August 11, 2011

Consumed With Indifference

Today I wasted several hours of my life.

I watched a packed House of Commons debate the recent rioting.

Disappointment followed disappointment as the 649 inepts struggled to find a way through the maze. It should have been 650 inepts but the most inept, one Gordon James Brown, showed his grubby, greedy face for less than 30 minutes before sloping off to the wilderness he inhabits these days, on full pay.

"Bring in the army!" wailed some.

"Switch off Blackberries!!!" whined others.

"Tougher sentencing!" screeched others.

"Deploy the water cannon!" howled another.

"Punish the parents!" screamed other, more naive MPs.

Nothing will change. Not for all the tea in China.

Liberties will be lost, as our inepts take guidance from the Chinese on closing down our vital communication tools. How utterly marvellous. How innovative. We have 1000 idiots but the best course of action is to punish 60 million?

The catch-phrases were "Community", "Regaining the streets", "Restoring Laura Norner" (who ever she is), "Lessons will be learned", and that old favourite from CMD, "We are all in this together".

No, we aren't.

I pay my electricity bill. I also pay yours.

I pay my mortgage. I also pay your rent for Westminster Palace.

I pay for my own petrol. I also pay for yours.

I make the payments on my car. I also pay for your cars.

You don't pay my wages. I pay yours.

You don't pay my living expenses. I pay yours.

You (CMD) paid £10,000 per week for your holiday villa. My holiday was spent at home this year.

No, Mr Millionaire, we are NOT in this together. You, and most of those MPs inhabit a whole different planet than the rest of us. YOU live in a bubble where you assume we all support the elected ones. Not all of us do. The very best part of my year is when you lot are all away in Tuscany, Australia, New York, or wherever else it is you descend upon for your holidays. I am not even jealous. I don't care how much money you have. I don't care how much it costs you to accommodate your family on your summer break.

But what really upsets me is that phrase "We are all in this together". We aren't, so stop saying it.

All too predictably, you reached for the stick to deal with this current crisis. No carrots in there, Dave? None at all? No. You thought long and hard about how to make it worse for law-abiding citizens. You agreed with some that we need more cameras watching our every single move. Despite the fact that they are useless. You slammed the looters (rightly) and omitted to acknowledge (wrongly) that we are mostly a law abiding country. You praised the police to the high heavens (and I do not doubt that there were hundreds of acts of bravery) whilst forgetting to mention that they may very well have kicked this all off by charging needlessly into a 16 year old girl protesting peacefully outside a police station.

Listening to (Labour) MPs whining and moaning about this, that & the other reconfirms for me how utterly bereft of intelligence they are. I was embarrassed for the constituents they represent. Dianne Abbott, Kerry McCarthy (both Labour drones) and the absolutely feckless Nadine Dorries uttered inanities. The males fared no better lest you think this is a gender thing. They are all absolutely hopeless. They should have stayed away for all the sense they brought into the HoC today.

I really am consumed with indifference. I am 100% underwhelmed.

These idiots suck every ounce of joy out of my life.

I disavow them all. They do not act in my name. They do not have my consent to curb the liberties of my countrymen.

I wash my hands of them.

But I fear they may never come clean. I helped them to ruin my country. I helped them to turn this green and pleasant land into the most surveilled nation in the world. I helped them increase my taxes to unheard of heights. I helped them to wedge open that immigration door.

I helped them.

I helped them by doing nothing to stop them.

I'm not sure about you, but I will not help them any more.

Not ever again.



wayne said...

Don't let them suck the joy out of your life mate, there's plenty of joy to be had winding the knobheads up! Nice article BTW

Oldrightie said...

I'm with Wayne!

Anonymous said...

Nice one Wayne.

Good post CR. There is a lot more to this than meets the eye. Police pensions being one of the factors. Visit some of the police forums for an eye-opener. I sense the corporate police are putting their own pressure on the Govt here and holding the rest of us to ransom. How terrifying is that? Not for one minute claiming the police were solely responsible for the anger.

The outcome of all this will be that no-one will step forward from the social engineering brigades to claim blame for the almighty fuck up that is multi-culti, liberal, everyone's a victim, here's some more money GB and our social welfare system. That we'll still have an entire generation of youngsters realising they've been sold into debt servitude for life to pay for the greed and follies of the past 2 or 3 generations. That the PTB will use this as an excuse to erode our liberties and freedoms and further empower themselves.

I am lawful and peaceful and dreading when the real economy bubble bursts soon. Watch the riots then....the real story that was masked this week btw.

Be prepared to defend what is yours,

Lion of England on a distant shore said...

I am an Englishman on a distant shore,but watching and listening, you are not alone,i await the day that the sleeping masses at last wakeup,although i am not
in the Church's club i pray they will wake soon to put an end to all the misery we suffer at the hands of these JACKALS
with their golden bags,sometimes things
have to go wrong before we can make them
right.CHIN UP

Anonymous said...

Strange, but prior to 1997 I had little interest in politics. I worked hard, paid my taxes and enjoyed myself. I can't really recall talking about or actively thinking much about Parliament.
Then it all changed. More and more restrictions, more laws, more interference just more of everything that started to piss me off.
I now loath them.
Just watch them. Masters of non speak, pitiful little bloated thiefs.
I honestly believe that in just 15 years they have turned a happy Country into a shit hole.
Many traders are now offering cash in hand for work and I understand why. Not one single person in politics do I like or admire, may they all rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

"I described parts of our society as sick and there is none sicker than the EDL".
David Cameron.

Sikhs' securing their streets - Good
Turks' securing their streets - Good
Whites' securing their streets - Bad

The Sikhs' were also armed with swords and daggers! Not that I blame them, but I doubt the Eltham lot would have got far if they had any sort of weaponry.


Mr Ecks said...

Cheer up Ranty.

1-Dickhead Dave will not be able to close social media.ECHR will be on the job soon I think
2-No masks on the street?--most people don't wear em anyway and if you are going to riot you won't worry about putting on an illegal mask.
Also dDave now has to deal with the Muslims. He can include the burqua and stir up one storm or exclude them and stir up another.
He really is a fool.
3-These arseholes may think they are tightening the screws on us, but economic Armageddon is at hand.
On one level thats bad news but it will shake the ruling class to ruination

analiensaturn said...

I'm with Wayne on steroids

Anonymous said...

If you want something to put fire in your belly read this:

The liberal 'elite' (spits) will seriously regret what they have done. My hatred has found new depths. I am seething.


Anonymous said...


I'm amazed you watched or even bothered to listen what any politicians has to say.
When a politician opens his mouth you know he/she's lying.

It was a waste of time. Then again, you will learn from your mistakes, well I hope so.


Anonymous said...

Parliament's recall was a distraction, a sop so they could announce what they were going to do (having already decided) whilst looking like they were "doing something", and get a traumatised public to wholeheartedly go along with it and get a good dollop of conditioning and programming at the same time (with added help from the MSM). The theatre was booked, the script already written and the actors played their part - some knowingly, others not.

And that same public will sit at home tonight, watching the hugely NWO-tastic new series of Torchwood or something, and believe they actually want what is going to happen, and pay little heed to the other collapse going on.

As you've said CR look what we're getting: more CCTV, not less; more police powers, not less; more surveillance, not less; less liberty, not more. As if it were going to be any different. And when things kick off again - and they will - it will get even more severe. To protect us, to keep us safe, whilst the crash takes place and total control moves in.

And we also get fast tracked justice, with courts sitting throughout the night and verdicts handed out. Correctly, you could argue, as actual crimes were committed, but how soon until the fake courts get the same idea? In and out, liability established, no time for conditional acceptance, no time for appeal, no time for establishing standing, no time for the lawful techniques that have worked so far whenever their revenue-raising victimless offences encroach on our liberty.

If all the info available, and all the things various commenters here and elsewhere have said, aren't enough to convince anyone that this whole thing was pure PRS based on a engineered set of circumstances then the fact that social networks, new technology and security have sat side-by-side with global finances on the Bilderberg table for the last two years should be sufficient.



Stealth said...

Words fail me how good this piece was and the comments also - Scary really.

Anonymous said...

Dear Captain

Your words:-

"I helped them by doing nothing to stop them."

Are you going to actually "take one of them out"

Who's your local Moron Prat. Can we be forewarned so that we can watch the news?

Unknown said...

Any MP recalled from their holiday to this hot air fest is able to claim the cost of their return flights on their expenses.

What was that about greed, looting etc?

Woodsy42 said...

If authority, commerce and government display nothing but greed, self agrandissment and dishonesty then it's little surprise the mob does likewise.