August 08, 2011

Norman Scarth Needs Our Help

Although we never asked him, this war hero was there for us.

It's time to repay him.

If you are not familiar with the story, the bare bones of it are this: Norman, 85, was hauled into court. Fearing (rightly) that he would be stitched up, Norman used his mobile phone to record the proceedings. Someone noticed and told the judge. This was such an affront to the court that the judge gaoled him for contempt of court.

Ordinarily, contempt of court warrants a few hours in a cold cell to "think about what you did". Most people send an apology to the court, they are released, and the case gets underway again.

In Norman's case, they gaoled him for SIX MONTHS!

He has been denied visitors, pens, paper, a hospital visit, and this old man, in no condition to survive and thrive is locked up for 23 1/2 hours a day.

This is the man we are talking about:

Such a huge threat to decent society must be caged, no?

Hell no. He must be released immediately. I rarely get down on bended knee for anyone these days, but I am begging for your help to publicise this travesty. Beyond murder or violent assault, I cannot think of a single reason to justify this man's continuing incarceration. It serves no purpose, and it does not show anyone, least of all the judiciary, in a good light.

This is a letter from Norman:


Martin Narey, Director General of the Prison Service, wrote of “HELL HOLE PRISONS”. HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, Sir David Ramsbottom spoke on the Frost programme of ‘BARBARIC PRISON GUARDS’. See his book PRISONGATE.


Solitary Confinement for 23 ½ hours a day, lying on my bunk staring at the bunk above only 12¨ above my head, unable to sit up in bed. (as doctor’s orders).

Nothing to read, nothing to write on, no watch, no radio, nothing to do but stare at the rotten stinking TV pumping out brainwashing garbage. (“Live in luxury with colour TV” says the so-called “News Media”) That IS Hell!!

Bad enough for anyone but for WW2 ‘Hero’ (as others have called me) who has worked honestly & hard for 70 years it is TORMENT!

The previous HMCIP Judge Sir Steven TUMIN told of people being sent to prison “BY SOME SLIMY JUDGE OR MAGISTRATE” (He “DIED SUDDENLY”).

MY CRIME? I had on me a ‘RECORDING DEVICE’ (as do ALL those with a mobile phone, ALL of which have a recording device. But I dared to switch mine on before asking permission of the judge. Why did I do so? It is my belief that there are many rotten apples in the judiciary, and for the last 15 years it has been my mission in life to expose them. It has been THEIR mission to silence me – by ANY MEANS, including potentially lethal terror attacks (as on 8th August 1999 & 20 July 2000).

As part of my mission I stood for Parliament & published the book ‘Cause for Concern’ in 1997. However, I was still regarded as a noisy old buffoon, a Parliamentary no-hoper. This changed after my single-handed success in the ECtHR brought a vital change in British law incorporated into the 1998 Human Rights Act. The change is much hated (by) lawyers & judges – AND I AM HATED FOR IT. Just 17 DAYS after the ECtHR decision came an attack on 8th Aug 1999. It was intended to silence me by fear, a heart attack or stroke the hoped for outcome. Few men of my age (73 then) would not have one or the other. However, I survived, so 11 months later there was a second attack during which I was given a brutal kicking that put me in hospital. To cover up these crimes there was a malicious prosecution for a NON-EXISTENT ‘crime’. Where others would have been given Probation, Community Service or Suspended Sentence, I was given TEN YEARS! – the intention being that I would die in prison. The horror became worse but I skip that for now. Sufficient to say that I did not succumb to the torment & torture, but survived long enough to have ‘PAID MY DEBT TO SOCIETY’(?). AFTER 7 YEARS, I WAS RELEASED. However, I have continued my mission to expose the rotten apples in the judiciary & am STILL under attack because of it – physical & financial!

Their hatred of me is proved by the savagery of the 10 year sentence & the savagery of this sentence. “It’s only 6 months”. AT 85 how many 6 months periods do I have left?


I INTENDED to ask Jonathan Rose for permission to use my recorder but did not get the opportunity to do so. Why DID I switch it on? I suspected there might be skulduggery during that case.

We are told that only those doing wrong need fear CCTV cameras. Why then are judges so TERRIFIED of being recorded. There is much more to this story, but the fact is that anybody in (the) land can commit ANY crime against me with impunity, but if I blink an eye I will be stamped on with savagery. So far the stamping has not been as that on Andy McCardle.



PS. It has ‘only’ been 72 hours so far, but at 85 every single day is precious to me, especially for the VITAL work I have to do to prevent Britain becoming even more of a POLICE STATE than it is now.

The present excitement about the Olympics is reminiscent of Berlin in 1936. To keep the people distracted from the horror behind the scenes.

The Opium of the Masses” said Karl Marx. He said it about Religion, now it is SPORT

Monday 1st August 2011. Tomorrow I SHOULD be keeping an appointment at BRI (Hospital) but they refuse to take me.

Got the first sheet of paper on Wed 27th July. Got this one Sat 31st. No stamps or envelopes until Sat 7th Aug, so will be unable to post this before 9th Aug. IF they get it before 10th Aug it will be because I have managed to scrounge them from other prisoners. Please send copies of these documents to: My legal consultant xxx xxxxxxx who is a Human Rights Specialist.

My Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Paul Beavan (Bevan?) & Psychiatric Nurse Helen Poulter at Lynfield Mount Hospital: to Neil Craig at the Royal Hotel, Low Moor, & to THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Stamps sent in for me have been sent back to the sender. A blank card with a stamp affixed has been given to me, but the stamp has been torn off. That is THIEVERY!

Please adopt the slogan ‘HELP for Heroes’. Get on to that organisation & DEMAND they do something dramatic NOW! If they do not then they must hang their heads in shame forever more. 6 months at 85 is equal to 15 YEARS for a younger man.

Visiting Order enclosed. It says “CONCERNED OR WORRIED ABOUT A FRIEND AT HMP LEEDS? Ring 0113 203 2972.” Please ask the WHOLE WORLD to do so.

Please copy the Complaint Form & send it to the prison. My hands are in cramp and I CANNOT write everything out again even if I can get the paper.

This is a death camp. They drive people to take their own lives, then they call it ‘SUICIDE’.

Please be quick. I think they will send me to a prison far away suffering the TORTURE of prison vans. With no flesh on my buttocks & very low seats my thighs make no contact, all the weight on my seat bones.

I have already put in a Complaint at the seizing of the envelope with the bundle of documents which were to be posted to the Court of Appeal. That is Obstructing / Perverting the Course of Justice – a crime subject to LIFE IMPRISONMENT.

JUDGE” Jonathan Rose was acting in GROSS breach of his own Judicial Oath & that of the Queen (in whose name he purports to act) who swore before ALMIGHTY GOD to Deliver JUSTICE with MERCY. He was thus MASQUERADING as a judge and ‘Obtaining money (his salary) by false pretences.

I am forced to sleep in my clothes as I am very cold (a symptom of shock?).

I do suffer from agonising cramp & have been prescribed tablets for it, but am denied them here.

See the ‘United Kingdom Standard Minimum Treatment for Prisoners 1984(?).

Demand that the prison doctor reads them.

I can post without a stamp, but it goes 2nd Class ONLY TO BE TOLD THAT TODAY MON 1st AUG!! But I can only remember a few addresses anyway.

Please thank Sabine McNeill for her WONDERFUL letter.

Get on to Patrick Cullinane & remind him (of) our conversation at Harrow.

NEIL CRAIG at Royal Hotel, Low Moor might be best man to get on to ‘HELP FOR HEROES’. Demand that they do something for THIS Hero.

Can you please send me a copy of the report in the Telegraph & Argus.

As you will read eleswhere, Norman is no angel. He is an Awkward Sod with a Black Belt 6th Dan.

Remember though that the judge was not passing sentence on his past misdeeds, he gaoled him for what he did on the day.

If you wish to drop him a line, please use this address:

Prisoner A1903CF
D-Wing 240
2 Gloucester Terrace
Stanningley Road
LS12 2TJ
Please, please, please spread the word. Let's get something done for this man.

Thank you,



Sue said...

This must be the Judge.

What a cruel man he must be!

Anonymous said...


I used to converse with Norman on my previous blog to Harbinger's Journal. He's a decent individual and what's happened to him is beyond contempt.

Worse still, the lack of reporting of the MSM should prove overwhelmingly to people that our MSM is nothing but a repeater and not a reporter of news. This should be on the front pages, as an affront to liberty and freedoms, that Norman believed he once fought for.
This island is a shithole.


I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan,

Has he not been imprisoned before for attacking someone with a chainsaw?

I`m struggling to summon any sympathy,

Judge Mawrey described Mr Scarth as a man convinced he was the victim of a conspiracy, which was tested further upon conviction of wounding in 2001 and served four years in prison, followed by two years in a psychiatric hospital.

He said: “In Mr Scarth’s universe he is the noble fighter for justice and the rule of law who, despite appalling levels of official persecution, has refused to be silenced and continues the struggle, bloody but unbowed. In the real world, inhabited by the rest of us, Mr Scarth is a disturbed, clearly paranoid and occasionally violent old man who is a persistent minor public irritant.”

He`s no angel for sure and seems a danger to the public, I suspect there`s some mental illness and it sounds like his paranoia has been fueled by reading dodgy blogs ;)

Still, tis shameful a man of his age in the pokey, where does the shame lie though that is the question, shame all round methinks!

Jacobite said...

Unbelievable what has happened to this poor chap, how can a man who fought for this country be treated in this way, its cruel and very very evil and vindictive

Captain Ranty said...


He wasn't in court for attacking anyone. He wasn't gaoled for attacking anyone.

The prick gaoled him for daring to record on his mobile phone.

Let's deal with the facts.

He was gaoled for contempt of court.

A victimless crime if there ever was one. No-one, repeat, no-one, was ever going to get harmed, physically or otherwise, by this man recording the proceedings on his phone.

He should not be in gaol. Of that I am 100% certain.


Quiet_Man said...

Do you have a link to a site where help or contact can be made?

Captain Ranty said...


I do not know of a site that has been set up specifically.

If you wish, you can send a word of support to Norman here:

Prisoner A1903CF
D-Wing 240
2 Gloucester Terrace
Stanningley Road
LS12 2TJ

I know he will appreciate it.


Sue said...

I emailed Anna Raccoon on the off chance she might give him a mention. She just got back to me... we've her on side, which is great!

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

I have just called the number under my official title of Reverend, I have asked for info regarding his treatment (medical, cell , clothes etc)
I am not sure how to get hold of the prison but would do it immediately if I had the number can anyone help? I should be able to get to see him as a Rev regardless of restrictions.
I do need his prison number.
I will try and get the info and go to see him this weekend.

Namaste, phil;
Any one speaking with him let him know Rev dawson will try to get to visit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Captain for bring this news to your readers. I have immense respect for all the work which you do.

There's many of us in Leeds/West Yorkshire area who know Norman. If anyone spent any serious time in investigating Norman, his trials and tribulation, they would find him to be a kind, gentle and proud man. In fact, on my very first meeting with him, and after learning of his plights, I offered to pay his telephone and broadband fees - he wouldn't have any of it!

He has been abused by TPTB for over 15 years. They have attacked and tried to quietly kill him many times (imprisonment, maltreatment and medication) and in many ways.

This latest incarceration is another attempt by TPTB to have him quietly dealt with.

NO! Not as far as we locals are concerned!

There will (initially) be a demo at 10am, Saturday 13th July outside Leeds/Armley Prison. We're expecting at least 100 protesters and the media.


Future legal actions will be taken.

So, if any of your reader (and yourself) can attend, please do so.

Please also send letters of support to Norman directly.

Many thanks Captain for your unswerving wisdom.

Anonymous said...

The quickest solution for this gentlemans release would be apply for Habeas Corpus.
The case could also be heard by judge and jury. This is what happens when governments tyranise the people.

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

They at armley must be getting sick to death of calls, because I politely, and I mean politely tried to get some info from them IE his prison number and was basically told to fuck off.
If this is the attitude of these arseholes I FEAR for Norman.
I will be writing to the governor and complaining about this type of treatment. Busy or not busy there is such a thing as humanity.
Will try again in the morning.

Namaste, phil;

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

CR I apologise in advance,
I don't normally do this but on this occasion I think it warranted.

Stan you outburst is despicable and you should hang you head in shame.
Regardless of Normans past (and I am sure you know nothing of it) He HAS paid the price for whatever happened and I will ask Norman about it - for the record.

I have met Norman on a couple of occasions and he is 'DOING' what many are afraid of doing, and he is doing it in his Eighties.

I await your response when the sad day comes that Norman shuffles this mortal coil, after what you wrote I sincerely hope you refrain from commenting. At this point empathy is required not ATTACK it is nothing short of cowardice.

I officially send you 'THREE WHITE FEATHERS' Deal with it.

Namaste, Rev Phil;

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

I have organised to get out to leeds tomorrow, if I see him I am going to inform him of the activities and love that is been sent out to him.

I may not get in tomorrow, but in light of the protests on Sat it will be a good idea for me to present my credentials now so as not to have a problem if I need to get back on Saturday.

I will be there on Saturday too.
Regardless of what the authorities say 'I WILL' be giving him a HUG. So I may end up joining him.

Will let you know what happens.

Namaste, phil;

Anonymous said...

Please do not villify all Prison Officers. Granted there are some who are arseholes and hide behind the black and white but there are also some really decent people doing a difficult job.

I cannot beleive that he got 6 months for contempt of court! What a fucking tit. Like prisons have plenty spaces these days! Why hasn't this moron of a judge been dragged in and bollocked for wasting tax payers money?


Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Aldo I did speak with a wonderful compassionate female prison officer but not in the Leeds gaol, you are correct they aren't all bad apples.

However if the job is that stressful I suggest they get out It spoils it for those that wish to do the job in a professional manner.

On the same token Norman should not be in there for such a 'PETTY' thing it isn't even a crime.

She assures me that Norman 'WILL' be cared for, however much that makes me feel comfortable I will get to see him, maybe not when I visit tomorrow but definitely Saturday. I will however get as much details as I can and I will get a message to him to help keep his spirits up.

Namaste, phil;
Looking forward to Saturday. Visit and protest. Be there or be square

Anonymous said...

Last time I saw him he was asking for people to support this man in Leeds Combined Courts on the 15th June: ,if that makes you any wiser.
(from his leaflet):-
"Why do I risk my liberty & my life by exposing the most powerful gangsters in the land? I do so in memory of my brave young shipmates who died around 68 years ago,& the equally brave German sailors that we killed. They ALL died in vain:EVERYTHING we fought against then is here now in Britain,but hidden behind a nauseating prtence of 'Democracy','Human Rights' & the 'Rule of Law'...."
HMS Matchless 1943/44

I am Stan said...

I officially send you 'THREE WHITE FEATHERS' Deal with it.

Namaste, Rev Phil;

8 August 2011 18:55

Rev, do yourself a favour and grow up!, or perhaps read my comment again eh!, I`m not attacking the old duffer I`m simply saying I find it hard to summon sympathy for a man already convicted for attacking someone with a chainsaw and I quoted Judge Mawrey so we don`t have a completely one dimensional view on things and I have also suggested jailing him is shameful, shameful all round in fact.

So take your white feathers and "OFFICIALLY SHOVE EM!" deal with that.

Oh good luck with the hugging.

God bless!

bollixed said...

I met Norman a couple of times and he's definitely on a mission. I'll do what I can and send him my support.

This is most definitely excessive deployment of sentencing for a minor 'offence' when so much worse goes unpunished. Is it because he's a easy target?

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Stan wrote - "He`s no angel for sure and seems a danger to the public, I suspect there`s some mental illness and it sounds like his paranoia has been fueled by reading dodgy blogs ;)

Still, tis shameful a man of his age in the pokey, where does the shame lie though that is the question, shame all round methinks!"

AND you point IS? ??

Sorry, the 'Three white feathers' thing doesn't work that way I'm afraid.
Nuff said on this, I don't usually act in this way but Norman would not appreciate this type of negative comment not after all the good he HAS done.
Forgive and forget. Dragging up his past doesn't make him guilty in this case. He paid the price for his past wrong doings, if that WAS the case.

I went to the prison today and he is getting visitors as per his 3 X 28 day limit and I have made arrangements to get in to see him shortly. The amounts of people who are supporting him are getting their mail through and I will pass on any message when I return on Saturday. Keep sending him messages of support, as you may know he still may not me aware of the support although I have sent the message that he has a vast following and that moves are afoot to get his early release, It's early days and the prison staff are aware of the numbers concerned.
Keep it up, the messages are getting through - or so I am told.

Namaste, phil;

nominedeus said...

Cap'n am writing to him in a few minutes, Norman is a lovely chap and has my respect from talking to him at Birkenhead.
will repost jis letter hopefully it will get out to a few more people who will write to him. Thanks for the news m8!

I am Stan said...


I`ve no doubt Mr Scarth has lots of support from people who know him and people who don`t, Lawful Rebels etc, however I don`t know him and I`m not part of the Lawful Rebellion scene so I wont be jumping on the band wagon declaring my undying support which is whats bugging you isn`t it.

Its perfectly acceptable to express my doubts about him Rev when other factors are taken into account, attacking people with chainsaws and the Judges comments for a start and for some reason your ignoring the fact that I find his imprisonment shameful all round given his age.

As for your feathery thing, I presume your intention is to accuse me of cowardice using an archaic Empirical tradition and want to silence me, you should also know it can also mean bravery and pacifism, anyways I`ve been called many things on blogs but thats a first ;) however in my humble opinion going against the grain,asking questions and expressing doubts doesn`t make a coward Rev.

Instead of silly insults Rev why don`t you enlighten me of Mr Scarth`s achievments, because right now to me hes`s an ex violent criminal who has spent a lot of time winding up the judiciary no doubt at substantial cost to the tax payer.

I look forward to my enlightenment.


Anonymous said...

The basic point I hope we can all agree on is that this man was jailed for having the "temerity" to try and record court proceedings. They don't like "independent" recording of what goes on inside modern-day courtrooms. A contempt charge should be heard in a separate proceeding, should it not?

If people think that this situation is wrong, then they may by all means ignore this story.

If, however, people think it is utterly ridiculous and beyond all common sense, then they should spread it around as much as they can.

What we can take from it is that we shouldn't use mobiles for this purpose, but other devices instead. And a refresher on Standing in Court from the AntiTerrorist may also be useful.



Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

The inclusion of his section in the European Human rights act for starter.
Not going to bother with this any more this is CR's blog.
My previous comments stand.

Apologies CR.

Namaste, phil;

I am Stan said...

Rev said,

"The inclusion of his section in the European Human rights act for starter."

Sounds interesting, tell me more......anyone?

Captain Ranty said...


I ran the story here. Have a dig around.