August 19, 2011

Norman Scarth Update (2)

Got this in my inbox yesterday but was unable to post.

What a disgusting nation we live in.

Norman Scarth’s case was presented today at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Norman attended by video link from Leeds, was in good mental health, and he presented his case to the judge in very respectful and polite terms.

Judge Wyn Williams DENIED NORMAN DUE PROCESS OF THE LAW. He adjourned the case until next week, sending Norman back to prison. There was coverage by Russian TV, and a few members of the press.

The judge ordered that Norman be allowed to have contact with legal representation, which the prison has been denying him. However, he refused to order that Norman be given his prescription medication, thereby forcing Norman to be kept in torture for a further week.

The judge did not release Norman and there were loud shouts and cries from the public gallery. Judge Williams was seen to be shaking.

Judge Wyn Williams has summoned Kenneth Clarke, Minister of Justice to Court next week, along with the Prison Governor, Paul Baker of Leeds Prison, who was supposed to have been present today, but was not.

Norman’s supporters are calling for the public WORLDWIDE to sign the public petition to FREE NORMAN, Arctic Convoy veteran hero, 86 years old who is being denied his human rights and medication in Leeds Prison, UK.

Will the public please help Norman Scarth by signing the petition as quickly as possible and telling all their friends? Will you please help with the campaign by spreading the word far and wide, contacting the media with this story, and  any and all contacts you may have so that this will go viral and we will get more names on the petition. We need many more by next week.


This is not good enough. If you have an ounce of humanity please sign this petition. Ask everyone you know to sign it as well.

Thank you.



Pesky Anonymous said...

Well thanks for letting us know Captain.
At this moment, calm, rational words fail me.

Captain Ranty said...


The judiciary are unfuckingbelievable.

At a time when gaols are full to bursting it is only sheer vindictiveness that keeps this man locked up.

Nothing else explains it.


Anonymous said...

Hmm going to have to nick the lot of this Captn, worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

Signed. JB.

Ripper said...

Ranty - We have signed the petition and are trying to spread this as widely as possible on facebook and twitter. Please keep posting on it, make all the bloggers aware and see how far we can spread this via the blogs as well. Fucking disgusting.

NewsboyCap said...

Justice system Ha!
Biggest CUNTS south of the north pole.
Petition Signed.

Anonymous said...

It seems I am petition signer 1276.
Just tweeted the Blog post too.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks to all those who signed the petition.

Deep down we probably all know it is a waste of time but we need to fan the flames.

"For evil to prevail, all it takes is for good men to do nothing".

We are doing something. Take comfort from that.


Robert Edwards said...

Signed, Ranty; I wish I could do more...

Pesky Anonymous said...

"Deep down we probably all know it is a waste of time... ".

If by that Captain you mean that it is a waste of time trying to drum up enough signers to make a serious amount, then on 90 per cent of petitions I would agree, but I beg to differ on this one.

As I have said to some bleating friends who are paranoid they will end up on a naughty boys & girls list, you can sign this for purely humanitarian reasons. An 85 yr old man locked in tortuous conditions.
You need know nothing whatsoever about "the great conspiracy". Even a complete sheep can do it. There must even be thousands of raving lefties who would sign if only they were aware of it.

Funny, I never considered myself a hopeless optimist.

Anonymous said...

Question to all:

How do you get something to go viral? Is Guido across this story? Say what you like about him, but he is tenacious...

Anonymous said...

Is it sad to say that this did not entirely come as a surprise to me?

Utterly ridiculous. As with others, I'm not sure what else to say. Keep emailing, keep signing, keep shouting, keep protesting? Just keep on.

@Anon 14.08
I believe Guido's sniffing around the ever-hypocritical Grauniad atm, but anything's worth a shot.



BK881 said...

"Prison Governor, Paul Baker of Leeds Prison, who was supposed to have been present today, but was not."

Does that constitute contempt of court?

Span Ows said...

Cranmer had it a couple of weeks back. I think the riots intervened and took everyone's attention and outrage elsewhere.

I signed and blogged it last week but I also noticed that Norman has his own blog and his interests include "Exposing corruption... especially in the judiciary"...surely no coincidence then this odd, inconsistent and cruel behaviour by the judges in his case?

Anonymous said...

Russia Today - Norman Scarth case on at approx 13.17 ish BST. No link - sorry. Good length piece though.

John Pickworth said...

Just about to report the above coverage on Russia Today News channel but Anonymous beat me to it :-)

Tried looking to see if they've posted the video online but nothing yet.

Quite a good piece, lots of detail and background to the story

Berni said...

Good luck to Normans team and to Norman himself in court today.

Do we have any judges left that serve justice?,I hope to god we see some common sense from the judge today.

Good piece on RT,thanks for the heads up.