August 16, 2011

Event Horizon

Mark this day. Mark it well.

Today the PR campaign to launch the Fourth Reich began. That ferret von Rumpoy has been crowned King by Merkel and Sarkozy. The United States of Europe is just around the corner now.

Practise the new EuroSalute.

If you think this is a good thing, never darken my doorstep again.

Sue has the story here.

A sad, bad, dark, dark dismal day.

Let's swear an oath, you and I, to stop these bastards.



Mitch said...

Time to fight again.

Captain Ranty said...

All we need now is an army.....

Oldrightie said...

That's already been taken over, CR.

Captain Ranty said...

We need some fresh thinking OR.

This will not do. Not by a long chalk.


Mr Ecks said...

i agree as to the danger of the EU but this one is less dangerous than you think.

The Euro has had its chips and will soon be gone. It is a blow that they will not recover from.

We can't be complacent but the odds are better than you think.

The time to fight is coming.

Anonymous said...

So be it.


wayne said...

The problem is Mr & Mrs Average don't give a fuck and only a protest of massive numbers would send any kind of message.

FireballXL5 said...

Capt. I am spending the summer in France, talked to plenty of French and Dutch, yet to find someone in favour of the EU. Why has this been allowed to happen, surely the peoples of Europe will rebel against this tyranny??

This sickens me to the depths of my soul, I will do anything I can, to not only resist, but to fight the gutless parasitical scum that have forced their hideous agenda on us.

Aside from individual efforts to avoid all possible contact with the state, what do we do??

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Oh look I still have an hole in my arse.

Anonymous said...

Name the date and time.

When is enough exactly?


Anonymous said...

To add to my last post:

IS THIS ENOUGH? (sorry for shouting)

"UK riots: police could get new curfew powers, says Theresa MayHome secretary says it is time to consider whether police need power 'to impose a general curfew in a particular area'"

It makes me mad that too few people see what is happening!

How the hell can people not see it's taking the piss? It's getting too much for me now.

Anyone who can't see whats happening here deserves to be "curfewed" on the grounds of being an idiot. I'm sorry for them and I hope they realise the milk will turn sour for them before it does but please don't moan at the state of the country.

Thanks capt'n for the place to get it off my chest. As stated previous, name the time and place.


sike said...

two young dickheads were jailed today for 4 years apiece for naming a time and a place.Get the message?

Henry North London 2.0 said...

i knew the riots were going to be a prequel to burying bad news I just didnt know how terrible the news was going to be.

Michael Fowke said...

It's not that we need an army. We just need sections of our already existing army to break away - like the OAS in 1960's France.

Anonymous said...

Oh good, a Eurozone government. I'm hugely surprised. FFS, the insanity.

This nest of vipers needs a clear out for certain, though what awaits behind it may be worse.

People would perhaps see it if they allowed common sense to prevail, but the indoctrination is so deep amongst so many that they are now susceptible to even the slightest emotional provocation, borne out of fear state programming, and logic goes out the window. As with most PRS operations, last week's shenanigans served to push common sense to one side. The narrative is controlled and for the foreseeable future the public will willingly bow at the altar of statism, surrender more liberties and support the police state even more than they did before. Your government is here to help you, after all! ;)

"and the rest just followed, swallowed their freedom and joined the charade..."

Of course, the whole effort now means that it will become more difficult to protest anything in the future.

It's almost as if it was all planned out. Oh, hang on...

Similar techniques have been employed, past & present, many times to "sell" us such things, and will be in the future if the end game is reached.

Coupled with the manipulation comes the twin mass distractions of Saturday Night Karaoke and that stupid skating programme, both starting in a few weeks: “A hopeless scenario of apathy unleashed…”.

And whilst this happens Call-me-Dave strengthens the police state, oversees the introduction of thoughtcrime sentencing by the judiciary, and welcomes the chairman of Kroll Security to the top table to "advise"...

His masters must be very pleased.

"Some became wolves and some became sheep
And eyes sown shut governed our frozen perspective of the world
We did not realize we all had lost;
We locked the door and hid our shame
In this environment of fear."



With additions from the mighty Draconian (includes death vocals, don't click if you don't like 'em...)

Anonymous said...

It very much looks like you're going to become 'Freeman on the Radioactive Land' Cap'n.

Pesky Anonymous said...

I share Wayne's view about this, Mr & Mrs Average don't seem to be bothered. And we need numbers.
A comment I read years ago sticks in my mind: "Mr & Mrs Moron won't wake up until their creature comforts are taken away".

I'm not sure that "we" can effect things very much,.
We all knew that all this was on it's way. And we all know that it all will ultimately fail. We are just riding on an unfortunate part of the cycle.

But never underestimate the power of the unexpected.
I have read several articles predicting a hard winter. Sun spot observers, people likening this year to 1947, even the met office has now vaguely joined in. Snow in NZ? And with it, predictions of massive power outages.
I'm sure you can imagine peoples creature comforts taking a knock with a good Russian winter, coupled with our "authorities" wizard organisational skills.

Ok, I'm a dreamer. But my point still stands; never underestimate the power of the unexpected.
Summat will happen to fuck them all up. The best laid plans and all that.

opinion prole said...

Let them go ahead with their Eurozone la-la land. In the end they will have no choice but to print trillions of Euros to bail each other out and the currency will crash, impoverishing millions of taxpayers.

The French and Germans have been trying to control Europe for at least 200 years and look where it got them. We had to go and help them sort out their mess twice in the 20th century and we British got nothing out of it but destruction and debt. Not this time. Let them crash in flames all on their own.

The Rompuys, Barossos and Ashtons of this world will face their Ceaucescu moment, not when the bullets rip them to pieces but when the voters just refuse to pay them any more. OMG then what - no more free money to waste. No more limousines and chartered jets. No more conferences and free dinners. Just the urgent need for thousands of EU parasites with no discernable skills other than multilingual rhetoric to beg for paid employment.

The whole house of cards will collapse like the Berlin wall, in an explosion of hatred against socialists of every stripe. The end of political correctness. Goodbye multi-culti brainwashing. Hello to common sense. If there are any miracles in this world, even the remote possibility of hello to an unbiased BBC.

Bring it on.

Chris said...

Get along to the next British Constitution Group conference in Stoke in October. Let's see if they, and the the Lawful Rebellion campaign have any positive news to report. If nothing else it gives an opportunity to meet up with like-minded people, to discuss tactics, and to know you are not alone in this.

Bil said...

I fear popular unrest as means of opposition to the EU is all that the Euro elite are waiting for. Remember that the Lisbon constitution has emergency powers that will create a true police state overnight, including the 'right' for the gendarmerie to shoot protesters with real bullets and the return of the death penalty.

Strange how it's ok for the elite to have these 'rights' up their sleeves, but not the population the are in 'power' to 'govern'.

berni said...

There's not much left for me to say........tis truly a sad day for our country and kinfolk.

Iv'e been telling people of this day to come for a very long time...been laughed at mostly.

Today is a day of mourning.

Anonymous said...

The whole future and freedoms of the people of Europe now rests in the hands of the German constitutional court and the German electorate.
How ironic.

motoringmitch said...

Ahh "The police to have new powers"
Let me see, yes I can see these new powers. "look and laugh"

Jacobite said...

What I can not understand is why the majority of the political elite of the UK is on board with this, are they bought and paid for by the banking elite who are pro the EU, why would they sign up to a failed ideology (totalatarianism) ruled by a cabal of the unelected (politburo) . Most people on your blog get it, are we a small minority or do we voice the concerns of the majority hence the reason we will never get a referendum. It is very rare to see or read anything that criticises this EU on the MSM unless those of us who disagree get a voice I fear for the future totalatarian systems always end badly.

Anonymous said...


Two young dickheads were jailed for inciting acts of robbery, burglary and worst of all violence. So you're saying don't peacfully protest through fear of being sent to gaol? If that's the message I'm supposed to get, where do you think they would put say 100,000 people peacfully acting upon their right to protest? (bearing in mind that the prison population is rediculously high these days)

I do not condone people acting like animals. I do not condone violence. What I do support is the idea of everyone sticking together when dealing with these deceitful power hungry morons and example if they impose a cerfew in a specific area, EVERYONE breaks the curfew. They can't put thousands of people through the court system and they certainly can't afford lock everyone up both in terms of money and spaces in prison.

It's called non-compliance and doesn't require any form of violence.

If people want to be slaves for the rest of their lives then good luck to them. I on the otherhand refuse with every fibre of my body.


nominedeus said...

Some excellent comments on this one Cap'n, not much left for me to say but I will keep saying NO! and I will keep saying F OFF EU!
Queenies had my affidavits and the Barons will get theirs this week...

Anonymous said...

As Corporal Jones would say "don't panic" ... "don't panic".

This is a sign that the whole "One World Government" stepping stone the EU is floundering.

If you really want to be free from government control then you should make it a "religion" to preach the virtue of the average person owning Gold and Silver.

The government, the central banks and the financial centres are scared shitless that the average person will one day wake up and refuse to play the game of "funny-money".

People who own Gold and Silver are difficult to control. The government and their tame media are continually trying to denigrate precious metals. Certain banks with the help of the B of E and the Fed are artificially keeping the price of both metals low. When they finally lose the battle which they surely will Silver will go from $40 an ounce to over $1000 an ounce.

Based on the supply of Silver and the World's population and the World's debt: Silver should be $40000 an ounce unbelievable but true.

Buy Silver and give the government and the B of E the "finger" while you still can.

Anonymous said...

"What I do support is the idea of everyone sticking together when dealing with these deceitful power hungry morons and example if they impose a cerfew in a specific area, EVERYONE breaks the curfew. They can't put thousands of people through the court system and they certainly can't afford lock everyone up both in terms of money and spaces in prison.

"It's called non-compliance and doesn't require any form of violence.


You mean the way smokers, who are a large number, together with pub owners of private business properties banned together to act in non-compliance to the smoking ban? That kind of banning together?

Good example there and shows you just why that will never happen.

Smoking ban was a good test case and once it became apparent the affected classes would not resist and the remaining population would support draconian state dictates, the result made clear they can ramp it up and take more liberties, then more, then more, then more.

Anonymous said...

A few interesting videos: - F. William Engdahl interviewed on RT about the Eurozone - more on the riots from True News - Barry & MSM telling us what's going to happen?



Captain Ranty said...

I agree with Nominedeus: some fantastic points raised. I will furrow my brow and think on them all.

TSL, thanks for the links. I watched them. Food for thought there too.


Anonymous said...

Can i just put my 2 pence worth in... Ok i think you are right captain ranty, some new thinking is needed... All i can tell you is how i plan to deal with it, JUST OPT OUT... Now this certainly isn't a revolutionary idea, but i mean it, i'm already taking steps, and little by little i hope to eventually be completely self sufficiant! So far, this year for the first time i grew my own food, it was great, the kids loved it too... I've also removed my eldest daughter from school to home educate, this was discussed with her and then left to her decision... I'm not going to register my son to be, who is due in 12 weeks! My youngest daughter will not be enrolling in school at all... Over the winter i plan to prepare the ground for next year, expanding the plot, and also building a chicken hutch... If i were to get arrested for a victimless crime i would refuse to even move for them! If they want me they will have to kidnap me and carry me! If they want my picture they will have to hold my head up! If they want my signiture they will have to guide my fucking hand! Excuse my language. I will not co-operate with bullies or thieves!... I will not protest, riot, vote, beg or plead for my rights and freedoms back! I will merely take them! If what i want to do happens to come into conflict with the establishments made up, immoral laws/rules, well then they will have to send their gang round to rough me up! I will not pay tax, i do not fund terrorists and torturers!... Well so far that's about it, along the way i tell everybody i know about whats happening, i know i piss them off, i don't care, if they don't want to discuss real shit then fuck off!... I hope i don't come across too angry, i'm actually pretty laid back! Lol.

Woodsy42 said...

I thought we already had an EU government, just that it was covert. Interesting they should think it a good time to go public. No wonder they want extra police powers in a hurry.
Simple non-cooperation does not seem to be solving our problem, it doesn't inconvenience them.

Anonymous said...

Woodsy42... It doesn't matter what they decide to call things, at the end of the day they want global government/world domination... I don't enter into their little fake power struggles, it merely adds credence to their supposed authority... Simple non-cooperation doesn't inconvenience them? Ok so then we must just cooperate? Lol... Listen without tax/money, there is no government! I'm not saying my approach will save mankind, and it is a work in progress! I will tell you some things that have been proven to definately not work, voting = degrading, begging the bully for your ball back is pitiful! Not to mention it being a waste of time anyway, certainly in a system where public opinion is so heavily influenced by a controlled media!... Protesting = similar to voting, just a more vocal form, your opinion is still equally ignored! I will concede that it does have some impact in certain circumstances, for instance if someone is unjustly imprisoned etc. But if you think protesting will ever make them give up power, you're delusional, i don't mean you specifically, i'm just talking generally... Imagine if just a hundred thousand people stood up and refused to pay tax! I mean flat out refused, even accepting prison!... In my opinion everybody has a moral DUTY to not pay tax! If you know that money is being spent on murder, you're just as guilty as the people dropping the bombs!... If 100,000 did refuse to pay tax, believe me, it would inconvenience them greatly! All we need to do is educate people, ignore all this political manipulation, and get down to basic morals and common sense! Torture is wrong, no matter which way you slice it, funding it is nearly as bad, however, if people do support torture, i support their right to pay for it if they so wish! I think of them as evil, but hey, one can not pick and choose freedoms!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - I like your style mate. I'll be moving house in about 2 years time and will not be registering to vote. I've already persuaded a family member not to register the birth of their next child. We can all do something to take back our lives but I do think we all need to form some sort of supportive grouping as there is safety in numbers against a bully like the state and its brownshirts.

Perhaps an annual get together weekend would be a good idea?


Anonymous said...

All pish, talk and waffle. I gave up a very comfortable life to enter Lawful Rebellion. My wife and I are that committed. Fought and frustrated every bloody thing that came through our letterbox from the 'authorities'. Won some, lost some, drew on others. Unfortunately getting folks round me to get off their fat arses, switch off the fukcing tellybox thing, start caring about life, listening to what we have to say, and grow the fukc up is proving impossible. I'm coming to the conclusion that the majority of people deserve what's coming to them. Us awake ones are caught in the cross fire. We can take care of ourselves though. My wife and I have decided that we'll give it another 6 months. 6 months more lonely and painful unpaid slog (put nothing in to the system and take nothing out - our motto) surrounded by complete morons and Lawful Rebels who talk a good fight but bottle out when it comes to actually doing anything meaningful. I'm getting tired now. Exhausted in fact. I'm sure the 'authorities' will be delighted with that. Tired of stupidity and bullying and jobsworths and watching the world fall into the hands of seriously fukced up individuals. Another 6 months. If there is no move forward and I still feel like my wife and I are still on our own then we're getting the fukc out of here. Either that or I go back to my career and join the bad guys in their looting spree. If the dumb and apathetic sheep want to get screwed over then why shouldn't I oblige? We have a lot of thinking and conscience wrestling to do but we really need a motivation boost by hearing that something serious and meaningful is being organised that we can get involved in. Over to you, guys....

Anonymous said...

anonymous no1 lol... Sorry for the delay in my reply, I've been helping a friend decorate all day. I've always been anti unjust authority, and it is time to make a stand... I too have thought about some sort of group, in fact i was/still am going to make a website, JUST OPT OUT... I still need time to work on it though... A meet up would be great too... I'm not sure if captain ranty wants people putting their email up, but if its ok with him, i'd be happy to keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous no2... Wow, I feel your pain, it must be tough, I've not walked in your shoes, but where i'm going is leading me down the same path... The picture you paint is not very inviting... However, look this isn't going to be easy, it's going to be frustrating, it's going to take a lot of effort as these low lives are dug in deep! Although your comment was filled with desperation it has inspired me and filled me with hope! That there are others out there! And i'm not just some raving nutter! :)... I hope that together (as in all libertarians) we can solve issues that arise... I don't think we should expect any 1 individual or group to save us... Anyway i have to thank you for standing up! I takes courage and i've also had feelings of oh well should i just go with the flow? trouble is, i can't! I have lots of thoughts and ideas as to what i want to do, i would love to share them with like minded people. I would love to hear what you think too, or any ideas you have... I hear you! I'm straight up, I'm not perfect, i'm trying to bungle through on my own too, my partner to be honest would want to just carry on asleep! It angers me and frustrates me no end! But what can you do? If i create a website for people like us, would you join? Or i tell you what, captain ranty could make one and i'll join that! Or anyone... I think anon no1 is right, we need a place we can all get together.

Anonymous said...

To the various anonymous's (anonymi?):

I'm well up for creating a support group (hate that 'lefty' phrase but can't think of a better one right now)/website/anything that makes the Lawful Rebels stronger.

My e-mail address:

Let's organise something. I also thnk we need to form strong bonds with like minds on other blogs, like those folks on EUReferendum etc.


mescalito said...

ranty my friend would you promote again as its tomo?

tomorrow is the mass megaphone mission in Birmingham, those of you who are sick of the way things are, please attend, we must keep applying the pressure and showing the ptb that we are awake and we have had enough otherwise nothing will ever change.

BIRMINGHAM the 20th August 2011 outside New street station (MAIN ENTRANCE,), 2PM

its time to stop being a good little slave my friends...

James Higham said...

Let the game commence.

Lion of England on a distant shore said...

If the people new how much POWER THEY HAVE
WHATEVER YOU PREFER,they think everything
is just wonderful.and i don't just mean the morons.Here in good old Germany
their already being groomed from the the
media,especially the T.V SHOWS and other
Gov spots, like i love Germany,we are Germany etc..,etc. most Germans have no idea of what's happing in the Ununited UK
but they will soon learn. they are already having a taste of it in Dortmund
were thousands of ROMULANS I MEAN Romanians,and Huns,i do mean Hungarians have moved in and taken over the streets,WAIT for the Explosion ?

Anonymous said...

Lion of england, yeah i think it's kicking off everywhere... The thing is the more people that get effected by the fake financial crisis, the more open minded people there will be... Right now too many people still have their materialistic lives intact, that will soon change! More and more are waking up! It's still going to take time though. I wish you luck out there dude, and when our website is up and running i hope you come by, everyone is welcome... Maybe i'll ask captain ranty to write a little article for us when it's up and running. thing is the more people that get effected by the fake financial crisis, the more open minded people there will be... Right now too many people still have their materialistic lives intact, that will soon change! More and more are waking up! It's still going to take time though. I wish you luck out there dude, and when our website is up and running i hope you come by, everyone is welcome... Maybe i'll ask captain ranty to write a little article for us when it's up and running.

Pesky Anonymous said...

Does anybody have any news about Norman?