August 28, 2011

Norman Scarth On Russia Today-UPDATED

No-one is suggesting that Norman is an angel. Just that he should not be in gaol.

Meanwhile, EUReferendum show us a couple of examples of who should be locked up. It seems we are a nation of kiddie-fiddlers. And that's ok. The paedos walk free. Almost every time. Makes you wonder about these crusty old judges, does it not?

Awkward sods like Norman need to be locked away.

For shame.

UPDATE: Just in case you think I am biased, take a closer look at our judiciary.  Not exactly saints themselves, are they?


Tip of the beret to blogger TTC and Twitterer ESGI for the heads-up. Thanks guys.


John Pickworth said...

You had a couple of heads up on your own blog nearly a week ago ;-)

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks John.

Was it the same link? This one was only uploaded yesterday. (Mind you, I don't know when it aired on RT).

Note to self: pay closer attention to links people leave!


wayne said...

The whole thing is a disgrace. Should make us all more determined to expose the wankers who let this happen. You're right though Cap, fiddle kids or expenses and it seems the law becomes lenient. All equal in law? Mmmmmmmm

John Pickworth said...

Piece and video (downloadable) available on Russia Today

F***W*T TW****R said...

Just put it on

Oldrightie said...

CR, it first aired this morning and made OR's rolling news. Hope it helped.

Captain Ranty said...

Wayne: yes it is. And no, the law does not apply equally to all.

John: thanks again.

FT: Don't know how to use that. I will learn. Ta.

OR: It all helps. Thanks muchly.


Span Ows said...

Have you had the email from Sabine? has the video and all the breakdown of the comments etc. PR for Victims of White Collar Crimes.

Captain Ranty said...


Got that email three times.

The comments are fantastic. Any judge or MP worth his/her salt will read them and wake the fuck up.

The anger is building to a crescendo.


Anonymous said...

My apologies CR, I have just mentioned this subject on The Talking Clock blog before I saw your mention here...

Captain Ranty said...


No problem. It doesn't matter who gets credit. As long as we all keep shouting about it.


motoringmitch said...

1. Under the genuine Constitutional Trial by Jury, the ordinary individual citizen has power to lay an (evidence-backed) criminal plaint and prosecute free-of-charge (Articles 24; 39; 40 & 61) any person(s) including the head of state.

2. This may go directly to Trial by Jury without involving the government prosecution service or the legal profession.

3. The Constitution devolves to the people, as individuals or in groups, the power of arrest ("assail") for the purpose of bringing to Justice.

4. When the People uphold their Constitution and utilise their due Constitutional authority, nobody dare stand in the way of Equal Justice -- including especially those working in or for the state; its bureaucracy, judiciary, and politicians.

5. This is because (unlike today where statists have contrived illegitimate "immunity to prosecution"), justice can be directly served upon them for interventions which contravene the Constitution and pervert and/or obstruct the course of Justice (crime)...

6. The Constitution invests the People and their Common Law Jury with supreme authority, power and the panoply of Justice backed by the full apparatus of police, prison service and Armed Services.

7. Under our Common Law Constitution, the Foreman or woman of the Jury is the Principal Presiding Judicial Officer of the Court; not the convenor (nowadays misnamed 'judge').

8. Under the explicitly set out purpose, procedures and powers of the Constitution, under pain of penalisation, government is subject to the decisions of the Common Law Jury: government serves the People; not itself, the parliament (congress) or the judiciary.

Magna Carta Society Blog said...

Quite so, as "Statute the Fith" of 1351, which remains in force as a Statute (also known as an Ordinance and which is not suceptible to repeal by any "Act") confirms:

"None shall be taken upon Suggestion without lawful Presentment; nor disfranchised, but by Course of Law..ITEM, Whereas it is contained in the Great Charter of the Franchises of England, that none shall be imprisoned nor put out of his Freehold, nor of his Franchises nor free Custom, unless it be by the Law of the Land; It is accorded assented, and stablished, That from henceforth none shall be taken by Petition or Suggestion made to our Lord the King, or to his Council, unless it be by Indictment or Presentment of good and lawful People of the same neighbourhood where such Deeds be done, in due Manner, or by Process made by Writ original at the Common Law; nor that none be out of his Franchises, nor of his Freeholds, unless he be duly brought into answer, and forejudged of the same by the Course of the Law; and if any thing be done against the same, it shall be redresseed and holden for none".

Measures are in hand to remind the infamous "Judge" Peake of Birkenhead about this.

Regards, John Hurst.