August 10, 2011

Riotous Assembly

As viewed by Stefan Molyneux...

Very interesting points raised.



Anonymous said...

BBC News
Quote "Send the Polish home"

nominedeus said...

Yup, he is right and we should all know it by now!
Thanks Cap'n, let us hope that it is widely viewed eh!

Captain Ranty said...


I heard that one.

He used choicer language than you though... :)


Captain Ranty said...


It won't be.

Our communications have been reduced to 140 characters.

Can't get much said at all.


Steven UK said...

Stef makes some good points but fails to see this has been deliberately socially engineered.

John Taylor Gatto - History of Education, Social Engineering & Indoctrination in the School System

Captain Ranty said...


He knows.

I have watched dozens of his vids.

He knows full well what the root cause is. He just didn't elaborate the point in this one.

Thanks for the link.


Anonymous said...

Aaaah... that word 'Baby-Boomer' again... I didn't realise that I'd been having such a good time... and yes... I won't be saying fuckin' sorry anytime soon...

Lion of England on a distant shore said...

Well he has said the truth,perhaps this video should be sent to those in the house
of corruption,well come to the b-lair Labour Generation,though their meddling
in our lives with their Social Engineering & Indoctrination in the School System and through the media and Common purpose.after watching the Labour
clowns on sky pouring out the verbal Liquid,all i can say Labour is it is your doing and so make your bed and lie in it
If their is such a thing as HELL i hope
you burn for an eternity and all who follow you.

Ian R Thorpe said...

One who would be interested in social engineering and indoctrination in the school system is little Hattie Harperson. I saw her discussion with Gove in which she was trying to blame the riots on raising tuition fees. As if any of those kindergarden dropouts we've been seeing on the news will ever need to worry about university costs.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting article on similar flash mobs in the US:

American Tinderbox

Doubly interesting, as it is written by a (former) member of the Council on Foreign Relations...

In the comments it is posited that the flash mobs are taking place in cities where gun control has been tightened. Google "milwaukee gun control" and "philadelphia gun control" to see more. Barry wants to deprive them of their guns altogether yet, as in the UK, gun "laws" won't apply to the criminal element. I saw another stat somewhere else that said in those US states where the people have concealed firearms this sort of stuff isn't happening (or not as much), and the homicide rate is lower.

@Ian R Thorpe - should you want to relive it, in the Captain's previous post I linked to a YT vid of this appalling appearance by Harperson. Although I quite understand if you wouldn't!



JuliaM said...

"... I saw her discussion with Gove in which she was trying to blame the riots on raising tuition fees. "

Unfortunately for her, the [picture of the looters emerging from the first arraignments (mostly have jobs) gives the lie to that.

Anonymous said...

Softly softly: police to receive new "powers" to "require" removal of "face coverings" in any circumstances in any location, provided they have "reasonable suspicion". So says Call Me Dave.

Predicted after the protests in March, now implemented. Couple that with enhanced CCTV, facial recognition software and new databases - one little step after another.

For our security and our safety, of course...

Someone better tell Old Holborn!



Anonymous said...

Dear Captain,

He was OK until he started blaming and targeting the elderly as being responsible for the mess.

He completely let-off-the hook the corrupt bankers and the corrupt politicians.

The blame lies with the "private" banking families that issue debt based money to government that robs every one of us.

Servitude is being handed down to the masses. No jobs, bad education coupled with an elite who are protected by the politicians and police in order to grab millions of Pounds.

This is the lesson taught to the youth. Politicians, Bankers and City Traders teach them that it's a smash and grab society.

Anonymous said...

British government begins stealing its peoples’ bank deposits ahead of the global financial collapse

Anonymous said...

More from iDave's statement:

This worrying snippet from the Sky News ticker has also been going around (though I haven't seen it myself):
"Sky News understands David Cameron has been in talks with Chinese government to share web-filtering technologies"

Because that will solve everything...



Anonymous said...


As much as I respect Stefan, what he has to say and he states many facts, he mentions the Tottenham ghetto as a 'government' ghetto and mentions nothing about the aspect of multiculturalism and the problem of a multiracial society.

Stefan is what I'd call a liberal libertarian. He likes to not scrape nerves and therefore ignores problems, I believe, because he doesn't want to sully his name being shouted down as racist, that is anyone who should state the fact that the overwhelming majority of rioters and looters were of the 'Afro Caribbean' community.
Let's look at some simply facts here; the London Afro Caribbean community makes up a small percentage of Londoners, yet, the crime levels within are hugely disproportionate to their collective population size. It means that blacks are up to ten times more likely to commit crime than their white counterparts.

Despicably, should anyone click on the Daily Telegraph website, they'll see that of all the people's faces plastered all over the front, they're white. Yup, you've got that - WHITE. The MSM continues to brainwash the public yet more, that the riots are being predominantly carried out by whites. It's pretty disgusting to say the least, but the demonization must continue.

Then there's the article by Christina Odone, born in Kenya, raised in Italy and living in the UK, condoning the indigenous, while praising the non whites, for attempting to defend their property (with bats, swords, hatchet handles etc) that had it been indigenous doing the same, they'd instantly be arrested by the rozz, for possession of a deadly weapon and shouted down in the MSM as far right racists, fascists and nazis. It makes you want to vomit.

I am by no means saying that there are not white people involved. There are no doubt many whites who are using this riot as an opportunity to vent their anger at the system, who know what's going on, but let's face facts here, the illegal shooting of Duggan resulted in the riots starting and then the young blacks decided to start smashing up their neighbourhoods and taking what they could, from hard working individuals, instantly nullifying any positivity from the initial protest of Duggan's assassination by the police.

Every riot that's happened in the UK post war has been overwhelmingly race driven. This is the direct result of forced multiculturalism upon the indigenous. And as many on comment forums state, the blacks have Africa, the Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indians have their respective lands, but what about the English, the Welsh, the Scottish and the Irish? Where is their own homeland to run to once the aforementioned peoples become the majority in theirs?

Had there been no non whites in the UK, there would have been no riots and our society would not be in the mess it's in today. Tottenham may be a government ghetto, but they knew exactly what they were doing when they left the flood gates open of immigration.


Anonymous said...

More so Cap'n,

I cannot dispute the fact that there were agent provocateurs, no doubt undercover police/paid mercenaries put into places to instigate trouble. Up and down England we saw riots break out. One video even showed notorious Manchester gangster Dominic Noonan, speaking to rioters, in this case many were white and what looked like the underbelly of the ned/smack head society of our globalist youth, indigenous, but most certainly not English.

However, as Stefan speaks of the Tottenham ghetto, being a government ghetto, he also doesn't mention that there are places like this, all over the UK, not filled with non whites and NOT out rioting and smashing up the place. Why didn't this happen in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland? Sure the initial riot kicked off in London, but yet it moved outwards to Manchester, Birmingham and other capital cities? Is Stefan saying that the only bad areas in Britain happen to be the largely non white areas of inner cities? Is he suggesting that it's the non whites who suffer more than the whites, when let's not beat around the bush here, we all know that there are laws AGAINST discriminating against non whites and if anything, the non whites are wrapped in cotton wool, while the indigenous tossed into the bin?

The social and economical smashing of the UK, by the banks is nationwide. Hell, I lived in London and I could go back down and get a job anywhere, whereas it's not the same in other parts of the UK, where unemployment is rife. There is more economical hardship and desperation outside of London than inside. Unemployment outside the major cities is increasing rapidly.

Stefan's an intelligent man, but there are many whites around the UK who don't have fathers yet won't ever behave like the rampaging youths in Tottenham, smashing and looting. However, saying so automatically tars one with the racist brush, for stating the blindingly obvious.

Our population on indigenous has remained practically static over the last 40 years, while countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and others have risen by 300% in size. The feminisation of the male and masculinisation of the female was planned by the elites to keep our population down in order to bring in migrants, to not only smash our culture and indigenous population, but also to bring down the minimum wage, in a country no longer self sustainable, now a service society and one, our government puppets tell us should compete with China with a population of 1.4billion+.

Expect wages of £30 a week and forget about the luxury of living on your own. Welcome to Eastern Europe conditions under the USSR. It's coming to a city near you soon!


Anonymous said...

And even more so,

Police and Amazon warn Brits not to defend themselves from rioters:

and yet Christina "Odious" Odone states the following, as well as saying immigrants love the country more than indigenous Brits:

"In Southall, west London, a crowd of turbaned Sikh men stood guard outside their temples last Tuesday night. Some held swords, others hockey sticks as they defied the looters to approach. None dared."

Yup, no pigs to attack the non whites for carrying weapons, as they don't want to upset the non whites as that would of course be racist.

And here we have Cameron telling us what the riots were really all about. A total information network. Now they're blaming social networking sites (set up to gain information on people, obviously resulting in this sort of communication amongst stupid people) that need to be regulated and controlled, along with the removal of masks anywhere.

It's just soooooo bloody predictable it beggars belief - Problem, Reaction & Solution.....


bollixed said...

The real news of the economy crashing is being masked with this story. A cynic would suggest that the riots were instigated and allowed to run to hide the worse news.

We all know what the problems were that caused young people to lash out like this. I don't actually blame them. They have every right to be angry but unfortunately they directed their anger wrongly and it will backfire on them.

The politicians will be rubbing their hands at glee at the possibilities presented by this event. Gives them more powers to quell the troubles that will kick off when the Depression hits in the very near future. Not to protect us of course...just them and their mates who will be living the good life. Not that I am personally recommending riots etc as the answer to any dispute. That just plays into their hands. Gives the PTB the excuse to use violence against peaceful people. Just a statement of fact. Worse is to come from other sectors of society when the economic reality of a mega-Depression with no end hits home.

Problem, reaction, solution. Harbinger is on the right page.

will said...

'Problem, Reaction & Solution'

Harbinger hits it right between the eyes.

just another crisis opportunity power grab. history is full of 'temporary emergency measures' that have never been removed. income tax to fund the napoleonic wars for one!

Bollixed also nails it. 24hrs after the yank elite played out some congressional theatre and the markets subsequently rejected their economy one of their chinooks apparently crashed. riots and chinooks - handy distractions. quick everyone look over there whilst we ramp up the printing presses and tighten the thumb screws.

i predict that as soon as this dies down the msm will stoke the fires under some tiresome old debate like euthanasia, abortion or the death penalty. yeah even that bullshit was a distraction.

i mean the blackberry messenger thing - this has been going on in supposedly illiberal 3rd world shitholes. india and parts of arabia wanted to crack the bbm encryption. they ordered RIM to open up their networks to government scrutiny. and just one year later here we are. i mean the msm started mentioning blackberries within the first day of riots. how could that debate have possibly developed that quickly naturally? was the msm reporting a public debate - an issue that had originated among the public? why was the bbc (spits) talking specifically about blackberry encryption within 12 hrs of the riots? not ALL forms of encryption but specifically blackberries? weird eh?

and if you dont doubt that the riots were allowed then compare the neat, motionless lines of 'brave' pc pension-whores standing well back whilst small handfulls of youths ran amok, to the actions of those same brutality-addicts against the student protests (lefty scum they may be). remember the in-their-face shield surges, batton charges and hardcore police action then? they can do it when they want cant they? doesnt look like someone wanted them to this time...

Anonymous said...


Michael Ruppert states the following:

"The they is anyone who is in service of the infinite growth monetary paradime. That would be the banks, that would be the oil companies that would be the absolutely corrupt financial institutions around the world that are now witnessing a $1.4quadrillion derivative bubble collapse...."

A clever man indeed and author of the very good book Confronting Collapse.