January 27, 2012

Onwards, And Inwards.

Many hundreds of you have been with me since the beginning of this journey. Along the way we attracted many thousands more that are keen to see the outcome, and where the journey ends.

Along the way we looked at dozens of ideas, suggestions, methods, and philosophies of freedom. Some we liked, and others we rejected. It has been an evolving story, perhaps that's the only way this journey could have been undertaken: expecting twists and turns, and new methods of negotiating the bumpy lanes.

I believe we are at the end of that beginning. I believe I have been fortunate enough to have been handed that elusive silver bullet. It is a weapon, (a weapon of defence rather than attack), and as anyone who has ever had weapons training will tell you, extreme caution should be used at all times. There is no room for complacency, lack of knowledge, but mostly, this is not a weapon for a renegade.

It's use is both simple and enormously complex. It cannot be used if you do not understand its power. For this reason alone, I am not yet ready to post it here. I need to fully understand what happens when I pull the trigger and, as always, I will put myself in the firing line before asking/recommending that you do the same. I can tell you this though, I am being guided by the creator of this silver bullet, and I am being helped enormously by TSL. We have the "roll-out" of the articles loosely planned and when we are both happy with it, I will submit the articles for you to read, review and question.

A word of warning, and I hope I am not being too melodramatic here, this is the one document/series of articles that could see me being closed down. They (TPTB) absolutely do not want you or I or anyone else to use this defence mechanism. It has them terrified. Every other (shocking) thing I have posted here has been safely ignored, or, they think I am insane, or both. This is different. This releases you from their power and control unequivocally and forever.

Their world is changing, and it is not for the better. They have been whistling money out of thin air for so long that it had to implode at some point. A cursory glance around the world, and at the various debt levels of each nation, should give you your first clue: pile up all the money in the world, then pile up all the debt next to it and it becomes obvious, even to the most cerebrally challenged amongst us, that that debt can never be repaid. Not ever. Their answer? More debt. Create more money. More QE. And more, and more, and more. It cannot end well. And it won't.

The law? A confusing mess. Think of it as spaghetti. When you grab a slack handful from the packet it is all neat and straight and manageable. Cook it for 11 minutes and it is nearly impossible to sort out. This is true for the "law" as well. In the beginning, we had a slack handful of natural laws to deal with. They were enough back then and they are enough now. As governments developed, they couldn't stop themselves. They had idle hands and we all know now that they have idle minds as well. So they vomit out statute after statute, retire to their subsidised bar, get drunk, and pat themselves on the back thinking they just did a great days work.

Centuries later we have millions of statutes, millions more statutory instruments, and 7 billion people who are convinced that they must obey these "laws". Well, we don't. We may well consider some statutes to be of use, but I guarantee you this: at best they might supplement one of the basic, natural laws already in existence. They are like a fifth wheel. Completely useless. Unless you happen to think (like they do) that more laws equals more control. It doesn't. All that proves is that they are a bad government.

If this is all new to you, this concept of personal responsibility, this taking hold of the reins for yourself, this re-acceptance of control over your own lives, then you should set aside an hour to listen to Max Igan in conversation with Dean Clifford. Listen to the interview at Pete's place. If you want to know more about Max, then you should click your way down to his place where enlightenment awaits.

Lastly, I note that we have attracted the attentions of several naysayers of late. They too are terrified. If any of my stuff turns out to be right, then their reality shatters. The kindest thing to do (when one removes a reality) is to replace it with another. I can not do that. It is up to each man/woman to find their own way, but I will say this: it will be infinitely preferable to the con you have been living in, whatever that new reality turns out to be. Those that doubted the most, will be the most lost. For many of them, it is far too late. They are lost already, and rather than ask for directions, they turn their ignorance into insults and derision. They slap the direction-givers in the face and shout "Does anyone else know the way?". They are not your concern. YOU are your concern. Fix you first, and if you wish, you can attend to them when you are satisfied with your self.

I realise that this post raises more questions than answers and I ask only that you are patient a little longer.

Thank you for joining me on the rollercoaster. If you are still reading, then you probably don't think the ride is over yet.

It isn't.

Buckle up. There are some big bumps coming.

But we will be just fine when the ride stops.

I promise you that.



Russ said...

Just thinking about what you wrote about the naysayers CR. What is their actual purpose here?

When they post comments, are they doing it to be helpful, to be supportive, to offer information that is beneficial to the freeman cause?

Nope, not a bit of it! Not one iota of assistance or offer of advice, or even debate. Nothing. The only thing you get is derision and pure, unsubstantiated negativity: guess it shows you're hitting the right spots!

Love it, 100%! All of it!


DC said...

Exciting stuff. I've been quietly following your blog (and all other liberty-celebrating blogs and forums) for a while now. These are the only issues of importance today and we must all keep our eyes peeled for new ways to slay the beast.

Watch your back Ranty and put provisions in place for the most unexpected of occurrences. If your silver bullet pans out, there's no limit to what TPTB will do to keep it in the barrel.

On that note, if I can be of use as a conduit for this vital info - as someone who can be relied on to help share it on various forums far and wide should anything happen to this blog, please say!

Captain Ranty said...


For every yin there's a yang.

Although slightly out of context, the old quote "Forgive them, for they know not what they do" seems to fit nicely.

Like us, they are confused souls, but unlike us, they elect to stay confused.

All they have is bitterness and bile, but at least they make no secret of it.


Captain Ranty said...


The minute we do publish, I need ALL of you to promulgate the information.

That way, the cat leaves the bag in ten thousand directions.

Good to see you here, come back often!!


Ian said...

Hello CR - this is my first comment.

I am one of the silent followers of your blog who has finally decided to speak up and say that I am with you.

My father once told me that you cannot screw with the establishment. I don't believe that anymore.

Keep up the good work

monster said...

Who is TSL Capn?

Captain Ranty said...


As first comments go, yours is mighty fine!

If we DON'T screw with it, no-one else will. They will assume all is well, and it ain't.

Happy screwing!


Captain Ranty said...


TSL is a regular commenter here, and offers me fantastic guidance via email.

He has a grasp on this subject that is better than some I have been reading/following for years.

If he writes something here, go with it. His research is first class.


William said...

Excellent news Captain.
I've just read this today, very interesting indeed.


Will copy and spread everything you and TSL deliver.

The breath is bated...

Woodsy42 said...

I assume you have this stuff in a hidden 'envelope' to be published in case you accidently vanish offline?
I just wish I was joking.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks William,

Reading now.


Captain Ranty said...


Several people have the document. If I do a disappearing act TSL (or one of the others) will no doubt find a way to deliver the message.


pitano1 said...

hi capt.
`thanks for copy`
having read the `doc.you refer to
i would bring your attention to what it says about our thoughts..l.o.l.
regarding positivity.and your comment about this site.
`we dont want to lose you`

looking forward with great anticipation to your posts on this document,which is freely downloadable,but i wont leave a link without permission from you.

as you say this is indeed a silver bullet,that frees us from the swaggering buffoons,and the chief kiddyfidler.

but it is also a leap of faith,and not recommended for the feint hearted,or the novice,`spiritually speaking`

but as the lady says.`when [you] are ready`.

Captain Ranty said...

Hi Pitano,

It will take a little time. There is a lot of info in there, as you know.

I will issue a "warning" when we publish to that effect. People have to be ready for this one. They will be tested on it constantly so it has to become second nature.

Stay tuned!


IanPJ said...

Count me in, happy to promulgate anytime.

Pete said...

Little pig, little pig let me in! I have never been known for my patience lol. Cheers for the hat tip Captain.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Ian.

I'll send you the document and if anything untoward happens, you will be able to do something with it.

BTW folks, I do not have something toxic here, it is just the most remarkable Notice I have ever seen, and, once completely understood, and filed, you are done with "them" forever.

Correction: it is not toxic to us.


coz said...

It's a cliffhanger!

NelsonsGoodeye said...

Looking forward to it.....

Dave_G said...

Cap'n - can you establish an emailing list? If the worst does happen and TPTB shut you down you can email us details of any other site you set up.
I'm happy to send you my email details and I'm sure others would be too.
Some form of 'registration'???

Dave_G said...

^^ I'm such an unobservant twonk.....

just found your 'subscribe' button LOL

dickie doubleday said...

from a newbies point of view who has come to the party a bit late who missed changing the world order or free yourself from responsibilty thing that everyone else seems to have grasped...i aint got a clue what's going on.

the bits of the vids that i listened to was a complete mystery as well.

in simple plain english with no "wait and see" the silver bullet will show the way mularky could someone explain what the hell its all about.

my guess its change one government to the another one with enlightened leaders who have been waiting in the wings totally blameless of anything thats gone before who know whats good for mankind.

or the great and good folk of these isles somehow do it without government or leaders but know whats best for us and we follow them without them being in charge so to speak.

has anyone something concrete to add, preferably skip vauge wishy washy riddles that may help newbies like myself who stumble on the blog confused?

Captain Ranty said...


Right there in the first sentence is why this isn't for you.

No-one here, not even one of my readers, wants to "free themselves from responsibilities". This is not a free ride. With freedom comes great responsibility.

Your guess about changing governments is all the way wrong too. You would know, if you bothered, even slightly, that I couldn't give a shit if Westminster did slide into the Thames, complete with the inepts still inside, and was never, ever replaced. Either the building or the MPs.

Now, on other peoples blogs you are a troll. I assume you are here, with your pal Guernican, to disrupt the conversation.

I'm not biting.

And besides, you turn up here what? Twice? And you want the answers explaining to you immediately? Without you doing any legwork at all?

Fuck off. Fuck off in the same direction as your troll-mate.

You are Borg. Go and be Borg somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

im not baiting you captain.

my question is honest and perhaps if you could ask someone who has never visited your blog before to read the above them im sure its a complete mystery to what its all about, onwards and inwards means nothing to me whatsoever.

surely a few clear and straightforward comments so i can understand the gist of what its about isnt too much to ask.

im not going to argue about what you say or disrupt anything, if you have something "big" that needs to be spread about and will change things big time then readers of this blog will need to be able to understand it without solve the riddles riddlathon.

honestly no disruption, i wont dispute anything you say on this thread.

a few in the know club members giving a nod and a wink is all well and good....what about everyone else?

dickie doubleday

Anonymous said...

Does it have anything to do with supergluing up your letterbox, pulling out the phone cord and never answering the door to strangers in uniform or otherwise?

'cos that should work! :)

Anonymous said...

dickie doubleday

all you need to know is, piano wire lamp post.....darkness

Russ said...

@ dickie doubleday

There's a huge amount to take in...but, as CR says in this post, go across to "Peter's Place" (use his link), and listen to Part I.

Within 5 minutes, (about 04:10 seconds), Dean Clifford gives the basis of 'the problem'; his epiphany as he calls it.

If that doesn't ring the alarm bells and make you want to hear and find out more then, as CR put in his first reply to you, this is not for you.

If it does, I'd recommend going back to the earliest post on this site and start from there. There's a huge amount of information, and lots of links elsewhere but if you don't want to do that, or don't have the time..., same answer, this is not for you.

You could also use a search engine and look for Dean Clifford videos (you'll go there many times on your path anyway)...it doesn't take long before you're hooked. I'm sure you'd like doing that, if you don't, same answer.

Sue said...

You may well be right about being closed down now ACTA has been approved.

I look forward to your posts Capt. and if need be, I'm sure many of us can cross post on our own blogs and facebook. The articles can be in so many places, they simply won't be able to erase them all.

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

No matter what Captn, your brother(s) and sisters are here to welcome you with open arms.

I believe you have found it, I believe you will tell it, I believe they will see it, and I believe a lot of lives will change because of it.

Namaste, Brother, rev;

George Speller said...

I'll certainly spread the word to everyone I can when the the time is right. And I'll promulgate. :-)

Show us the way, Cap'n

coz said...

This is a good effort from a freeman.


dickie doubleday said...

thanks russ for that, i have listened for 10 mins, i have watched another dean clifford video for about 15 mins, and that police link from "coz" and its still a riddle.

it seems its about the law doesen't apply to us so we can ignore it.

my gut feeling is that end result of the silver bullet will be as shown by the black guy in the video (link by cuz) who appeared at least to have the better of the police and put them in their place so to speak.

of course if his kid then got kidnapped for real then he will only be too glad to recognise the law .the authority of the police officers and not argue with them with a camera in his hand for 10 mins, and be demanding his rights as citizen of the country and all that.

anyway it looks like a good story from captain ranty and hopefully there will be less riddled posts about it in the future

Anonymous said...

From this post it appears you are talking about the same as John Harris over on TPUC.

He is claiming that our freewill and ability of thoughts will be taken away and we will be better off for this.

Not sure as to whether I am right in this context Ranty. I am all for not being enslaved by false legislation etc but I cannot fathom as to how we would be free without our freewill and thought.

Freewill is essential to life otherwise we would surely be automatons and therefore no point to life.

Captain Ranty said...


This has no similarity with JH and whatever philosophy he is promoting.

I would no more abandon my own free will than I would throw my family under a moving train.

Both ideas are preposterous and have no place in a sane mind.


Angry Exile said...

Cap'n, if reposting on a blog hosted and written outside the UK/EU is needed then just say the word and you can guest post it at mine.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks AE.

Very generous of you. I will wing the articles your way.


Anonymous said...

I am very much looking forward to this, Captain. As ever good luck with your efforts. They are always appreciated.

An Angry Man

Anonymous said...

This could be interesting ! AIUI the DC stuff depends on some very Canadian specific points. If someone has remapped these to UK applicability then this could indeed be huge.
Take backups, have alternative methods of dissemination. And suitable support on the side lines who can run Habeus Corpus for you....


profoundly_disturbed said...

I wait with baited breath - onward and upward