August 31, 2011

The Tobacco Debate-An Aperitif

The main course will be sumptuous, I guarantee you that.

I'd like you to go and have a read at Dave Hitt's place.

I'll serve up the rest as the day progress, but just to whet your appetite:

"If SHS really is as dangerous as the government, political organizations and charities claim, efforts to prevent it and contain it might be justified. But is it dangerous? We're bombarded by endless proclamations of its horrors, claims that get more fantastic with each passing year. These claims are usually accompanied by impressive sounding numbers. Are smokers really hurting every stranger in the vicinity? The answer to that question is obvious once you know the facts. 

We're not going to rely on hype or hysteria. We won't tell you we have The Truth. We'll just present the hard cold facts and let you figure out The Truth for yourself. Every effort has been made to verify everything on this site, to make sure it as accurate and factual as possible. 

This site will not only make you an expert on the subject of SHS, but also leave you well equipped to deal with anyone using numbers to support health claims."

Back with much more later.



Anonymous said...

PLEEZE "HELP ME" For Christ sake

Mike said...

Has anyone done a comparison between the effects of a child breathing in a lung full of exhaled tobacco smoke and a lung full of car exhaust smoke?

And how many of the anti-smoking lobby drive f###ing great gas guzzlers?

wiggins said...

Even that old stuffed shirt Peter Hitchens now says he is not convinced that it is harmful.