January 28, 2012


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

You amazing people have donated enough money to keep activist Chris Carter from serving 47 days in gaol.

In Help Wanted we asked if you could dig deep and help us to raise £1,250 to pay Chris' fine.

You matched it and then some. In total (as at 28/01/12) we had collected £1,269.67.

Give yourselves a huge pat on the back. You deserve it.

Chris sends his thanks to all who donated.



Anonymous said...

good news all round

Anonymous said...

This is very good news - thank you for giving an update. Nobody should have to go to prison for the crime of smoking a cigarette, no matter what the hateful anti-smoking sycophants, the ones who do not value liberty and freedom, repeatedly say about it.

dickie doubleday said...

im afraid this is what happens when you want to be an awkward bugger and break the law because you don't agree with it.

im glad he didnt go to jail and cost the taxpayer money to keep him there, im sure its a lesson learnt and a rather shamefull end to the tantrum by having to beg for money from strangers because he hasnt the bottle to do the time for his crime.

by all means fight the SHS thing as far as it goes but breaking the law like he did which was a seperate issue completely was insane and achieved nothing.

IanPJ said...

Don't ya just feel sorry for an apologist like Doubleday above.

One day, when you have no freedoms left to do anything at all without asking permission like a little schoolboy, you may wake up.

Anonymous said...

dickie doubleday @ 18.48

I can't comprehend how someone can still write stuff about obeying laws derived from cretins, the same cretins who have half-inched our ancient rights and given away our sovereignty to a bunch of self-serving socialists whelks in Brussels.


George Speller said...

That was Dickie was it? I kept hearing this wierd humming noise. OK shut up now.

Anonymous said...

So... he deliberately committed a minor and petty crime. Then he demanded that the minister turn up to court to be cross examined as to the wisdom of the law?

Barking. Genuinely barking.

dickie doubleday said...

chris carter is no doubt an oddball character whose publicity stunt elevated himself to hero status to extreme smokerloonies because they havent anyone else to throw money at or adore.

i reckon this activist hasnt even an internet connection despite giving himself a title within an organisation that appears not to exsist.

i suppose these oddball types are what makes britain great, i know a few and they are entertaining as long as you dont take them seriously, perahaps a couple of nights in the cells should have been imposed on him as a wake up call

as for freedoms and all that are bring taken away from us...yeah thats right like CCTV cameras....damn disgrace and all that.

chris carter tried to sell cctv systems to the local council in bangor....you have to laugh, i reckon them nazis would have bought them off him.

utterly devoid of legal merit says the judge...you have made your point chris carter and its been fun and great publicity except you hadnt the bottle to carry it out till the end but wasting even more public money on hair brained ideas isnt clever in a recession, cos im sure you havent the funds to pay for anything.

Pesky Anonymous said...

There were two little fascists
They were more thick than most
So they came along to Ranty's
And made a little post

If they had a sense of freedom
A sense of wrong and right
They'd see what utter cunts they are
And give up spouting shite

But it's no use to tell 'em
That they're welcome as a turd
Cos they'll argue on for ever
They must have the last word

nisakiman said...

DD, when a law is contemptible, it deserves to be treated with contempt. This particular one has been dreamed up by small people with small minds who have nothing better in their small lives to do other than make up petty regulations to bolster their egos and discomfit others who don't agree with them.

nisakiman said...

ps - Pesky, you are a budding Wordsworth! :¬))

Pesky Anonymous said...

Thanks nisakiman.
Alas I'm no Oscar Wilde, but felt compelled to try another route.

Spot on comment from you sir.