January 17, 2012

Theft Report-Updated

I hesitate to re-post older items but this is an "I told you so" moment. This piece is also my most widely read article and re-posting it now may save people the trouble of searching for it in the archives.

If you are familiar with this rant, please skip down to the update at the bottom.

Here is the original piece:

Theft Report

This actually falls under pre-crime, because the theft will not take place until 00:01 hours, Tuesday 1st December 2009.

It is a notable theft and bears reporting. Many others have tried, and failed, to obtain police action. Politicians have been asked, and in turn, they have ignored our questions, and our documented demands that they cease and desist. Not surprising, when you learn that it is the politicians themselves that will aid and abet in the theft.

What will be taken?

A few small items. Items that we have had in our possession for around a thousand years. Antiques, then? Well, sort of. These particular ancient items are truly priceless. Countless numbers of people have died, have been imprisoned, and had their lives ruined in the obtaining and in the retaining of these precious items. We thought that they were safe, we thought we would keep them forever, but a group of mindless, thoughtless, greedy and inept people, charged with their safekeeping went to great lengths to ensure that the theft will take place.

Item 1.

Habeas corpus ad subjiciendum. Latin for "you may hold the body subject to examination". This undeniable right protects one from the state. Whilst it is in place, no-one can lock you away without having solid lawful reasons to do so. Today, if you believe that you have been incarcerated and no evidence supports that incarceration, you can demand a Writ of Habeas Corpus from the court. The court will then examine evidence that you should be gaoled, remanded, or sectioned. You might also be interested to learn that once habeas corpus is gone you can be incarcerated for up to eight months without charge. This item will be stolen just after midnight on Monday 30th November 2009.

Item 2.

Courts de jure. Latin for "courts by jury". Today we have some 70 courts in our land geared for jury trials. On Tuesday morning your right to be judged by a jury of your peers evaporates completely. All magistrates courts are now companies with limited liability. They are, for want of a better term, places of business. Justice is not dispensed. A negotiation takes place. Crown courts will now become de facto courts. Same stage, same actors, same anticipated outcome. You will part with money, or your freedom, based on the whim or the mood, of one man or one woman. This item will be stolen just after midnight on Monday 30th November 2009.

Item 3.

Innocent until proven guilty. On Tuesday morning we start playing a whole new game whereby you, the accused, are guilty until you can prove your innocence. Our age old method under Common Law is dumped without ceremony and we revert instead to a mix of Napoleonic and Roman Law. Instead of having to convince 12 good men and true (15 in Scotland) that you are innocent, you now have to prove to one man or one woman that you are not guilty. This item will be stolen just after midnight on Monday 30th November 2009.

Item 4.

Loss of sovereignty. We are an ancient civilisation. People inhabited this land thousands of years before the Egyptians issued the tenders for pyramid building. Countless lives have been lost defending our little island. It had been a mecca for those wanting to live unfettered lives. Until now. Those immigration gates were flung wide and we invited in that Trojan horse, not filled with soldiers but with people intent on taking, taking, taking for themselves. Hundreds of thousands, millions, arrived under Labours watch, not to better themselves per se, but to help themselves to benefits we pay for. As I have previously stated on this blog, all are welcome. If they are prepared to work. The plan, masterminded by those fools in parliament, appears now to have been a deliberate act to dilute us, to weaken us, to take away inalienable rights, and give the immigrants more rights than naturalised Britons. Under the EU our sovereignty is dead and buried. No more English, no more Scots, no more Irish, no more Welsh. We are all european now.  This item will be stolen just after midnight on Monday 30th November 2009.

 Item 5.

Democracy. From the Greek demokratia-power to the people. The first democratically elected parliament was De Montforts in England in 1265. We shared this method of rule with others, and it spread. Many authoritarian systems have been toppled only to have democracy established. On Tuesday morning we give away this unique method of rule for an oligarchy. Mandarins in Europe are not elected. They are selected. No previous experience is required. Which is handy if you are a (well connected) imbecile. Fat salary, fat pension, fat chance of actually having to work for a living like the proles. Arguably, because of their vastly diminished responsibilities, we have no need for a parliament, no need of the traitorous monarch, and certainly no need to pay 646 goons and their back-room staff billions every year. Brussels will rule absolutely. They will waste our money with unimagined skill. Bye bye democracy. It was nice while it lasted. This item will be stolen just after midnight on Monday 30th November 2009.

I have to stop. This is far too depressing. I had another 15 or 20 items lined up that I had researched earlier today.

The theft of any one of the five items above shocks me to the core. I never thought that our own MPs would terrify me more than al Qaeda, but that day has arrived.

I have tried to avoid saying this, but I predict a riot. I predict running battles on the streets of Britain Euro Regions 1-8. I predict many deaths and much bloodshed once the sheeple awake to the nightmare I have envisaged for the last five or six years. The day has come and the thefts are planned. The loss of these items will, I fear, reverberate down the years. It is our undoing.

Legally, I could not have said any of this after midnight on Monday. To criticise the EU becomes a crime then*.

What have we allowed to happen?

And, much more importantly, what will we do about it?

If you have any suggestions, get them in quickly. Tuesday morning cometh fast, and by then it will be too late.

UPDATE 17 Jan 2012: Many, many people doubted that this would come to pass but here we have the proof. Look out for the reference to Magna Carta 1215, you know, that tattered old piece of parchment that is said (by the dull & devoid) to be null & void.


* Several people have asked for a link. Here it is.


Shaunantijihad said...

Uh huh. Whatever...

I mean, Jan in Eastenders is having Rashid's baby and he's not even going to make her his second wife! What a scumbag! Who cares about Habeas Corpus and old stuff like that, innit?

Captain Ranty said...

That just about sums us up, dunnit?

"What do we want?"


"When do we want it?"



Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased I left six years ago.

Can the last Briton out please turn out the lights?

No offence intended

Captain Ranty said...

None taken.

Glad you escaped.

Like a dick-head, I elected to stay and fight. It may be an unfair fight.

Any room where you are? :)


Anonymous said...

The wiping out of trial by jury comes around again, courtesy of liar politicians. And you'll probably find that when they're the "opposition" they are against such a proposal yet suddenly have a total conversion when they become the government. Much like Jack Straw, and I bet Clarke voted against it then as well only to introduce it now.

Why, it's almost as if it's part of a larger agenda...

This may yet get shot down like the time Straw tried it but if so it will simply come back round again, and it's possible that by then the rubber-stamping senate full of "elected" appointees will be in place. So whatever measure the government wishes to pass will, indeed, be passed.

I must also point out that some politicians, and the MSM, have occasionally claimed that the "right" of trial by jury does not come from Magna Carta but dates from an 1855 Act of Parliament. This has been propagated by the state broadcaster, stated on government documents and quite possibly even taught to the next generation of corrupt and/or clueless lawyers.

It is a lie.

The most cursory, tiniest amount of research shows that, but these Committee minutes are a bit more recent, and what was said was not "corrected", similar to Lord Renton's famous statement on MC. In fact, the actions of the committee chairman are quite interesting too.

(It's a fantastic albeit depressing post, Captain.)



Anonymous said...

Passport renewed.

Summerisle said...

All predictions correct, except one: there will be no rioting on the streets, because the sheeple will NEVER, EVER, wake up. With all that has passed, the herds haven batted not an eyelid. There is no reason to suspect they will any day soon...

Captain Ranty said...


There is a reason for that:


We are fucked.


Anonymous said...

AIUI Trail be Jury came about after the Fourth Lateran Council - later in 1215 than MC. Trails at the time of MC were by ordeal i.e torture (fire and water) and the local priests maintained the trail pits and were paid for administering the trials.
the Pope (who condemned the MC) stopped them participating. Trail by Justt started in Denmark and crept into the UK gradually following the Council. the rest of Europe kept the torture method - and GB still used it by the back door from time to time (See "Our Legal Heritage 5th edition" freely available on the web. and the book 1215 by Danziger


Anonymous said...

The charter of 1215 was valid for around three months. Any contrary suggestion is just nonsense. You might as well believe in fairies.

The 1297 Magna Carta is still partially in force. Three clauses remain. One deals with the right to due process. It says that various punishments must not be handed out except "but by lawful judgment of his Peers, or by the Law of the land."

Magna Carta is totally and wholly irrelevant to the question of limiting jury trials further.

Ian Thorpe said...

Thanks for the repost Captain, this is one to bookmark for future reference.