January 30, 2012

Silver Bullet (1)

OK, let's get into this.

Note for newbies: Most of this will be beyond your ken, initially. Most of the subjects raised here over the years are grounded in common sense. We have been fooled over the years, decades and centuries to blindly follow those known as The Powers That Be. The con was and is deliberate. The less you know, the better for them. We are cash cows. That is our only reason to exist (in their minds) and a few years ago I decided that being cattle was not for me. So I looked at a variety of ways to free my self. I'll list the various themes/ideas/movements below with a comment on each. All are viable, and you have (as you always did) the choice on what to do next.

1. Do nothing. Carry on as you are. Agree to be counted, assessed, tagged, marked, followed, watched, taxed, punished, bullied, coerced, forced, harmed (physically), harmed (financially), gaoled and oppressed. Eat, buy, consume, consent, comply and die. This is all they ask. Many people, millions of people, in the UK prefer this. They feel "safe" somehow, and will find all sorts of excuses to pretend that everything is alright.

2. Become a Freeman On The Land. For more on this, go and read this as a starting point. Then, go wherever it takes you.

3. Enter Lawful Rebellion. Apart from the articles in my own archives, you should also go here and here.

4. Learn about constitutional matters. This site is a perfect introduction. Listen to Roger Hayes for ten minutes. If this is not for you, find another way.

5. Universal Community Trust. Go and watch Freeman Michael's short video. This is a new, but brilliant concept and one I hope makes you investigate more.

6. The Silver Bullet. The series of articles I produce here will concern this latest method of defence. It is defined as the last bullet you will ever need and we will be looking at it in depth here. To read the foundation document, I'd like you to go here and download the document called Dummies Guide To Freedom. This document has all the answers we seek, but it raises a few questions as well, which is why we will examine this in parts. If we do not fully understand this document prior to implementation, we are heading for a world of pain. I cannot emphasise this point enough: if you are not ready, if you have even one single doubt, DO NOT GO AHEAD. You will be tested on this constantly and you absolutely MUST be able to account for yourselves from the very moment you send off the Notice.

There is a great deal of reading and study to do. Whatever you decide to do is up to you. I am merely a repository for ideas and/or methodologies. I am not a lawyer, and I do not dispense legal advice. If you want to be humped, go and ask one of those guys. The only time I might recommend using their services is if you have caused harm, injury or loss. For bending some meaningless statute, you can defend yourself with a few hours of study.

If there is one recurring theme here, it is one of consent (and its withdrawal), and to a lesser-but no less important extent-jurisdiction (proving they have it. They usually don't).

Find the time to listen to Si Spaniard in conversation with Richy over at Lawful Rebellion. You can learn a great deal in just an hour and a half.

One thing I have learnt is that although we are being (rightfully) confrontational, this can be very enjoyable, very satisfying and very empowering. Once you have learned just what they are supposed to do, and you have compared that with what they actually do, the scales will fall from your eyes. It becomes apparent, even with a basic level of learning that they have no clue. And when you point this out, they react, predictably, with the use of force. Ultimately, this is the only tool they have in the box, and you have to lose the fear. Once its gone, they cannot harm you.

Last year was pivotal. I saw more and more sites popping up, more and more people commenting online, and more and more movements getting uppity enough to protest and cause headaches for TPTB. My firm belief is that 2012 will be the year it all ends for them. The wheels have well and truly come off and the system is being increasingly exposed for the fraud it is. From finance, to freedom, to the very law itself. The internet is a double-edged sword: it liberates and enslaves us. Knowledge is found within nanoseconds and while we are searching for knowledge and enlightenment, TPTB are logging what we do. The internet is the best surveillance tool they could have possibly have imagined. Another choice: carry on using it in defiance, or go "off-grid".

I choose to wave a couple of fingers at them. Index, and middle finger, if you must know.

Life is a journey. I do not want to be lying on my deathbed muttering how proud I was for complying with their every wish and whim. I want to know that I did my best to free my self and help others to free their selves.

What about you?



Michael Fowke said...

"Do nothing. Carry on as you are. Agree to be counted, assessed, tagged, marked, followed, watched, taxed, punished, bullied, coerced, forced, harmed (physically), harmed (financially), gaoled and oppressed. Eat, buy, consume, consent, comply and die. This is all they ask. Many people, millions of people, in the UK prefer this. They feel "safe" somehow, and will find all sorts of excuses to pretend that everything is alright."

This is my life, and I hate it.

Captain Ranty said...


I am sure you speak for millions.

No heed for heroics, no need for bravery. Just try saying "No" to the next demand that comes through your door. If it is from the government, simply say, "No. I do not want to pay this until you can prove your claim and prove that you have the authority to bring force to bear if I do not pay it".

They will bamboozle, they will swindle, and they will coerce. They will threaten and they will bully. Put up with it for as long as you can and keep repeating the same question.

They give up after a while and prey on those who offer no resistance.

Starve the beast.

When you have, and when the beast comes begging for scraps, either say no again, or offer the scraps on your terms.


Nick said...

Captain, a bloody lot to take in and understand.
I'm still trying to understand and assimilate all of the leads I found after your post on Friday.

The following little tale is for those unsure about saying no and is meant as an encouragement.
I do a lot of flying and the airports in this country have body scanners.
For the last 12 months I have refused to be scanned. I have never been refused boarding, they just wave their metal detecting wand around me and let me board.
I’m in Russia.
It may seem like a little victory, but with every little fight you pick with authority your confidence grows.
From little acorns and all that!

Michael Fowke said...

@CR - I don't know. Maybe.

@Nick - You're in Russia. They don't care about anything over there.

DC said...

My only worry - and I say this as someone who knows only a little about Lawful Rebellion, so I might be wrong - is that the system enslaves, but it also grants small privileges for compliance. The main example being international travel.

Naturally, all people should be free to travel the World, hindered only by the legitimate wishes of those people whose country are being visited. But the state of the World is such that all nations require passports and to own a passport requires that one acknowledge the existence of one's legal fiction.

To withdraw from this twisted game, and to metaphorically burn one's legal fiction will bring freedom in most ways, but may come at a cost.

I'd happily never leave England, but my life passion (music) requires that I travel. I also predict that before things get better, they are going to become particularly turbulent here in the UK (due to overcrowding, multiculturalism, the EU and a sickeningly oppressive branch of Global Governance), so I can't rule out the desire to take my loved ones to safer pastures.

Captain Ranty said...


It's always your choice. No-one here would dream of coercing you.

There is quite enough of that around already.

Just know that the first time is the hardest. Your nerves will be jangling but after your first victory, it gets to be a lot of fun.


Alfie said...

Ranty, you are a complete genius. Freedom shall be nice.

Captain Ranty said...


Me too!

I only ever come across them at Schiphol but I understand that their own HS&E people may force the security companies to deactivate them. Not safe, see? They never were.


Captain Ranty said...


You are quite right.

The law says that you do not need to produce a passport to leave or enter Britain unless we are at war with a sovereign nation.

As a frequent flyer myself, I know that I need a passport not to enter or leave the UK but to enter or leave the countries I visit.

It's a thorny one. I will mull it over and respond when/if I can find an answer.


Captain Ranty said...


Not me. I am as thick as mince.

I stand on the shoulders of giants.



Alfie said...

In which case, I'm still glad you posted this, or I'd have never known!

Nick said...

Michael! I mean no disrespect to you at all.
Please believe me! The K.G.B. may be gone, but the F.S.B. that replaced it are just as suspicious. I’m followed regularly, even though I’m of no significance.
What I’m trying to convey is that this country used to be one of the most dictatorial on earth.
If I can say no here you can say it in the U.K. Start by picking a small confrontation with any local authority. Question its Lawfulness.

nisakiman said...

The seventh option is to remove yourself from beneath the dead hand of state.

I am, to all intents and purposes, a non-person. Yes, there are records of me of course, but they are widely scattered, and I stay firmly below the radar.

This is made easier by my choice of location, where administratively, left hand and right hand not only don't know what the other is doing, they barely know that the other exists.

My life is, for the most part, untroubled by any demands and constricts emanating from those who would control us.

My choice of direction is not without its own risks, but I consider it a small price to pay for the freedom that I enjoy.

It's not the pro-active stance that you have taken, CR (and I'm full of admiration for your approach), but it works for me. Perhaps had I been aware ten years ago of some of the things I've read here, I would have been tempted to do as you have done, and confront the beast in his lair. I've always enjoyed thwarting mindless authority.

Captain Ranty said...


Yes, that too is an option. I hinted at it by saying "...go off-grid". Perhaps I should have written more about it.

Then again, those that use this method don't really want it to be shouted from the rooftops, I guess.

To each his or her, own.

I much prefer to wag my finger in the rottweilers face.


James Higham said...

Would indeed be interesting in sufficient numbers.

Anonymous said...

Nisakiman - can you give us a few clues about going under the radar?

I think I can take a guess at some of it - living in a travelling vehicle perhaps and doing cash in hand work? I may be way off the mark though.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post Captain. Have copied and saved it and all the links - just in case.


Captain Ranty said...


The Community Trust needs numbers. Arguably, all other methods can be used by individuals.


Captain Ranty said...

Pleasure David.

This is just round 1 though.

Because there is so much detail, we will be looking more closely at the Silver Bullet/Dummies Guide in the next few days.

Tomorrow we will play the name game.


Pete said...

I got hold of the Denique document and published it on Jan 13th, http://www.newstruth.co.uk/awesome-document-denique-ultimatum-revereor-verum/ I have also spoken with the lady that wrote it, Katie in Canada. It certainly makes for interesting reading and it does seems to be working in Canada.

However things are a bit different over here. My good pal nala served this document on the Police and they did not like it one bit, infact they hated it so much that they tried to return it to him. You can watch what happened here http://www.newstruth.co.uk/police-attempt-to-return-lawfullegal-paperwork-to-a-scottish-sovereign/

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the links Pete.

I wanted to examine the document in more depth, hence this series of articles.

The only (significant) difference I have so far seen is the toe print. I have no evidence to suggest that the NHS takes our toe print shortly after we are born.

Unless you (or anyone else) knows different?


mescalito said...

ive had a quick read through the alleged silver bullet, very nice and all that but the majority of people receiving that lengthy notice wont get passed the 1st paragraph as they will be so disconbobulated, it will inspire the perception that the writer is either mad, or doesn't know what they are talking about because the reader wont understand what he's reading.

Captain Ranty said...


I've read my fair share of court transcripts. To me, they read about the same.

They WON'T all understand it. I would expect them to feed it up the chain until the guy/gal at the top sees it, reads it, and absolutely understands it.

Many will though, as can be seen by the haste with which the cops in the Nala video tried to hand it back to him.

That was returned to him at light-speed, indicating that the duty solicitor (or whoever read it) knew exactly what it meant.

The key here, though, is that YOU understand it.

That is all that is needed.

I don't even care that they THINK I'm mad, I KNOW that they are.


mescalito said...

yeah, they've done and said crazier things that's for sure.

still, it cant be stated for sure, that the reason they tried to return it was because of the reasons he suggests in the video description.

I have just finished printing it and will have a good read tonight.

I suppose we just have to watch this space.

Captain Ranty said...


Taken in isolation, I would agree with you 100%.

But I am now hearing from multiple sources that this Notice is dynamite.


Pete said...

It is certainly important to note that the Police were sent to hand deliver the paperwork on the very morning that they received it.

Why not just post it back? Was it such a hot potatoe?

Nice to see that nala was on the ball and refused to accept it back.

DC said...

It'd be good to read your thoughts on the passport issue Ranty. I'll keep an eye out.

Other issues spring to mind such as medical care. I'd happily sever myself from the Socialist health system (haven't used it in almost a decade, *touch wood*), but is the only option for emergency expert medical care private? To be honest, I don't even know if it's possible to pay for a one-off treatment or whether we, the liberated, would have no choice but to pay for private healthcare!?

I also believe that for some people it would be difficult to earn enough to meet the high living costs of the UK without a National Insurance number and bank account. And seeing as, whether emancipated or not, we can't just build a shack in the nearest bit of woodland, there may be an added complication.

I don't mean to sound negative, I'm just the type who thinks every single consequence through and this system has been built pretty water-tight. I intend to read the documents but for now I'll maintain my opinion that the only real escape is one that is excercised globally and somewhat simultaneously by millions seeking their restored liberties.

Pete said...


The toe print thing is a fallacy. My wife gave birth in Decemeber and the baby did not leave our sight, even the Vitamin K injection was administered in front of us and yes I asked for the ingedients before consenting to it being given.

At no point was the baby removed from us. Perhaps the toe print is done in other countries, however I did not witness it happening here in Jockland.

Anonymous said...

Junno what? Judging by the previous comments I'm well on the way to becoming invisable. I haven't used any financial services for the past four years. No debts, no banks, no loans, nothing what-so-ever. I don't pay tax, unless it's hidden in the price of what I purchase. That might change in the future. I'm not on the radar of the criminal justice system.........any more. Although my crimnal record will stay with me forever(CRB) I now live a clean, non-criminal lifestyle. I work for myself using recycled wood to create art(wanna buy some?:-)) I'm pretty much unknown to the TPTB at this present time. Although this hasn't always been the case, I've worked hard to make it so. I neither bother or need many people in my life. Those that do dwell around me agree with my philosophy. I don't need to swear when writing, but I choose to because there's not that many places when one can swear these days. Not without a fucking £80 on the spotter. I don't need to speed but I have because I fucking chose to, and it was safe to. I don't need to tresspass on 'private land' but I do because I can and it hurts no one. I pick up my dogs shit, I bin my litter, I help clean my coast line as a volunteer because it makes me and mine feel good. I also collect lots of wood from there so it works in a karma kinda way too. I have a blast on the net now and then and try not to offend, badly! most of the time(must try harder not to offend). I'm not mentioning my tribe because it's not them that understand, it's me. At the moment they are following the herd and I'm watching closely from the peripheral. I'll take them out of the pack when the times right. I am pack leader at the end of the day. When the time is right we'll be safe and fed and watered. Now it's just a game of waiting and watching. But believe me, there's a stampede on the horizon. Those with good enough senses can feel the ground begining to rumble. Slightly at first and then.........

Mowing meadows said...

Passport issue.

Question: Has anyone tried to leave this country without showing a passport upon EXIT, however having it with them, to shown upon ENTRY in the destination country.

I wonder how that would work out? Would make an interesting youtube video.

Could run like this: So I can't leave this country without showing you my passport? Am I a prisoner here then?
Why must I show you my passport to leave?

The law, nay "your law" says that I do not need to produce a passport to leave or enter Britain unless we are at war with a sovereign nation. Are we are war with a sovereign nation? If so which one(s)?

Much excitement would start up from bored airport staff, persons in uniforms and assorted hangers on.


sike said...

It worries me that this magic bullet is written in an obscure and hard to comprehend way , full of puns and deliberate mispellings and chunks of Latin.
I wonder whether it would not benefit from translation into plain english. I take it on trust for the time being that it is significant but I am afraid it reads like crazy garbled ranting to me at present. I am looking forward to the forthcoming exegesis .

Anonymous said...

@ Captain, Mescalito & Pete

There are reports of others who have sent the document being "visited" as well, so the nala's video **may** be a UK manifestation of this.

Whilst it is perhaps not definitive, it is nevertheless possibly telling that there are other reports of such things!



dickie doubleday said...

it will be an interesting subject without doubt!

i wonder when the moment will come when someone actually states in cold hard facts in plain speech that have done something and the benefits achieved.

its not going to happen folks..captain ranty has decided not mention anything so far...why not?..what about your life ranty?

free yourselves.....blah blah blah, how about something concrete that is not illegal or just being a pain the arse for the sake of it.

remember you heard it from me first folks..for every suggestion there is a drawback and a damn good reason why you shouldnt do it (passports being the first one)

the riddles and the lack of real information is because being a pain the arse to the authorites is what its all about or actually carrying out illegal practices dressed up as freedom or your rights.

i hope im wrong captain, and you have something...but im convincd you wont actually state something factual.

tell us now how you are not counted or assessed or taxed or watched?

i will await your next riddle

DC said...

@ Mowing meadows & Ranty

Are we so sure we're not at war with a sovereign nation right now!? I seem to remember reading somewhere that we've been secretly, legally and officially 'at war' with some country or other for the best part of the last century. I may be wrong but it wouldn't surprise me. There are so many Draconian measures that a tyrannical government can only take when officially 'at war'.

Captain Ranty said...


I'll come back to your questions later. I am just writing Part 2 now.

But Dickie, I just wanted to say that of all the people in the world, your opinion is the one I care about the least. I'm not sure you even qualify to ask questions at all. Your use of the word "illegal" tells me that you have done no study at all. Go away. Come back and tell me why all statutes since 1911 are in fact, illegal. If you can do that, you can come and comment again.


Woodsy42 said...

I was going to mention my thoughts but sike got there first.
It seems to me also that the language is a barrier here, it reads more like a slightly hippy fantasy novel than a legal declaration.
I'm no expert so that is not necessarily a criticism. It may be that this language is essential in order to echo the times and conditions and terminology of Magna Carta and the original writing and development of the common law and thus claim the rights?
Otherwise I am sure it could be written in plain simple english, and would be taken much more seriously if it were.
This is just a simple idea of the sort of language I would like to see (it may be wrong & useless!)-
I claim the status and rights of a free man under english law as established by common law, Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights 1689, those treaties having been made between The king, God and the Barrons on behalf of the people of England for all time.

Anonymous said...

woodsy42 , you have hit the nail on the head with "hippy fantasy" there are reasons the big idea is not written or explained in simple plain english.

captain ranty will not answer simple questions in plain simple english, what we have so far is excuses to avoid and evade simple questions.

there have to be benefits real and concrete and examples shown at some time ranty...hippy fantaasy sounds good but telling us to go away and learn or you are not worthy is not good enough.

this is being sold as a secret to be unlocked like a lord of the rings computer game and thats dishonest

dickie doubleday

Captain Ranty said...

Hang on while I check my give-a-fuck-ometer......

Nope. Still reads zero.

Tell me, did you just drive off on your own during the first minute of your first driving lesson?

I'm guessing that you didn't. You practised until you were competent. Then you were tested, and then you tried it on your own.

Treat this in exactly the same way.

Shut the fuck up, read, pay attention, and learn.

If you don't want to do that, then leave. It's all the same to me.


Anonymous said...

evading questions ranty and avoiding putting cold hard facts with proof on your blog in your own words will become tiresome for your readers and will leave you with ZERO cerdibilty.

i stand by my comment- for every suggestion there will be no real benefits but plenty of drawbacks.

this hippy religion is going to be exposed and you will do it...wether i leave or not.

Woodsy42 said...

"captain ranty will not answer simple questions in plain simple english,"

Well DD, I did not say that because it's not true, CR has been providing assorted material for some time along with some simple answers where known.

The point is (I understand) that there are no very simple answers, only attitudes, approaches and tools. These are not yet fully tested.

My point was simple - that I don't like the linguistic style of this bullet so far as I find the language doesn't sound simple or straightforward, so much is vague and 'flowery' and confused sounding to me.

So I'm asking is this essential or is it possible to describe the meaning in simpler modern language? Would that hold the same meaning and legal weight and have more power and directness?

Captain Ranty said...


I don't see why not.

Recently I posted a Dean Clifford series. In those, DC says quite emphatically, "Keep it simple. Write your Notices in a way that YOU understand, and in the way that YOU mean them".

So yes. Amend and adjust without losing the main point. This Denique is personal to Kate. Make yours personal to Woodsy. (If you decide to use it).


Joanne said...

dickie doubleday,

For me Captain Ranty will never become tiresome!

Although you on the other hand have become very tiresome and I think you have ZERO credibility.


Anonymous said...

Fucking knob eads on here CR. Don't they understand? You have to pracitice something to become competent at it. Imagine trying to pass an exam on a subject you haven't studied. Or try to run before you can walk. Or trying to write a comment on a subject that you know fuck all about. It can't be done(proof of such exists above). I am in the position where I can honestly say I know enough to know I know nothing about being free. I know what I thought it was but have since been enlightened. I know very little at the moment, but with each day that passes I know more. CR's infoblog provides the novice(i.e. me) with the building blocks to becoming free. People were free once. The Leviathen stole that freedom and intends keeping it. Well I aint scared no more. The beast is a shit bag and hides that fact well enough to convince the sheeple they are content and free. My latest move should cancel my taxes on the fags I buy. I'm tapping into a source which that will supply me with tax free cancer sticks.............until they kill me. My choice, my money, my body, mine, all fucking mine. Fuel is on the list of doo's aswell. Hope the beast's hunger increases just that little bit more.

Captain Ranty said...


Thank you!!


Captain Ranty said...


It's quite possible he is very, very young. His writing and grammar is bobbins, but apart from that, he is just too keen to knock down rather than build up.

He is Borg. He was born Borg, and he will probably die Borg.

Pity him instead.

I'm no expert myself. The very best I can do is try to make some of this stuff more palatable.

If we think that the menu has only fish & chips, then we will all eat fish & chips forever.

I thought I'd put some other dishes on the menu.

Whether you eat or not is up to you.


Anonymous said...

Harry Ramsden LTD..........take note;)

nala said...

hi folks nala here,ive' been readig from this blog site for some time now,like other who seek to
free themselves from the tyranny we are subjected to i entered into the processes also mentioned on other sitesm FMOTL ect, went the path of ME,de-reging motor ect all done with the intent to show I knew what was going on.
Niggling away in the back of my mind was the thought that we were all still missing something.
So intensive reserch was continued look for that part i thought was still missing, we all know that this system we live under is all contractural, contracts willing parties ect.
Iv'e had this phrase for years as a lot of folks probibly have, shit happens, it happens for a reason most of us just accept and get on with it, well shit happened, some will say fate and/or any other word you want to replace that one with,well fate came my way with a contact out the blue and being a chatty guy with aw'budy and any'budy got into discussing things with the creator of this aw'some doc and for me the penny dropped, original contract,i got many docs from katie and read over them, sent bact thoughts on this and that and finaly decided this is it I have to do this send it off and watch the reACTion, well you's have seen the vid on what happened.
As a closing point, toe print, LAND mark, think about it.
With respect to you and yours, hae'fun keep smiling nala

Captain Ranty said...


Good to see you here, thanks for dropping by.

I listened to the show on TNS a few days ago but my link died about ten minutes before the end.

Never got the chance to thank you for putting out the show, and for putting yourself in the front line.

I've had the bobbies round twice, but it went reasonably well and I knew there was no point educating them. I saved that for the PF. (I am up near Banff).

Did you put a toe print on your Denique, then?


nala said...

hi cap'n, ardrossan for us down this end, yip land mark, was at the court last week after doing second vid and all i'll say at mo is JP lost it and broke his wee hamer/gavel, its gettin exciting. nala
ps keep you posted

Captain Ranty said...

Yeah, I heard that on the show. I was laughing my tits off here.

If you want you can write to me at captainranty at btinternet dot com

I will try to get down to visit you one of these fine days.

Be well,


Pete said...

Sounds like a plan Captain, if you do come down this way then let me know and I'll get over to nala's gaff.

Can you check to see why a comment I made has ended up in the ether?

dickie doubleday said...

The fantasy is being uncovered and its starting here and now....

"captain ranty's remedy for not being evicted is to keep paying them"...read his comments on silver bullet 1 and then a reply to mark wadsworth silver bullet 2

remove your blindfolds folks the fog is there and its thick with traps to get you swallow this new hippy fantasy religion.

the truth will out and captain ranty will lead you to it..he might ignore me but others are enlightened.

Captain Ranty said...


Nothing in the spam bucket.

A few comments were lost yesterday. I think it was Bloggers fault.


Stealthy said...

Quality re-cap cap'n - thanking ye :)