January 12, 2012

The Lioness Talks To Ben

Many of you will recognise the name. Sarah (aka The Lioness of England) has written a book which is aimed at both we, the bullied, and them, the bullies. Sarah also comments here from time to time.

I bought her book some time ago and I find it invaluable.

Have a listen as Sarah explains why she wrote it, and how you can best use the information.

Lawyers, and those who pretend to be lawyers: don't watch this. It will alter your reality.

And we can't have that, can we?



Anonymous said...

You're putting up some mega watt stuff at the moment Captain. Not that yor usual output isn't bloody terrific. Barnstorming!


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks David.

I am liking the trend. In the early days you had to learn all sorts of crap. It seems to be getting simpler.

Use plain English, ignore the Latin, use words as you mean them, and rather than using templates just state your case as simply as you can.

Easy peasy!


Anonymous said...

I don't understand, I thought Ben lowry ridiculed the sovereignty movement there a while back???


Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Great vid and the second time I have seen it, it is worth watching over.
The guy she was in the car with spent time in the forces on active service and is one of the nicest guys one would wish to know.
Both of them are non violent however they know more than the combined brain 'CELL' of the force about the law and the force is embarrassed by their own lack of intelligence and common sense.
Sara and friend are a beacon of light in a room filled with the darkness that has befallen the force.
May ALL police officers ROT in HELL, ARROGANT BASTARDS, and the constable can again reign and walk among us.

Namaste, rev;

Anonymous said...

So where can I buy her book?

DAD said...

From Amazon - did you not listen to the video?


Anonymous said...

Its an excellent book and Sarah really knows her stuff, I urge those that havent brought her book to buy it!

You wont regret it!

Anonymous said...

Live an 'Achievable Life excellent, I couldnt have put it better myself and Dedee mate, she doesnt follow the freeman movement as such, she has tried the techniques or some of them and they dont work bud.

Cheers Jamie

OBO 110X said...

I watched this earlier in the week and ordered her book immediately.

All we need is right there under our noses - dead simple!

coz said...

oh ok, if she's on Amazon now I might buy one, I couldn't buy her book from her previous seller cos they don't ship to PO boxes (I live in a rural area, no mail delivery)

richard said...

I like her. Thanks for posting, and also for the Dean Clifford videos. And a belated happy new year.