January 25, 2012

Be Afraid...

...be very afraid.

Or, don't.

But you have to do something about it.

A stark choice? Do nothing and be ruled by Brussels, or do something and free yourself and your nation from a very nasty, very greedy, very unaccountable, very obviously power-hungry unelected group calling themselves the EU. If they have their way, they will too soon be celebrating the birth of the United States of Europe.

Just for the avoidance of doubt: "too soon" (in my book) is any time before the world ends. The sun will grow cold in around 5 billion years time, according to those in the know. The EU has my blessing to whatever they want after that.


"My vision is one of political union because Europe needs to forge its own unique path. We need to become incrementally closer and closer, in all policy areas," the chancellor said. "Over a long process, we will transfer more powers to the [European] Commission, which will then handle what falls within the European remit like a government of Europe. That will require a strong parliament. A kind of second chamber, if you like, will be the council comprising the heads of [national] government. And finally, the supreme court will be the European court of justice. That could be what Europe's political union looks like in the future – some time in the future, as I say, and after a goodly number of interim stages."

Those chilling words come directly from Frau Merkel, would-be Queen of the U.S.E. The link is right here.

I am afraid.

I am afraid we will do nothing.



mikebravo said...

You have to wonder who the fuck do these people think that they are. Deciding on the fate of 500 million supposedly free people.
Whenever the dumb proletariat are given a vote on the ever closer union they say no!
Then they vote in more merkels,camerons and the like.
Unfortunaltly the voters get the government that they deserve in the end, and drag the rest of us down with them.

Captain Ranty said...

Scary, isn't it?

If that statement proves anything at all (and it does) it is that politicians are all the same.

Liars all.

Selfish liars.


Anonymous said...

so what should we do captain?, all politicians are liars, the treason list covers just about everyone in the last 40 years.

is there anyone you can suggest to put the world right?

dickie doubleday

mikebravo said...

I wonder if the English will ever grow a pair and rise up against the bastards. I suspect not. Too busy with corrie, x factor and sleb cum do something shows.
Still you never know. If we end up skint like Greece?

Anonymous said...

The problem is also compounded by the fact that when the shit hits the fan, it will be any one who talks posh that will be the target for the great unwashed. They will trash their own area and barracade themselves into a killing zone.

Dave_G said...

There are three main routes.

1. The EU survives and we're all subjugated.
2. The populace 'rises' and takes back what is theirs.
3. The EU fails and we're all forced into post-EU calamity.

Of the three, the (famous?) complacency of the British people will result in scenario (3) being the most likely outcome.

If you can't 'rise up' then STOCK UP.

The cowards way out? Maybe. But 'out' is what we're after and out-by-any-means is fine by me.

Anonymous said...

It has been said that we are but nine meals away from riots (i.e. the time taken for supermarkets to be empty of stock). When compounded with rolling blackouts because of the foolish reliance on windmills to produce electricity, the resultant public disorder is going to be interesting to watch.
Invest in a shotgun with lots of ammunition, dried and tinned foodstuffs, razor-wire (barbed wire is for containing cattle) and lots of vegetable seeds.
When the ordure does enter the air-conditioning it is going to be very, very painful for a lot of people. The EU is doomed and it is going to cause a great deal of misery, as well as rejoicing, when it dies.

Anonymous said...

They won't allow it to collapse. They'll just keep pumping tax payers money in to it unless people do something about it.

I have little hope because I posted on the Express website recently, to see what the "blinkered" and "educators" who post on there thought (I knew they are anti-EU). Although they want out of the EU and spouted talk of rising up. The posts seemed to dry up when I informed them that "someone was calling for a general strike from the May day bank holiday forwards, until the Government stood down. Who's willing to join in?" It kind of depressed me that it seems people still can't see the mass coruption, or they are that helpless that they can't face facts.

So I guess it's the option of the shotgun, ammo, non-perishables and seeds seems to be the most favourable.... But I'll keep an eye out for protests, general strikes etc.......

one can dream....


bollixed said...

The next EU elections will see people from all countries given a chance to voice their opinion on the whole corrupt facade now that the rhetoric and empty promises have been shown to be just that. We might just see more anti-EU MEPs taking seats....

Look at Baroso's face when he is sitting in the 'Parliament' ....that is the face of a very worried man. Us Brits might be too damned complacent to do anything worthwhile but there are other countries where the culture is different and they are less forgiving.

I've stocked up on popcorn. Should be interesting.

John L said...

E-mail I sent to Alex Salmond today:


With all the discussions in the news at the moment about Scottish referendums, independence etc etc I have a few questions:

I am Scottish - my father and grandfather are both Scottish and my birth certificate is registered at St. Andrew's House in Edinburgh. I do not live in Scotland though.

WILL I GET A VOTE ON SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE? If not why not? Following your statements I get the impression I won't.

Or will it be for those living in Scotland only? How will you be defining Scottish?

At the moment your statements about "the Scottish people" are not very clear.

It is not a matter for Scotland alone but all the "British" people i.e. all citizens of the United kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland of which Scotland is an integral part.


etc etc"

Wonder what answer. if any. I'll get.

Anonymous said...

Bet the krauts have started stocking up............on gas!!!!!!