August 03, 2011

Disgusted With The UK

There was a time, long, long ago, when I would say quite proudly, when asked by whichever Immigration dude in whichever country I was visiting, "I am British". There was also a time when that response would cause the Immigration dude or dudette, to sit up a little straighter. It was a slight move, but tangible. It served to remind me (as corny as this may sound) that I am an ambassador for my nation whenever I depart her shores. Part of my mission is was to remind everyone else around the world that we are great people from a great nation.

This week I have been struggling mightily to find things to be proud of.

First, we gaoled a man for six weeks for flinging a flan at a fabulously wealthy old man.

Then, we allowed a police sergeant found guilty of possessing 110 vile images of kiddie porn to walk away from court with a slap on the wrist. Story here.

Read, if you can stomach it, the story about this miserable example of those we set to watch out for our younglings. My guess is that he will also signal the judge that he is a member of some secret club and will also walk away Scot free.

Last years tales of MPs fiddling their expenses still rankles to this day. Only four went to gaol. I think all of them are out now. The other 288 thieves got away with it. We did nothing to ensure they all went to gaol.

Today I see that two of Cleveland's finest are up to their necks in corruption and abusing their positions and I really do wonder what cometh next?

Quite a lot, according to this MP. Now, you all know that I consider MPs to be the vilest of the vile, so it came as a surprise to find that I had a grudging admiration for this (Labour!) MP. Read the story and let me know if you concur. What he did took guts and determination.

We continue to bail out those gormless enough to have joined in the euro scam. Stunningly, one of the chief architects of this foolishness, Barroso, all but admits that the euros days are numbered.

Our older citizens are deciding whether to eat or heat, our younger citizens have to make a painful and expensive decision on whether or not to throw away £27K on a degree only to end up practising the line "Do you want fries with that?" when they receive their degree. My son has a degree. He worked quite hard for it. He works a till at the local Asda. Be still my beating heart.

At the end of Q2/2011 we see the corporates reporting their figures. Oil companies making billions, energy providers making hundreds of millions yet we all burst into tears paying for a tank of fuel or when the leccy/gas bill comes in. Food prices rise by 10-20% per season, but the millionaires who have Cabinet seats insist that "we are all in this together". I admit, Davey, that I did think that this week when I learnt that your holiday villa cost $10K a week. I feel your pain, mate, I really do.

Still, my little "Just Say No" campaign continues regardless. I will not give the wasteful bastards one penny more that I want to. It's time to circle the wagons, and bed in for a long struggle.

This particular round of shit-hitting-the-fan has only just begun.

We are in for a very bumpy ride, folks.

Get prepared.



James Higham said...

Our older citizens are deciding whether to eat or heat

That is so true. I'm currently in dispute with the gas provider and am having to consider cutting back on food, which is already at two meals a day.

Captain Ranty said...


I was too loose with that statement: I should have said that MANY citizens are having to make that decision.


Anonymous said...

Good man.

You're saying it just the way it is.

Wake up people.

It's not OK.

Stop sleepwalking.

Rise up and object.

Letwin, an old etonian threatening low paid workers?

Jesus, he needs eliminating.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately most people still don't see what is going on all around them and cling on to the belief that Labour, Tory, Obama, God, whoever, will make everything alright - soon.

Anonymous said...

James H

Can you get together with other OAPs on your street/in your area and agree with them that you will all prioritise your health (i.e. eating a healthy diet) before paying your bills and that you will all withhold a percentage of your fuel bills to account for Exec bonuses, swindlers carbon tax etc?

If enough of you do it (and sign a group pledge - you could send a copy of it to the newspapers,the fuel swindlers AND your MP), they will be less likely to come down on you like a ton of bricks.

As the Captain says - it's time to say NO!


Anonymous said...

The Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013 aims to help peripheral and remote communities on the northern margins of Europe to develop their economic, social and environmental potential.

EU cunts for North Scotland

vervet said...

Calm all .... the 'day of reckoning' is not far off now.

Step back and look at the turmoil.

We will have our day.

Just be prepared .....

Angry Exile said...

WRT that dickhead who pied that other dickhead getting some time. If the pattern holds (thinking of thieving MPs) he'll probably do only a couple of weeks, so for a change I think the sentence is about right and I don't have a problem with him getting a little time. I have a bigger problem with previous dickheads who've done the same thing getting away with it. Even this time I suspect that it wasn't so much what he did and to whom that got him actually charged and convicted as where he did it, and his punishment wasn't for pieing Murdoch but for making the Palace of Westminster security look stupid.

The rest I'm bang alongside, but then I haven't been proud to be British for many years. Still, at least the cricket team's got good again... now it's been packed out a bit with South Africans ;-) Cricket Australia is furious (that they didn't think of it first).

Anonymous said...

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." Boswell

Dear Captain I'm glad that you have seen the light.
When I was very immature I used to say I was English.
Now that I have grown up I find I have no need for "nationalism". It is a trick that our "masters" have been playing on us fools for centuries. It makes us "die" for our country. It makes "sacrifice" for our country.
Once you realise you are an individual in a World made up of individuals and that most people in their hearts are the same as you, you no longer look at things through nationalistic and racial eyes.
Once you see the light governments can no longer control you.

Derek said...

About right there George, but we do need to stand proud, and stand together, if not for any patriotic right, the right to be heard and free to live in the lands of our birth without interference from foreign politics and cultures. Let them exist, but not dominate or interfere, and if they don't like it here - **** off.

Can't understand a word of german, but love the effects and pure theatre of this group, and this song in particular (like their sense of humour too - see Mein Teil). Reise literally means travel, but I'm sure there's more to it than that - love it!

William said...

Just said NO to the annual 'sign here to be kept under the cosh' exercise known as the electoral roll registration process...
Actually I didn't say NO I simply threw their invite into the fire which will ensure that sometime over the autumn period some young lady will have the unenviable task of knocking on my front door to ask me if I received their invite. In her arms will be hundreds of letters just like there was last year so obviously the numbers not complying are growing.
There is nowhere on their invite to say 'NO thanks' so they have to go through the charade of sending someone round so be it.
Not sure what they will do if I don't answer the door which is much more likely these days.
Even better is a polite message in bright red which extorts me to save THEM from spending MY money by registering online, cheeky bstards!

Another letter arrived a couple of days back from the same council asking me to confirm in writing and by signature that my late mothers house is still empty so they can continue to list the property as unoccupied and not charge a council tax on it. That too was turned to ash just as quickly as last years request was.

Ignorance seems to have as much power as the word NO these days as the people working for t'government and it has to be said giant companies have quite literally become drones who cannot think for themselves if they want to keep their jobs.

Derek said...

Well, if any are interested - translation of Reise reise:

Not bad at all.