August 06, 2011

All Fiat Currencies Die

Not one has survived.

Not since we (mankind) invented them and brought them into being.

Listen, as Stefan Molyneux explains.

Listen harder when he gets to the mighty(?) British pound.

We are very close now to financial armageddon. You need to make a plan so that you get through it and come out, if not smiling, reasonably well protected.

This is your five minute warning. You will never hear it from mainstream sources.

So pay attention.



Anonymous said...

Advice please Captain. You are always full of sensible suggestions.


Twisted Root said...


Allow me. Things. Things you and other people need or want desperately. Food, fags, alcohol etc.

If you have cash put some in gold or gold related assets, likewise silver although in Europe you will pay a 20% premium to government called VAT. Have some cash in various currencies, one or two may go pop but it's all about spreading risk. The Swiss Franc would be high on the list.

Hope that helps.

Captain Ranty said...


What TR said.

You can be clever about this. Whatever you do try to make sure that whatever you stock up on (gold, silver, seeds) can be converted back into fiat currency. Popping down to the corner shop with an ounce of silver is not terribly convenient.

The food supply is likely to be severely disrupted so stocking up on basics is a good idea. Pasta, rice, tinned goods, sauces, salt and pepper, will last for many months. Learn how to bake bread and plant some veggies if you have space.

All of this can be considered normal, even in "normal" times, so don't fret too much about it.

Think about water. Large clean containers filled to the brim. Lots of them. Most Europeans can last 18-21 days without food. Most will die without water in 2-3 days.

Defence is an important aspect if society melts down. Unthinkable now, but the situation could change in a few short days. You might want to buy a bow and some arrows. Doesn't sound like much but it will concentrate the mind of a thug who turns up with a baseball bat. Get a shotgun if you can. Not many people argue with those. Hopefully you will only have to wave it around a bit.

Just don't be the weakest member of your community. Protect others if you can.

Sounds horrendous, doesn't it?

Things may not turn sour, but if they do, at least you will be ready for it.


Anonymous said...

I've been ready for three years...

For the first time I will reveal an important commodity, one which allowed my late father to financially outstrip the Mafia in occupied Italy... TAMPONS.

Unfortunately, he did have a Bren Gun as well.

Captain Ranty said...


Great suggestion.

Condoms too. Lots of them. They hold a couple of litres of water and they are fether lite.

(I'll get me coat).


Anonymous said...

Similar sentiments from the AntiTerrorist, for those who may not have seen it: (two-parter)

One theory has it that it will be (or is in the process of being) replaced by an even worse system based on Special Drawing Rights; Vince Cable actually mentioned this earlier on BBC News, and there are references to SDR in MSM sources if you look hard enough, and plenty from "alternative" places.

If true this would, of course, lead ultimately to "that which has been so well planned" and ensure that it is "so successfully accomplished". Or, would allow the Ponzi scheme to stutter on for another 30/40 years until the next collapse. Does not bode well for we the people, either way.

In its 2010 paper titled "Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability" the IMF includes a chart outlining the process towards a global currency; the Y axis of which is entitled "potential resistance" and the X axis "time needed for implementation". The intended use of SDR on the road towards the global currency is quite plain, although the document is only for "discussion"...

Another good one is "Enhancing International Monetary Stability—A Role for the SDR?" (2011), which "outlines some concrete steps that could be taken to enhance the role of the SDR as an
alternative reserve asset and unit of account"; also "The SDR...could potentially contribute to the long-term stability of the system".

The process, according to one unknown YouTube-ist: (first 2 minutes, the remainder is the rest of Clubbed to Death)



Twisted Root said...

One thing I did not list is cosmetics. It is amazing what people give for 'a little luxury' in hard times. Think nylons in WWII.

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the links!


Captain Ranty said...


We didn't mention medication either.

Ensure you have the basics: pain killers, antiseptic creams, immodium, something for constipation, eye drops, antibiotics (broad range), bandages and plasters.

Top up on stuff you think will be hard to get.

Tobacco, even if you don't smoke, can be used as currency. Tea and coffee likewise. Dilutable juices, vitamin tablets, essential minerals, all of these will help in hard times, and shouldn't break the bank.

If naff all happens you just end up with a well-stocked cupboard.

You don't need to nail planks over the windows just yet, but there is no harm preparing for the storm.


Anonymous said...

Cheers for the advice - pretty much what I've planned anyway, just wondered if there was anything else I needed to think about. I'd also advise people to get a useful survival manual - they're invaluable for knowing how to create drinking water, create snares for wild game, etc.


Anonymous said...

Sugar and honey also. If you store them correctly they will last indefinitely. Honey was used in ancient burial rites the world over, and is often found in Egyptian tombs where it has been buried for three thousand years but is apparently still edible. It has so many uses aside from that. People should use honey in their diet anyway, IMO.

Salt and sugar help with maintaining an optimum electrolyte balance, though you should get sea salt instead of table salt. You can also get powdered glucose quite cheaply from pharmacies; mixing salt and sugar/glucose with water creates something called St. Mark's Solution, aka Oral Rehydration Therapy, which can replace electrolytes lost through dehydration, and is vastly cheaper and better for you than stuff like Gatorade which uses high-fructose corn syrup and table salt.

You can also buy Oral Rehydration Sachets too, e.g. Dioralyte; I get some every now and again just to stock up. Bear in mind that they are relatively expensive and probably contain table salt; better than nothing, however.

Google "Top 100 Items to Disappear First During a National Emergency" for a much bigger list...

I think they will ration things like salt and sugar heavily at some point in the future, so stock up while you can. Obviously a vast stash of them may prove impractical but having some around may help. They can also be used in trade, should the need arise.

I would also recommend stuff like Spam, it will survive indefinitely and will also help with your protein requirement. The Vikings loved spam, they'd have got nowhere without it.




westcoast2 said...

Good suggestions.

It is interesting that the Vince Cable says we are 'well placed' as we are not in the Eurozone and do not have the debt problems of the US. The William Hague said something similar recently.

There is such a thing as misdirection.

The UK is on the radar though the MSM do seem to be playing it down. (Maybe wrong E&OE :)) It may well get very bumpy very soon.

On the water front, also consider water filtration and purification.

@David (reply from earlier thread) have a read of FOFOA on Giants.

Pesky Anonymous said...

When the time comes, what we will need is a good cup of tea.
One of the most excellent bits of kit you can have is a kelly kettle.
(I have no connection with the company, other than being a delighted customer)

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is off subject, big fan Cap'n Ranty, just read this from a link in David Icke's site:

Could not find a way to contact you, sorry.

Thank's for all your great writings.

A.K.A. Damo Mackerel said...

The fiat US dollar is 40 years old.


analiensaturn said...

Weapons are number one priority if you want to keep hold of all your survival gear. Here is a stun gun from a throw away camera.

Woman on a Raft said...

I suggest a wind-up torch. If the world doesn't end, a wind-up torch is still a very handy thing to have as you don't have to worry about keeping batteries charged or stocked up.

My £7 one from a major supermarket does a couple of beam patterns and also red flashing for attracting attention. Luckily I've never had an emergency for it to be tested.

Little LEDs on the keyring and one of those flat kind of torches the size of a credit card, have all been useful. As Galadriel said to Frodo, you need a light when all others fail. She was thinking of Mordor, of course, but I've found it is just as true when crossing a potholed carpark on a winter's evening.

English Viking said...

Crossbows are more accurate and require less training to operate correctly than a bow. They are also legal. Having a shotgun (legally) will mean that TPTB will know you have it, so it will be useless, as they will send someone round to collect before it gets really interesting.

Catapults can also be lethal.

One thing people will always want is liquor.

Learn how to produce it. I have. (Just have to be a careful with the Methanol.)

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Capt'n your assistance is required.
I believe you know how to get hold of me, please do and I will fill you in on the details.

Namaste, phil;

Anonymous said...


Now they are telling us we do not have a bill of rights!

Read, React and contact your local MP and bring it to their attention.

Have fun with this one Capt'n