August 26, 2011

Friday Post

A mixed bag for you at the end of a news-filled week.

The Killer Cops have been at it again. No fewer than three people killed for no good reason that I can detect. Here's one story and here is another

Unkie Mu'ummar is being hunted like a rabid dog. I have no wish to hero worship him, but he isn't the monster we are led to believe. He did quite a bit for his people. Have a look at this. Not exactly a candidate for sainthood, but you cannot deny that he did spend some money on health and education.

Those of you seeking answers on personal sovereignty and self-determination could do worse than to put a pot of coffee on, get comfy, and watch these videos by Dean Clifford. We live in a complex world. It ought to be simple but TPTB have a burning desire to keep us confused and scared. To end the War on Freedom, you need start by freeing yourself. These videos are your guide to doing just that.

Regular readers will be aware of my aversion to the 5 million CCTV cameras we have watching our every move. Am I alone in this, or are they useless? Check out this write-up and decide for yourselves.

Our pal Norman Scarth appeared in the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday and was returned to gaol for another week. He will reappear in court on September 3rd. I will advise time and venue when I get them. Every trip from the gaol to the court is torture for Norman. He has no meat on his seat-bones and those trips in a metal truck are extremely painful for him. If you are a member or the Twitterati, could you please try to add the hashtag #freenorman with each tweet? We need a damn sight more than 2100 signatures if we are to free this man. Let's get him home safe, eh?

Let's go into the weekend with a couple of gags.

Knob jokes are always popular:

(Click to embiggen)

This one is worrying:

Paedo alert?

Have a bodacious weekend.



Found A Voice said...


There was light at the end of the tunnel today (yes, could be an oncoming train!).

A police woman was jailed for not arresting a burglar she caught in the act - instead she went and posted some letters.



Captain Ranty said...


When someone realises she is a copper she will probably be let out with an apology and a big fat cheque.


Sue said...

I believe the whole Arab Spring was initiated by TPTB.

Qaddafi wanted to nationalise the oil industry in Libya. Whether this was for the benefit of his people or his own pockets is anyones guess. This did not suit "big oil". Europe is now steaming ahead to move in to "assist" in the democratic process. I suggest the Libyans tell them to get stuffed!

Captain Ranty said...


Libya doesn't (didn't) owe anyone a bean either. They were cash-rich. I wonder how long that will last now? Will they be "democratised" enough to have every citizen in debt just like us "civilised" countries?

The Italians (ENI/AGIP) and the Russians (Tatneft) are already lining up to get back in and restart their exploration programmes. BP, Shell, Conoco and Exxon found bugger-all. I wonder what they are doing in the background to get some choice exploration blocks awarded when we all steam back in?

Lot of threads to this sorry tale. Very complex, but at base, it will all have been about money and control. Again.


Sgt Prepper said...

Yes Sir,

Mad dog was a loose cannon and TPTB don`t do loose cannons, not when there`s oil involved, I`m sure he wasn`t perfect and I suspect a high level of Zombification but I rekon he`s killed fewer people than our full blown Zom`s.

nominedeus said...

I'm sure theyll be charged for the air support and bombs, probably amounting to somewhere in the region of 20-50 yrs slavery, with a new set of tin-pot dictators controlling the masses...

Captain Ranty said...


You are right there.


Captain Ranty said...


The new leaders were selected some time ago.

Who knows what they promised for a shot at the big chair?

All we can do now is watch and wait.


Anonymous said...

> you cannot deny that he did spend some money on health and education.

Not his own money, of course. Money extracted from the people.

Captain Ranty said...

No governments have, or make, their own money. It all belongs to the people.

Gadaffi used oil money (the oil belongs to the people as well) to fund schools and universities and hospitals.

The UK govt does that as well but increasingly, big chunks of our money go to 3rd world nations to fund space programs. Or dictators. Or fake charities. Or it is spent on fine wines and champagnes for the HoC cellar. Or they buy works of art for millions of £££'s to hang on walls we don't get to walk by and admire.

Gadaffi made sure those in need had more money than they actually needed to live on. Your govt gives the needy barely enough to exist on.

Who is robbing who? Who is the thief in all of this?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget also that one of the first things the NTC did way back in March was establish a new central bank. Oh, and a new oil company too. Capital must protect itself in every possible way...

The eventual aim being known as "opening the country up to foreign investment".

After all, countries shouldn't be doing things like, oh, maybe building an immense artificial river system (providing several million cubic metres of fresh water every day) without any debt-based financing from the world banking system, should they?


BTW, Captain, did you catch Al-JaBeeba showing pictures of "Green Square, Tripoli"?



Sue said...

France and Italy already bickering over it.

They don't even try to hide what this "revolution" was really about.

Sue said...

This is intriguing

I first saw this on a post by The Tap.

James Higham said...

To embiggen - like it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain

Perhaps you can help.
When did parliament announce we had declared war on Libya?

Unknown said...

Norman's case has just been highlighted on our local BBC news programme, Look North. So at last it is being more widely publicised in the media, even if it's not the national MSM.

Anonymous said...

did my post get deleted?

Captain Ranty said...


I only delete posts when asked to.

I checked the spam bucket, it's not in there either.


Captain Ranty said...


That project (GAMRA, they call it locally) is awesome. I hear scientists offering ways of making the desert fertile but the ideas stay on paper. Gadaffi made it a reality.

Thanks for the link. I spotted the errors! I have spent hours sitting outside the Soraya Cafe on Green Square and I think I know most of those 600 year old bricks intimately.

What is their game???


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the links.

There will now be that unseemly rush to "rebuild". There are billions to be made. It will get nasty.


Captain Ranty said...


Since when did we need a lawful reason to bomb the shit out of people?


Captain Ranty said...


It's a start.

I suppose we should count our blessings.