January 01, 2012

Slavery By Consent

This is a great film. Jam-packed with the good stuff.

It should awaken you a little. If it doesn't, watch it again.

Repeat as necessary until you fully comprehend that not all chains are visible.

But they still exist. In your mind.

Lose the chains, lose the fear. Free your mind, free your self.

Because you deserve better.

If you have studied the deception already, and just need one last little push, skip to the end:

It all comes down to two choices:

Get busy slavin', or get busy livin'.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Trust me on this.



Mark Wadsworth said...

Indeed. I refer to this slavery by consent as "Home-Owner-Ism".

Land Values Tax and a Citizen's DIvidend will sort all this out.

wayne said...

Good film CR

Span Ows said...

will check this out later (no speakers and in safety mode), I may have seen it before!

Happy New Year

Captain Ranty said...


From your prolific writing on LVT I am bound to agree.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Wayne.

(Some of it is mince. The bits with Charlie for example).


Captain Ranty said...


You will have seen chunks of it linked to on here in the past.

Very best wishes to you too!!


James Higham said...

Indeed. I refer to this slavery by consent as "Home-Owner-Ism".

Indeed you would Mark. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the vid Captain - some parts very good some less so (IMO) but that's down to the source material. The overall message is the main point as you highlight. :)

The birth certificate part is from Kymatica, is it not? (And I think the AntiTerrorist used the QI clip in one of his vids as the same watermark is on it.)

As we're on the subject of films, for anyone following the Dean Clifford videos part 3 is viewable here.

For those concerned about bandwidth & stuff like that be warned that it is almost as long as the first two parts combined, at 2hrs 10 mins.



Anonymous said...

nice. digesting slowly. After all I've got this far without any knowledge of being free