January 18, 2012

Vote With Your Heart

This is a powerful video from Alan Bissett which I saw a few moments ago over at Rosie's place.

I strongly believe we need to hear from all sides on Scottish independence.

BTW, if you don't like any part of this, don't tell me: go and tell Alan.

I'm going to be as balanced as I can be as this thing grows arms and legs. Independence will have a profound affect on all Britons, if the SNP are successful.



Pete said...

Brilliant clip Captain. I cannot say that I disagree with anything that Alan said.

My biggest concern over full independence is that the SNP have already stated that they would be applying to join the EU, fuck that! That will be moving from one master to another.

Tarka the Rotter said...

chippy, but he has a point.

Captain Ranty said...


The thought of Scotland gaining independence and immediately joining the EU keeps me awake nights.

Even a token glance at the SNP tells you that their hard won independence will be sold moments later to the gibbons in Brussels.

Look deeper and you will uncover some freakish europhiles.

Just as they copied the Irish smoker ban, they will copy the sell-out to the EU as well. And look what happened to Ireland. Boom to completely busted in a few short years.


Captain Ranty said...


I thought so too.


Stealthy McMode said...

Superb! Soz no comments lately but I have been tuned in, all your recent post's have been so good they rendered keyboard mute. lol I know I need to be taking notes but I just don't get time. Keep it up captain, they don't like it up 'em :D

Rodney Laconi said...

Hi Captain,
First time to comment. Love you blog. I've been reading for a while.
I love the idea of Scotland gaining independance from the city of London. A suggestion by myself would be Scotland, Ireland (+NI) and Wales join together in a 'Celtic' uninon.
I can only dream of such a situation. A uninon based on common law with minimal government!
Take care and keep up the good work.

Dave_G said...

Alex Salmond is a power-crazed lunatic - but a clever lunatic at that. His isn't a campaign for Independence, his is a campaign for POWER. Win or lose, he, personally, will extract such increased powers over the public (and its purse) that he will rule in perpetuity - making demands, rules, regulations and 'laws' that suit him and his crony followers.
If you thought the 'democratic dictatorship' that runs the UK was bad, imagine what life will be like under THIS power-crazed maniac.
Like I said - he's a crafty cnut - WIIN OR LOSE we end up with our own kilted version of Hitler.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but this comment is off topic however.

I have been following your blog with interest for over a year now and have found the topics covered very interesting and empowering.

However I have one problem which I hope you can help me resolve. The issue regarding your speeding fine. Yes statutes may not apply to you the 'human being', I get all that but they do serve a purpose.

If we all decided what was a safe speed to drive I would argue that there would be an increase in road deaths.

I mean where do you stand on drink driving? Are you happy to decide when enough is enough?

We should be proud of the fact that our roads are some of the safest to drive on, many countless lives have been saved.

I support you however I think some of your intentions are misguided.

Kind regards


Bill Sticker said...

Okay, that's what he wants to vote against; fine, no issues, see his point. Now let's hear what he wants to vote for.

Dave_G said...


"If we all decided what was a safe speed to drive I would argue that there would be an increase in road deaths."

How do speed limits determine the number of deaths? Someone hit by a car at 40mph in a 60mph zone will die as surely as if they were in a 40mph zone - both vehicles being driven at, or below, the legal limit.
Most 'sensible' people use speed limits as advisory and drive according to the road conditions. In a 40mph zone, going at 40mph when the surface was covered in ice is stupid. Similarly, restricting someone to 70mph on a clear, dry, open motorway is similarly stupid.

In MY opinion there should be NO speed limits but draconian fines/jail for anyone causing damage or injury by driving TOO FAST FOR THE PREVAILING CONDITIONS.

Anonymous said...

Dave G,

Thats exactly what I was thinking. One of the biggest problems we have is that thos lying, sniveling, four flushing, two faced traitors in Westmonster don't know the meaning of taking responibility for your own actions. Why would you when you bomb and kill innocent civilians or sell out your own countrymen to a foreign dictatorship to profit from it personally.

Captain, I genuinely hope that if Scotland decides on freedom that is exactly what they get but I get this feeling that the Builderburgers we have infultrating us all at the moment will put a stop to it.

IMO there isn't enough people to do anything about it yet..... Just keep up the good work as I think all your hard work is going to be needed when people realise whats going on.


Xen said...

Totally O/T Captain and you may already have come across this, if so please ignore. Some of your other readers may not have seen it though.

Down, down deeper and down.

I'm not a fan of Mr Wilcock per se but I thought this was an interesting 'pull together' including linkage.

pa_broon74 said...

As a Scotsman who supports independence can I just reiterate this very important point.

This is about Westminster, NOT the English people who we have now and always will have close ties and friendships.

A vote for independence is NOT a vote against England.

Of course there are swivel-eyed throbbers on both sides of this who revel in throwing the hate about, but for the vast majority of people up here, its not about that, its about taking responsibility for ourselves.

And please, try to disambiguate England and Britain/Westminster/rest-of-the-UK. Our problem is with London/Westminster rule not the people of England, Wales or NI or anywhere else.

I'm not going to defend Alex Salmond's or anyone elses words in blogs comments, but do bare in my the paragraph above when you next read or listen to something uttered by a 'nationalist'.

Anonymous said...


check out this interview.
start at 2hours-19min.