January 17, 2012

Brace For Impact


Your thoughts, as always, are welcome.



Tickety said...

It's starting to get scary methinks. So much we can already see but don't want to believe how much further it could go. keep sockin it to 'em Capt.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to argue with any part of that really. But then I'm a "paranoid nutjob"... There's plenty of opportunities coming up on both sides of the pond, not just the summer's fortnight-long Illuminati sun-worshipping ceremony but loads of other shite too.

And then we get shit like this popping up, which will eventually become mandatory because that's the mindset of those in charge.

Time to prepare indeed.



Anonymous said...

The fact that all western nations have been steered onto the same self destructive course is all the proof anyone could need to know that hidden hands are at the wheel and the game is definitely afoot. It is only a matter of time before the dogs are slipped.

An Angry Man

Anonymous said...

exellent vid cap,
better to be prepared than not.

coz said...

The background music is too loud and a bit annoying, but, yeah!

profoundly_disturbed said...

They don't need excuses or reasons any longer.

No offence intended

Captain Ranty said...

None taken.

We have some major battles ahead of us.


delmo said...

Well the footprint of the internet censorship bill is already a-knocking in the form of SOPA/PIPA and like good little lapdogs, most Western nations have put in place bills that bow down to the US already to ensure the 'internet blackout' can and will happen.

Sure, SOPA/PIPA might not pass, but we all know this is merely the 'batshit crazy' version of the bill that won't pass so the watered down but no less destructive version will.

I'm still waiting for a "digital 911" to happen so that middle America rally around the erosion of the internet as a free tool; a "terrorist hacker group" deploying a porn farm on a series of high profile websites would be enough of a shock to "think of the children"...

Captain Ranty said...


I agree with every word.

I for one am heartily sick of that "think of the children" meme.

And there are those who believe that this is a purely US thing, that it will have no effect here. Nutters.


Span Ows said...

I'm in the middle of preparation so I hope they wait a bit!

Monster said...

Is that the great Pat Condell ?

Stealth said...

V good heads up there :/