January 31, 2012

Silver Bullet (2)

The Name Game

The name (note that I don't say your name) is the most important element of this new method. Think about it for a few minutes and see if this resonates. You are born, proud mum and dad wrestle with new names for you, eventually come up with something and dad (usually) pops down to the Registrars office to record the happy event. The only time the name is truly yours is the period between your birth and the registration.

Once entered into the Registrars book, and a certificate issued, the name belongs to the government. You will from this point onwards, until the end of your days, use something that does not belong to you. Even agreeing that you are the name in court is hearsay. I am assuming that, like me, you were born at a very early age and you knew the square root of nothing. You were barely aware of your surroundings for months, and you certainly were not aware of your new name. In fact, the only way you became aware was by constant repetition by mum & dad. A couple of years later, you knew that when someone shouted it, you came. A couple of years after that you learnt to spell and write the name and you were off. The Silver Bullet doc says that you have been using that name fraudulently your entire life.

The difference between facts and hearsay?

This is a fact: I saw a blue car in my driveway.

This is hearsay: Bob told me there was a blue car in my driveway.

When a judge asks "Are you Joe Bloggs?", the only right answer is "I think so, but I do not know for certain". You don't know it for sure, do you? Yes, it is written down on a piece of paper and your parents said that was your name, but there is all sorts of crap written down that isn't true, and your parents have a history of lying to you, don't they? The tooth fairy? Santa? Swallowing chewing gum blocks up your bum? These and 10,000 other lies prove that they lie like a cheap Japanese watch. Just for clarity, I am not saying that your parents lied for gain, but the government sure as hell does. All the time. Nor am I saying that your parents were complicit in the fraud, they were not. They were duped too. As were their parents, and theirs, and so on.

Over the last few years I have reported here that a trust fund is set up in the name when you are born. This may or may not be true. (It certainly sounds feasible, and if I were in charge I definitely would do this. It is a fantastic revenue generator). The point though, is that it isn't your fund any more than the name is yours. The name is a vehicle for the funds, which are channelled back to those who set up the fund in the first place. Distasteful? Sure. Criminal? Maybe. Deceptive? Absolutely. One thing you should never, ever forget is that you are dealing with a system that has been in place for centuries, and it is run by greedy, duplicitous bastards. They want power, they want control, and they want to take as much money off you as possible during your three score and ten. Oh, and a little bit after you pop your clogs too. Aren't they delightful?

How then, can you stop them? How can you hang on to your hard-earned? How can you remove their control over you? How can you ensure that you never, ever step foot in a court room again?

You give them back the name. You return their property, their trademark, and you vow not to use it ever again.

That is the very essence of the "Denique" document. You are saying, among other things, "Thanks. I was not aware I was committing fraud every time I used the name and now I want to make good, so you can have it back".

Sounds simple, right? And at base, it is. You were in dishonour your entire life and, because you are a nice guy or gal, you want to become honourable. I have said before, many times, that remaining in honour is the very best thing to be, at all times. It may not mean much in the wider world, but in a court room, honour is paramount. Once you get there, stay there. Despite the shenanigans of the government, each and every time I have engaged with them, I have stayed in honour. The same cannot be said for them and I will use that to my advantage if ever I get into a court room.

Read from page 6-9 in the Dummies Guide for more information on the name.

Return the name. Pick a new one. Start living on your terms, not theirs.

Next, we will look at the consequences if you choose to serve the Denique Ultimatum Revereor Verum.

I know some of you have reservations about the way it is written but I happen to know that the style chosen fits in exactly with their world. If you are writing to a French man would you not write in French, or in Spanish to a Spaniard? We are writing to those who fool us all the time with legalese so it seems only fitting that we write to them using their own language.

To be fair to the author, in the preamble it does say that the Notice should be personalised and if you can do so without losing the main thrust, then go ahead.

No links today. Just read the three pages so that you comprehend the nature of the name.

Lob the questions in if you want to, and I will do my best to answer them.



mescalito said...

i dont want to change my name, i like it.

Captain Ranty said...

It isn't your name, Mescy.

As much as you like it.....


mescalito said...

it is in this digital matrix :)

yeah, we should be able to claim the name back as our parents gave it under deception.

Captain Ranty said...

Ah, I was going to ask which name you meant. I (wrongly) assumed you meant your government name.

Don't blame your folks, they were scammed as well.

Some Freeman folks have opted not to register their childrens birth. It is painful at the beginning, with threats of, wait for it, £1,000 fines (why DO they always pick £1,000?) but in the long run, it turns out that you are not compelled to register the birth.


SH said...

I have been looking at this for over 2 years now, and my understanding has gone through several different layers and I'm still not clear on many things. One of the things I don't get is how one engages in commerce in this system without being one of the proles. For example how does one acquire and maintain a bank account if you reject the birth name?

As you say it's not for everyone. For some the benefit/Privileges outweigh the results of rejecting the system (this will be financial for some, and mentally for others).

Keep on with the adventure :)

Anonymous said...

silver bullet 2.

name game....no benefits shown with nothing to gain with plenty of drawbacks, where are examples, proof, facts of why we should do it?

silver bullett 1.

passport....no benefits shown with nothing to gain and with plenty of drawbacks, why should we do it?

this is how it is going to run folks, plenty of preaching from the pulpit with no substance, nothing concrete just believe the truth and you will be saved.

dickie doubleday

Captain Ranty said...


You don't read too well, do you?

Did you miss this?

"Next, we will look at the consequences if you choose to serve the Denique Ultimatum Revereor Verum."


Robert the Biker said...

I do myself (currently Oswald Frigglebottom) wonder how you get things like driving licences, passports (useful if you go to foreign parts as I can assure you that the Gendarmerie have no sense of humour)How do you deal with such things as a bank cheque or wages for work; like you, I work in Oil and need accounts for pay etc. as I have no power to compel payment in cash.
This seems ideal for someone who is going to go off radar and basically never interact with the state or commerce as it is generally understood ever again.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Jolly good. So when the council tax bill arrives addressed to Mr C Ranty, registered freeholder of Ranty Towers, you can merrily refuse to pay on the grounds that you are not him, and then the police can come round and evict you for squatting.

Captain Ranty said...


I am learning this stuff at the same speed you are, and I don't yet have all the answers. We will work through the questions and see how it pans out.


Anonymous said...

yes ranty the consequences of the hippy fantasy hew religion that you are preaching about will be full of detailed consequences for following such action...i have no doubt about that.

i am interested in cold hard facts about benefits with examples and proof of doing such things as not showing passports or changing your name will bring.

directing me to another site, endless links is no excuse for you avoiding plain and simple english questions.

proof and facts and real benefits for everyone living in the real world please captain.

perhaps you should read too captain...your "members" are saying the same thing as me but in an ever so nice respectfull way.

i want facts not sermons and so does everyone else.

you can start by talking about how its affected your life the "big secret"....let me guess apart from being a constant pain the arse to the authortities...bugger all

dickie doubleday

Captain Ranty said...


I have so far withheld over £11K in various taxes and fines.

No-one has been to arrest me or evict me.

In Scotland particularly, hundreds of thousands have never paid council tax. They were not evicted either.


Robert the Biker said...

Mark: My understanding is that you do not pay because you have no contract with the council and neither use nor need their services (correction if wrong please). I would gladly give it a try if I thought there was any chance of pulling it off; over a grand a year they want for basically nothing I use.

Robert the Biker said...

Captain: I wonder if part of your success comes from living in Scotland with a slightly different legal system.

Anonymous said...

mark wadsworth...well done a direct question, may everyone else follow this example please!!

captains answer

"I am learning this stuff at the same speed you are, and I don't yet have all the answers"...good grief what a letdown!!!

sorry captain but you mentioned taxes in your first sermon....thats the biggy we all want to know about.

and so do you....fraudualent nothing but a hippy fantasy

dickie doubleday

I am Stan said...

But Capitan,

My name has been passed down to me through generations, and how would Harbwinger claim his benefits, see! there's the emotionals and the practicals to consider.
Live an "Anchovies Life" as they say in these parts.

Captain Ranty said...


I don't think so. At least, not entirely.

Some of the fines I refused to pay were issued by an office in London, and the tax office I dealt with when I refused to pay Corporation Tax is also based in England.

I am dealing with law at a very basic level, and apart from a tweak here and there, my Notices work just as well in any part of the UK.

(Don't tell Dickie though, he thinks we have to pay everything, all the time).


Captain Ranty said...


And Mark got a direct answer, did he not?

Which is more than you are going to get from now on.

This is the last time I will reply to any of your infantile scribblings, ok?


Captain Ranty said...


Are you asking a question or are you picking a fight with Harby and Phil?

If it's the former I will answer, if it's the latter, go and find them and have your fight wherever they are.


Robert the Biker said...

This is perfectly typical of the tax mongs, I in the South West and London deal with an office in Cumbernauld while you in Scotland probably deal with one on my doorstep. I'll go and thump yours if you go and thump mine!

The Underdoug said...

SH said:

..."For example how does one acquire and maintain a bank account if you reject the birth name?"...

Any chance of opening a bank exclusively to serve Freemen (proles need not apply)? This could act as a legal bridge between FMOTL and the Matrix.

Captain Ranty said...


I deal with Cumbernauld for income tax, unless I question something and then they wing my "complaint" southwards.

Not much point thumping them though. They know even less than we do...


Captain Ranty said...


It already exists. Google The Lawful Bank.

I have not yet studied it in depth.


Anonymous said...

don't worry captain i don't want to read " i don't know" answers to questions for the time being at least, or try and get you to actually state something concrete

mark asked you a direct council tax and names question and you didnt know the answer.

i suspect your tax evading, fine evading is quite all right with you because the hippy fantasy religion makes it the right thing to do.

i straight answer with facts and proof and benefits without serious drawbacks isnt going to appear soon.

i know it and so do your other reader too.

i will leave your blog alone now as i dont want to get the blame for disruption, the questions will still come from others, the evasion will still get posted by you.

let the silver bullets come and the riddles begin, you are wasting everyones time with false hopes and promises.

this fantasy will be exposed by you captain ranty and your credibilty will be ZERO.

plain and simple points need to be explained with facts and proof of the benefits.... avoiding this is completely dis-respectfull to your readers avoiding doing that is dishonest and fraudualent, i suspect thats easily achieved for you

bye for now,..i will let the hole got bigger for you without my interruption

dickie doubleday

mescalito said...

im sure you can still get passports, bank accounts ect ect using a photo affidavit, as for driving licence you don't need one especially if you opt out of their system.

NewsboyCap said...


@ the underdoug

Have a look at the Lawful Bank as CR suggests, if you are near Manchester this Thursday there is a meeting at the Ducie Bridge pub @ 7:30. If you have questions I'm sure they will be answered.

Woodsy42 said...

"hippy fantasy"
Sorry CR, I regret having used that description, even though it was only used as a comment on the language, not the intent or content.

But won't you please consider an exchange of favours over tax offices - Bloody Cumbernauld have been plaguing me as well, for years :-)

After independence maybe they will be unable to take part in English taxation?

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for letting us know about the meeting.

I'll take a cold hard look at the LB one of these fine days.


Captain Ranty said...


No apologies necessary. From you.

If you want Cumbernauld off your case, simply ask a question. It doesn't matter how simple you make it, you end up getting scary/threatening letters from the HMRC Solicitors Office.

Mind you, the SO gets very agitated when you demand proof that you owe them anything at all.

The SO failed spectacularly to prove that I owed them a red cent.


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic stuff you are posting. I do wish the trolls would disappear. I have to admit to finding the whole topic tricky to comprehend as there are so many possible ways to go. One thing I would like to look at further is the trust that tptb set up to originally enslave us. Was it the UNUM trust or is there something else?
Keep up the great work please CR and don't let the trolls discourage you. I have been following your posts for a long time but this is the first time I have made any comments. I tank you for your inspiration.

Woodsy42 said...

"The only time the name is truly yours is the period between your birth and the registration...... certificate issued.. name belongs to the government. "

This bit has always seemed wrong. As you say CR the name is given by parents, and for those christened by God (and God is the ultimate authority in common law?). So it truly is my name.

So how can registration transfer ownership of your name - how can it be taken from God's records? I suspect it places an obligation on the body. The birth certificate is your membership certificate to their proles club.

Also if it they owned the actual name they would not need the use of the 'strawman' all capitals version. My birth certificate is written in all caps, I wasn't chrsitened in all caps.

Seems possible to me that they fraudulently use a variation of your given name so as not to impinge on God's right to the real name.

Probably a moot point anyhow, and I understand why it might be easier to make a break and use a different name, but it shouldn't be required. What God has given the state cannot take away.

Captain Ranty said...


In the main piece I only hint at the Trust. I have no hard evidence that it exists. I submit that it is logical that it does exist.

Does "UNUM" refer to Unum Sanctum?

I don't know about that trust either. Mostly what Unum Sanctum did in 1302 was for the pope to claim ownership of everything and everyone on earth. No-one disagreed at the time and to this day, the Vatican owns everything.

Thank you for commenting at last!


Captain Ranty said...


They do own the name and the all caps version is your (their) strawman. Have they ever contacted you in anything other than all caps? I did get one concession (once) from the Solicitors Office when she addressed me as Captain: of the Clan Ranty.

I think your point is right. Although I don't know how deeply they care about remaining in honour with God.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Ranty.

You always know when you are getting closer to the truth because where the carcass is you will find the eagles.

Shills, trolls whatever they are go out of their way to attempt to knock you down when you get nearer to truth.

They are dead already and they fail to see what history tells them. They live in a fictional world of happilly ever after as if empires and societies never collapse and the truth never gets through.

Perhaps they can show us the proof of empires and societies not collapsing rather than keep harping on how we have got it all wrong and how deluded we are, blah, blah, blah...

Listen up decievers, you are either paid to infiltrate or you are benefitting form this present system very well indeed.
If you believe that a lack of evidence in certain cases is that it doesnt exist, then more fool you. Think about it, it is going to be hidden and denied is it not but it is only a matter of time before all that is hidden SHALL be uncovered.

I am Stan said...

Just pointing out Capitan,

There's a lot in a name, ones lineage and generally making a name for oneself plus of course interaction with the state, no man is an Island.

If I called myself Harbwinger Kissingbottoms I'd still have to give them my name to get me dole!


Anonymous said...

In respect of the earlier comments about registration, I believe the fine for any "person" who "wilfully refuses to answer any question put to him by the registrar", or "refuses or fails without reasonable excuse to give, deliver or send any certificate", or "fails to give information concerning the birth of his child" is the princely sum of....


This link explains the Standard Scale and why Level 3 - £1000 - is used more than the others, because it's "the normal maximum penalty for obstructing a person performing a statutory duty", and for "serious nuisances" :-D, and "serious breaches of administrative procedures". It's a Scottish gov site but I imagine the reasoning may not be much different elsewhere.

The Captain mentioned Freetheplanet.net earlier this week; it has some material on this issue which involves not registering the child and getting a passport afterwards. The first part is applicable no matter what path you follow, imo.

Passports are a tricky one. There are several instances of the Canadians travelling without a "regular" passport. IIRC, Dean Clifford mentions it and maybe some of the others. The AntiTerrorist, in Standing under Freedom, also talks about this method; chiefly, that it involves "an agreement in writing with the country you are visiting" (p78 for those who have the book). TAT does point out that such an agreement is unlikely to be forthcoming...

One such example: (part 2 in particular):
Freeman Mark, Part 1
Freeman Mark, Part 2

On more than on occasion Kate of Gaia has mentioned obtaining an "emergency passport" and I think this was after having served the Denique Ultimatum. I have no other detail and I admit that may not be terribly helpful for the frequent fliers in this thread, but this sort of material is "breaking news", in essence, and we learn all the time.

I am by no means a frequent flyer but the last time I went abroad the passport was not checked either at exit or re-entry. This was a few years ago however and it was an EU trip. The last time it was stamped was when I went outside the EU and it wasn't stamped on the way back, but I cannot remember whether it was inspected. I don't have one any more but haven't travelled for some time.

Exit checks are due to be re-introduced in 2015 according to the UK Border Agency business plan.

"Business plan"??! ;-)



Anonymous said...


That issue is quite complex and is part of what is referred to as "pseudo" or "alternate" history. I like so-called "pseudo" and "alternate" history. ;-)

According to this so-called "alternate" history there are actually several trusts at work, with Unam Sanctam being the first Express Trust and several others following. I don't want to preempt any of the ensuing articles, necessarily, but have a look here for a bit more.

Boniface VIII, who issued the first one, was a complete shit. Here are some choice quotes attributed to him, recorded in volume I of “A Complete History of the Popes of Rome” (1857):

- “God made me only for good in this world.”
- “I care no more for another life than for a bean.”
- “Men have souls like those of beasts; the one are as much immortal as the other.”
- “The gospel teaches more falsehoods than truths; the delivery of the Virgin is absurd; the incarnation of the Son of God is ridiculous: the dogma of the transubstantiation is folly.”
- “The sums of money which which the fable of Christ has produced the priests, are incalculable.”
- “Religions are created by the ambitious to decieve men.”
- “Ecclesiastics must speak like the people, but they have not the same belief.”
- “It is no greater sin to abandon one's self to pleasure with a young girl or boy, than to rub one's hands together.”
- “We must sell in the church all that the simple people wish to buy.”

Says a lot, doesn't it? ;-)

Further, the contemporary writer Giovanni Villani is quoted in the 1837 work "History of the Popes as saying:
“Boniface...was cruel, ambitious, worldly-minded, fordidly avaricious, wholly intent upon accumulating Riches to exalt the Church and aggrandize his Relations, heaping Honours and Dignities upon them both Ecclesiastic and Secular.”

A nice guy, by all accounts....



Woodsy42 said...

If I called myself Harbwinger Kissingbottoms I'd still have to give them my name to get me dole!"

But I would advise discretion about telling anyone in the pub :-)

Anonymous said...

refusing to register a birth

DC said...

I haven't read the document yet, but I did just do a google search and it's a 'legal' requirement to register a birth (http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Governmentcitizensandrights/Registeringlifeevents/Birthandadoptionrecords/Registeringorchangingabirthrecord/DG_175608). Obviously 'legal' doesn't often mean 'lawful', so I imagine there's no lawful requirement to do so. Still, I'd be very interested to read stories about people who've not registered their child.

Anonymous said...

Interesting read!

Thanks Captain!

Anonymous said...

Requirement to register birth?

Compare and contrast 'requirement' vs 'obligation'.

Sike said...

good link-thanks . very informative.


DC said...

@ anonymous

My dictionary defines 'requirement' as 'an obligation' and I don't have access to a legal dictionary. Care to enlighten me?

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

It seems my post got lost.
Have you received one from me CR?

Namaste, rev;

Captain Ranty said...


There's nowt in the spam bucket. I just freed two, but neither of them were yours.

I lost one myself today. Is Blogger up the shitter?


Mark Wadsworth said...

CR, you side stepped my question and told me that you'd got away with it so far, fair play. But that wasn't actually my question, was it? My question was: What do you do if the police turn up, ask you whether you are Mr C Ranty, and if you deny it, evict you for squatting? Would you at that stage admit to being Mr C Ranty?

Rob The Biker; "Mark: My understanding is that you do not pay because you have no contract with the council and neither use nor need their services (correction if wrong please)."

An employment contract is between you and your employer, and nothing to do with the tax man. Heck knows why they see themselves entitled to impose income tax or PAYE. Similarly. if you buy something in the shop, that's between you and the shopkeeper, ergo VAT is not justified, and so on.

However, land ownership is always and can only ever be a contract between you and "everybody else" under the protective umbrella of "the state" in the wider sense. There can be no land ownership without a state; and there are no states without land ownership. They are synonymous.

Therefore, it's perfectly fair and reasonable for "the state" on behalf of everybody else to expect you to honour the bargain by paying your tax on that bit of land.

Captain Ranty said...


It was not intentional.

They could only evict me by using a statute. I have a remedy for that.

They can only evict me using force. I have a remedy for that too.

They can only evict me if I cease my payments. My remedy for that is to keep paying them. For now.

I am not Mr C. Ranty. I have informed them thusly. They have not disagreed. Despite having had over three years to disagree.

My affidavits are unrebutted. My word is now law.


Woodsy42 said...

While I think on...

I have little experience of French legalese beyond buying and selling one house.
It is noticable however that on all the documents names have been written in caps. This even extends to letters from private licenced agents that mention a client or tradesman - names are in caps.
Also in the case of a married woman the name on all legal documents, even domestic tax papers, is always accompanied by their maiden name. So that birth certificate strawman name is firmly embroidered into their way of business - assuming it means the same there.
Probably irrelevent but maybe part of the jigsaw

Anonymous said...

Question and a comment here.

Firstly, where is the document Dummies Guide, is there a link I'm not seeing?

Second, this is ideal in theory and would completely overthrow the evil Babylonian system under which we endure, but I also believe they are truly aiming to tighten up the noose, making it close to impossible to opt out, without them finding out and issuing the ultimate punishment for anyone not participating.

And I'm speaking about Italy last week began limiting the use of cash as did another country, maybe an experiment to see if their electronic money systems could handle it.

Then at the same time I'm seeing more of these ads on TV endorsing everyone should pay by smartphone, a step beyond how credit cards were advertised for sake of convenience. They don't mention the control aspects and of them watching every move you make, when you use these convenience devices of course.

So that's just the thing. If they outlawed cash, stopped printing it, forced everyone to go electronic, then forced everyone to use the ultimate in electronics, the proverbial implanted microchip, they would have sorted out all those who do not obey from those who would, making it obvious enough they could then carry out their final extermination of anyone without a properly registered name, number, account or whatever it might be at that point.

If they create enough chaos and manage to crash economies, currencies and push everything headlong into another world war - if you think about how things were made different following the last world war from what it was like before - then after all is destroyed and needs rebuilt, they would have the perfect opportunity to bring in this final phase of their evil Babylonian system.

I'm not criticising and find what you write enlightening, I'm just saying along those lines, it appears (to my way of seeing) that they are working overtime in finding a way to make that very difficult to opt out in the future - not that one shouldn't - just that they could well make it difficult, to the point of death for anyone who fails to abide and register in accord with their rule system.

Anonymous said...

well done again mark wadsworth keep at the direct to the point questions without the need for frilly fantasy statements.

captain ranty says just say no to demands for payment they give up and prey on the weak and then says:

" They can only evict me if I cease my payments. My remedy for that is to keep paying them. For now"

keep paying them..what!!!!...FFS

look beyond the hippy fantasy religion folks and go direct to the the real stuff and the fantasy will be uncovered.

all this talk of passports...its neither here no there, private companies demand to see your passport when leaving the uk, and you can enter without one if a government offical wants to see yours.

anyone found a good reason to change your name yet?, its probably a good idea to avoid debts that you have decided to squirm out of paying and break your side of the bargain...thats nice!!

anything else?.

keep paying them the money captain ranty for now...lmao!!

dickie doubleday

dickie doubleday said...

ap sharples.

what is it with you and captain ranty and others who will not actually state any facts or proof or any benefits that this has brought to their lives and what good it will do for newbies like myself.

forget the wishy washy free yourself, the freeman movement don't be a slave flowery woolly poetic claptrap that actually states nothing whatsoever.

don.t be intimifdated by direct questions

don't be intimidated with explaining yourself.

don't be intimidated by facts and proof and examples of your own circumstances

there is a reason for the continued frilly hippy vauge speeches with no substance, no facts, no direct advice, and constant evasion tactics.

there should be nothing hard about explaining simple factual advice and its benefits....i know the reason you are intimidated into doing so..because it all sounds so lovely blogging about this shite until someone starts asking real questions and wants real answers.

ranty has already gaffed with his "no payment, just say no" speech...he then follows it up with i pay them so i dont get evicted.

facts and plain speaking uncovers the fantasy and im sure the hippy religion cult will do its upmost to say nothing.

i expect more riddles without substance.

ap sharples you can break the mould and tell me with facts and proof of what the freeman/freedom has done for you?

i will ask questions about your reply so don't get angry. it is really an ever so natural and normal reaction for normal folk

NewsboyCap said...


Please tell us 'hippies' what you gain from your slavery.
Do you work just to pay 70%+ in tax?
Taxed to drive, smoke, drink, eat, travel, clothes, heating, water, council tax, duty, in fact anything you may wish to do.
Any mistake you may make, you will be fined or taxed or worse.... imprisoned!
Remember slaves used to be fed, watered clothed and a roof over their heads. Now as a modern day slave you must pay for everything as well as all the Public sector and the unemployed. Plus you must pay for the EU and foreign aid to some countries better off than us.
Grow up FFS.
If you agree with the system, that's fine, if you don't tell us what you propose to do to get out from under the oppressive burden we are under.
If you have nothing to add to the conversation - in a positive way- then just Fuck Off. Prick.

Anonymous said...

i am not stating anything about my life so you dont need to argue about something that dosent exist.

be brave newsboycap, be the first and actually state something factual with proof , examples about your new found freeeeeeedom from slavery.

these direct questions about facts and proof and examples are positive , its the stuff all the ever so respectfull doubters who mince their words and pussyfoot around ranty really want to know about.

fire away newsboycap

dickie doubleday

Anonymous said...

I notice that my posting from yesterday has disappeared. I think the question for the Trolls is a simple one, Would anyone please tell me how anyone else has jurisdiction over me without my permission or having contracted with them unless I have hurt them or caused them loss in some way. Any other way is pure tyranny and this is what Governments and Corporations specialise in. Unfortunately we have allowed them to seize control It is time we took it back.
Keep up the good work CR, it will not be easy but there is an awakening of that I am sure.

Captain Ranty said...


He/she is a troll/trollette.

Ignore him/her/it.

If it had bothered to read any older posts it would know why I pay my mortgage. It would know why I am fighting these battles one at a time.

It would also know that I have so far successfully held on to over £11,000 that the government demanded from me with menaces. Using Freeman/LR techniques, the money is still mine, four years later. All it knows is to bend over and grab ankle. Again and again.

It is not here to learn. It cannot read or write properly. It is here to disrupt and libel.

Ignore it.


Captain Ranty said...


Several comments went walkabouts yesterday. I do not know the reason.

The troll cannot answer that because it thinks the govt is its lord and master. It knows no better. Pity it.

Thank you for the kind words.


Anonymous said...

then expalin ranty how you held onto £11,ooo whilst still paying taxes so you dont get evicted?

its easy its simple, its evasion if you cannot post in a few words your case.

most people can easily hold onto £11,000 whilst still paying back the debt...there is no freedom in that its called debt and slavery

you are a fraud ranty, you should let others answer for themselves, they are not your slaves.

im here to learn thats why i ask questions

i can read and write and im bi lingual.

i have not used foul language. questions are not disruption

dickie doubleday

I am Stan said...

Mr Doubleday,

Try learning to use capital letters, it's a start.

Love Stan.

dickie doubleday- cut out the foul language said...

please don't bother with the nasty stuff.

my question are simple and straightforward you can answer in english or spanish.

for anyone:

please tell me about your experiences about freedom from slavery with proof , examples, facts about your own experiences and how this will benefit others.


I am Stan said...

Mr Doubleday,

May I suggest you read through the archives of Captain Rantys blog and follow the many links, you will find examples of his and others experience , see it's that easy, a little effort on your part.

I'm sure however that you don't really need to have the benefits of freedom from slavery explained to you.

Do you?

dickie doubleday said...

you can answer too stan

"please tell me about your experiences about freedom from slavery with proof , examples, facts about your own experiences and how this will benefit others"

there is no effort needed, here i will start you off....

i have freedom from slavery because......

i do not pay income tax because....

i have changed my name and the benefits are.....

i do not pay car tax, tv licence, council tax and this is shows how you do it.....

i do not recognise the police, the queen and the laws of land and this has given me these benefits.....

come on now its easy in simple english...benefits that are real and proven and not oustaniing court fines, or outstanding tax debts

freedom means freedom not swept under the carpet and forgotton about debts or delaying paying debts.

freedom isnt the ball is with them and i have a pause in paying the debt.

eperiences with proof and facts and examples....come on FREEDOMONGERS you must have something just something thats real.

I am Stan said...

Mr doubleday,

Do your own research, it's all laid out for you,I'm not spoon feeding you.

If you can't see the benefits in seeking freedom from the state, if you don't understand what the aims of the Freeman are then either your not looking hard enough or your incapable of free thinking, take it or in your case leave it, its not for everyone and its not compulsory.


mescalito said...

dickie doubleday- its not just about freedom and examples of, its about doing what's right my friend.

are you not aware of how corrupt their system is ?

what dark, twisted and sick acts are being forced upon the public ?

Anonymous said...

It is my belief that dickiedoubleday is also known as rumpelstiltzchen and can be found as a troll with a vulgar and cursive mouth over on TPUC.

She/he/it whatever always insists that we prove to her/him/it that we are wrong and we are not enslaved but never takes the time to explain as to why she/he it is free.

Obviously they benefit from the system as it now stands and they would sell their own to keep it that way.

In my opinion whatever she/he/it is believes their intellect is better than others and that they know it all and everybody owes it an explanation. No doubt they have no useful life skills and think the world survives and spins around on their pen pushing and baffling claptrap.

Perhaps it could take the time to explain to us as to how no known empire/society in history has ever managed to not fall...

DDD, "GAME OVER" for all sorcerers like you decieptful monsters...

dickie doubleday said...

It really is quite odd that asking questions and doubting the hippy freedom religion had any substance meant i could not see faults in our society , im well aware of how its failing and problems of unfairness and corruption.

all i have asked is for answers to the big idea that is "freedom from slavery" sold as silver bullets in a flowery wishy washy riddled completely lacking in facts and details fantasy.

i will not get real answers but evasion, vulgar language and anger instead, that much is becoming crystal clear now.

as for fraudualent debt (slick), thanks for at least having the balls to answer me with something.

fraudualent debt has been dealt with by umpteen millions , its big business, i have dealt with such fraud and many of my friends have too....this really has nothing to with freedom from slavery.

its quite sad that i keep getting directed to somewhere else (constitutional law) this time, go and read, go and learn. watch this and that willl lead you into a maze of even more links.

im asking you on this blog to answer simple questions , your answers are that you want someone else to do it for you...it is your lives im asking about, your own experiences.

the silence and evasion, the directing me to somewhere else rather than this blog speaks volumes, it was completely obvious from the very start of the silver bullet post and rantys vague wishy washy sermon and the same style of replies to it that the big idea is a fake, a fraud but there is without doubt cult members of this hippy religion who want to believe there are silver bullets that are the answers

good luck with it, im just too level headed and havent got a chip on my shoulder about life in general to fall for it.

I am Stan said...


Go in peace.

mescalito said...

DD- its not really wishy washy, its just lengthy, and yes it is questionable whether its a silver bullet, personally I don't think there is a notice that can serve as a silver bullet for anyone, I believe the silver bullet is yourself, but the document might draw the right attention to you for them to test the man/women.

you mention that people have been aggressive and evasive, but your posts are not without ego either my friend, if you don't understand the document, its no ones fault on here, and your right if you feel the document isn't for you, as everyone's perspective is different, this clearly doesn't fit yours so you wont be using it, which is fine, but if others feel comfortable with it, then that's fine too.

Ranty man isn't pushing or selling anything to anyone, he's bringing something to our attention, only we can choose to use it or not.

warm regards my friend.

dickie doubleday said...

this freedom idea is exactly that a wishy washy vague set of ideas that covers anything and everything from changing names, voting ukip, finding god, losing weight, having an allottment, retiring, squirming out of a debt, not paying road traffic fines, delaying paying bills,trying to travel without a passport or just being a pain in the arse to the authorities,or being paranoid about being followed or watched, or overthrowing the government

im afraid this isnt real,its fake and its a magnet to the vulnerable, the angry, the misguided to cling onto something thats going to make it all better, freedom from slavery and no compliance sounds lovely, its just a shame its a cock eyed riddle that means something different to each member if the cult

the vauge sermons are just that so no-one is excluded, there is nothing precise, no exact advice,no facts, no proof the document is the wrong word its the ramblings that ranty posted.

i have wasted my time looking for answers because there are none its a never ending muddle of ideas with no direction where its followers cant post anything in detail or explain themselves properly,there are no facts or proof. just pointers to somewhere else.

the debt thing just about sums the muddle up...there are so many debts, so many different ways of avoiding it or dealing with it or delaying it. and to some you are called a cheat and a liar, or an honest joe fighting bad practice.

this silver bullet freedom from slavery is a muddle without answers but just more riddles with speaking in tongues the norm.

im sure if i stayed the distance i would learn ever more odd bits of stuff that someone else added to the freedom train like "post it notes"...the list is endless, being a gypsy, living on a remote island, squatting, doing without mains water or sewage.

a wishy washy muddle set of ideas with no direction or facts and details just riddles- its a fake and a fraud, but if it gives you some pleasure or help this oddball club then good luck to you.

richard said...

Hello. I have saved several thousand pounds by following CR's techniques, including a fine for £60 for driving safely through a set of red lights. There is nothing to lose.

pitano1 said...

bye dd.
as you have just demonstrated one is not kept here against their will.

you are entitled to your opinion.

be happy..have a nice life.

coz said...

I'm up to page 8 of the 'Dummies Guide' and so far it's a long winded prose preamble. I doubt that 'dummies' would want to wade thru that, they just want the basics, not the metaphysics. I'll plough on, but I got my doubts about 'Gaia' or that the piece is suitable for beginners.

Is there an index? no.

pitano1 said...

Note for newbies: Most of this will be beyond your ken, initially. Most of the subjects raised here over the years are grounded in common sense. We have been fooled over the years, decades and centuries to blindly follow those known as The Powers That Be. The con was and is deliberate. The less you know, the better for them. We are cash cows. That is our only reason to exist (in their minds) and a few years ago I decided that being cattle was not for me. So I looked at a variety of ways to free my self. I'll list the various themes/ideas/movements below with a comment on each. All are viable, and you have (as you always did) the choice on what to do next.

pitano1 said...

the quote above is the very begining of the subject matter.

coz said...

Yeah, I feel she's picked an inappropriate title for the piece. I'll read some more tomorrah. At that length 36 or something pages, I'd be guessing it needs restructuring...

Captain Ranty said...


The 37 page doc is just the guide. You read that before deciding whether to issue a Denique.

The Denique itself is only a couple of pages, and you can (read should) adapt it to suit yourself.


coz said...

oh ok, so basically it's the template document for saying 'Hands off, I'm not your slave, and your attempts to deceive me into slavery constitute fraud'... and she's sent this off to all and sundry real or suspected authority figures, and to what effect? Is that in the 'dummies guide' the effect?

coz said...

....long hard think later, this girl doesn't demonstrate the correct 'demeanour' in the face of the courts. Her system may work for the paperwork warriors but it won't work in a court situation. Her 'contempt' and lack of humility would see her losing in court.

Captain Ranty said...


Kate has only ever been to court once or twice and never since serving the Denique. That's the whole point: after serving it they will never have you in their courtrooms again.

Thanks again for the Chicago Tribune link.


Anonymous said...

The trolls are working. Do not explain yourself to a troll. All the resources are all available for them to do their own research, only laziness prevails in such people.