymous said...

I told them all the Lawrence trial and double jeopardy was about trials without juries,a waste of breath though.

berni said...

I have spent most of today spreading this on various forums.

I did consider posting it on the kiss series thread this morning but i did'nt doubt you would pick it up.

We have to collectivley get together to stop this.

The very fact they wanted to hide this speaks volumes.

This has really got me to point of near spontainious combustion.

The timing of this becoming public as witerings from whitney's constitution forum going live today just impacts the importance of the fight for our constitution.

And cameron promised to fight to protect trial by jury......makes me SICK.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a proper link to where we can read more about this, I have an aversion to looking at anything the Mail publishes. They find it difficult to get anything right, since they don't appear to employ actual journalists.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

CR: As you are aware, I have been talkn gabout 'democratised dictatorship for yonks.

Anonymous said...

There is an excellent article covering this at SpyBlog from last October.

Whilst most of the time when the MSM covers things like this it does so for ulterior motives, an argument could be made (through clenched teeth) that covering this issue is a good thing because doing so will bring it to a much wider audience than the few hits the consultation webpage will have received.

Or not, as the Fail's piece, buried down the page, attracts just 17 comments compared to the sleb's Illuminati baby getting nearly 200 (even though a few of those are quite funny); the Grauniad's story got only 12. At least, that's the number of published comments...

Here is how it was reported by the most trusted news organisation in the country (87% of people say so, according to a recent poll). An education in itself.

This is in the news again because the consultation finished on Friday, after being published at the end of October. It strikes me as an extremely short period. All consultations are sops to public opinion anyway as the decisions have already been taken although in this case there do seem to be a few mutterings against it in House committees and the courts themselves. Possibly double bluff, yet even if this does end up getting watered down or chucked out it is illustrative of where this horrid lot want to go. And once Little Nicky gets his shiny new senate the chances of things like this getting thrown out or altered get smaller.

This winter has been fruitful for draconian proposals.



Jan M said...

This year I decided not to watch TV news, read the papers, or read blogs...


To keep my sanity, but like all New Year resolutions I gave in.
Captain, as you said what can we do.

Jan M

Anonymous said...

That's the Freddie Frinton video… A favourite set piece of the Germans…

How do they put those 'orible mugshots on those bodies though?

There should be a law against that sort of thing! ��