August 14, 2011

Norman Scarth Is Still In Gaol

In solitary confinement, no less.

Why does this frail old man frighten them so?

Yesterday his loyal friends held a protest outside Armley gaol in Leeds.

Please follow this link for a very sympathetic report from the Yorkshire News

You may or may not notice the link to a petition for his release so I'll pop it here.

Please do the needful. It only takes a moment to complete. I'd be very grateful if fellow bloggers could publicise this petition and raise awareness.

We know Norman is no angel, but do you really agree to his continuing solitary confinement just because he is an awkward old salt?

Me neither. Sign the petition. Then ask your pals to do the same.

Thank you.



Pesky Anonymous said...


Oldrightie said...

Signed and posted, CR.

Anonymous said...

He reminds me a bit of an ex-army psychiatric patient I once knew, who sewed his medal ribbons to his pyjamas. Their are plenty of brave people out there who don't even mention the war in their day to day living. In fact, there are families out there who didn't even know their father/grandfather had won the VC, until after his death.

Of course, his treatment is deplorable... but what's with the Captain Birdseye of the North Atlantic? I hope he doesn't go the whole hog and cut a leg off with a Norwegian blue perched on his shoulder. The idea that playing the old 'sailor' offers some protection against TPTB is as delusional a notion as those who seek to portray his as a leading light of the Freedom Movement.

What I would ask is... why are the younger and fit members of Lawful Rebellion allowing frail old men to fight their battles for them and bare the harsh punishment?

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Pesky, thanks OR.


I don't really give a fuck what story the man tells.

He could dress entirely in cerise and trot about with a pineapple up his arse for all I care.

NONE of that is the point.

He was being an awkward git, rightly, to my mind, and some ponce of a judge thought it would be funny to send the man down for six months.

Contempt of court is an arbitrary decision. Only the judge can decide when you are in contempt, and only the judge can decide what your punishment is.

This cunt went overboard. He has made his point but now the fun is over.

This old man, war hero or hobo, needs to be sent home.

If you knew Norman, you'd know that freedom is just as important to him as it is to anyone. He would shove younger members out of the way to put himself in the firing line.


wayne said...


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Wayne.

Anonymous said...

"If you knew Norman, you'd know that freedom is just as important to him as it is to anyone... "

I'm glad you know the old bugger... will you ask him why he thinks the crew of the Scharnhorst were “the bravest men in the world.” I would like to know... and so would the members of the North Atlantic Club I should imagine... ya know, the sort of people you need to convince about your cause.

"He would shove younger members out of the way to put himself in the firing line."

So he falls fowl of a couple of coppers... but manages to shove all the young rebels out of the way... says it all really... or perhaps that black belt is real?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you Cap'n.
Norman Scarth has been illegally imprisoned and there's no other way of saying it. He's angry and he's got every right to be. It's tptb clamping down again big time.

"He was being an awkward git, rightly, to my mind, and some ponce of a judge thought it would be funny to send the man down for six months."

I wouldn't call him awkward in the slightest. I'd call him someone who's sticking up for his liberty, a damn sight more than the overwhelming majority of the population who bleet baaah all the time and haven't a clue what liberty is!
It's not just his right to attack corruption within society but his duty as it is to all human beings who live on this planet. His life is his life and do with it what he will and no one has the right to imprison him because they disagree with what he chooses to do, of course within common law, which he hasn't broken.

I think the whole thing is truly abhorrent. I think this cunt who imprisoned him deserves the ducking stool, daily for the rest of his life as a punishment for abuse of power.

Wanker to say the least.


Anonymous said...

Signed Ranty.

Thanks for putting up

Pesky Anonymous said...

Quite so Harbinger.

The Judge said: “In Mr Scarth’s universe he is the noble fighter for justice and the rule of law who, despite appalling levels of official persecution, has refused to be silenced and continues the struggle, bloody but unbowed. In the real world, inhabited by the rest of us, Mr Scarth is a disturbed, clearly paranoid and occasionally violent old man who is a persistent minor public irritant.”

How condescending is that?!!!

You're a nutter if you don't agree with the rest of us (whoever they are). Classic.

Anonymous said...

Pesky Anonymous... You are referring to a previous case where he was accused of shouting “anything, however offensive, insulting, threatening, racist, homophobic, sexist, or downright barmy” and subjecting voters as well as primary school children and their parents to “manic abuse”... while standing as a local election candidate.

I tend to partially side with the judgement... but I think that Mr Scarth is a persistent MAJOR threat to TPTB... hence the sentence... but you all knew that didn't you. This is not a game for vulnerable people.

Anonymous said...

P.S. To clarify... I tend to partially side with that previous judgement... but I think that Mr Scarth is a persistent MAJOR threat to TPTB by his own actions... hence the sentence... but you all knew that didn't you and stood aside to let him through the lines. This is not a game for vulnerable people, TPTB will show no mercy... if you genuinely care... he should have been protected from his own actions and not encouraged to take the fall. No good crying now.

I'm very sympathetic to LR, truly, I am... but sadly what I am starting to see a situation where Communism... was inspired by Karl Marx... whereas Lawful Rebellion... is being led by the Marx Bros.

Anonymous said...


Condescending isn't the word. It's demeaning, insulting and indicative of the arrogance of our elites and people, who are public servants with no respect for their real masters - us!

I'm glad Mr Scarth is a noble fighter for justice, because that prick who sentenced him for contempt most certainly wouldn't know what justice was if it rogered him daily.
Norman Scarth lives in the real world and the judge lives plugged into the matrix, the false facade that he believes is reality. What's ironic is that this judge is living in his own little world, accompanied by all the other wanks in the same profession, all tied along nicely with politics, corporation owners, banking and monarchy.

Ironically as well, paranoia is merely "joining up the dots that other people aren't able to see" - Dr John Coleman (Committee of 300).

Remember that great quote by Arthur Schopenhauer

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

This is reality. The way the elites control people is by putting them in compromising situations, blackmailing them and if that doesn't work, character assassination, instantly stigmatizing them with mental conditions. And the public believe them, because well, they lost their opinions a long time ago. The need the MSM to form them.


Anonymous said...

Harry Hook,

Human beings should have the freedom to SHOUT ANYTHING THEY LIKE without the fear of being locked up for doing so. If they want to say something insulting, threatening, racist, homophobic, sexist, downright barmy or however offensive, that is entirely their right to do so and not the right of anyone to incarcerate them, oppress them physically/verbally for doing so. By doing so, you fall within the boundaries of fascism.

Who elected judges to be judges on my life? I didn't did you? What about that saying from the bible - "judge not lest you be judged yourself"?

If you physically abuse, steal from or murder another then you have broken common law. Anything else and the state needs to BACK THE FUCK OFF quite frankly.

The judiciary is part of the system.
Politicians are part of the system.
Corporation owners are part of the system.
Zionists are part of the system.
Bankers are part of the system.
Freemasonry and every other goddamn secret cabal are part of the system.
Monarchy are part of the system.....

and that system needs to be smashed to pieces, burned, locked away in the deepest dungeon of perdition.

Norman Scarth is vulnerable only because the vessel he lives within is nearing end game. His soul is very much alive and driving what strength is left within him for justice.
That poor bastard fought to retain his liberty and freedom against the very people and system that has now incarcerated him in WW2. He's sadly still alive to see the ruination of his country thanks to bankers, solicitors, politicians and all the other dregs of the money orientated paradigm that has life by the throat.

He's in his mid 80's. He should not be in prison. There is no argument to defend what's happened. It's really that simple.


wayne said...

Harry, big chip on your shoulder there lad.

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Here we go again.
Harry you are too old to make these comments let the young ones through, and you, just step aside old man you are as you insinuate standing in the way of younger people who know and have experience to do a better job.

On the other hand Norman has the experience and the knowledge and is not afraid to use it. I am only 55 yet my brain keeps telling me I am 27 with lots of experience.

However, I would rather it be you than me to tell Norman he is passed it. He has still lots to offer, he does not ask anyone to do something he is not prepared to do himself, unlike some I would not care to mention.

When you get to 85 Harry, and I don't know how far that is away for you but lets see what passion you have for the younger generation, because it is for the younger generation that Norman stands as he does, and for himself of course.

As for the statement about the 'Scharnhorst' his views are WELL known on this and his sympathy for those gallant sailors as well as the ones he fought with is well documented.
What was your point on that anyway, are you implying he is disingenuous or lacking in ability to have achieved these feats?
Sorry to disappoint but he has stated they were as brave as his fellow combatants.

But this detracts from the original reason he is, yet again, in the news. He is a brave man and I admire his bravery, in spite of everything.

Namaste, phil;

nominedeus said...


Somewhere there is something...can't find it on this computer at the minute that says
'A single sitting judge cannot find anyone in contempt as 'his' shoulders should be broad enough to accept any insult'
will try to find it and post the source, but very busy at the min sorry!