August 09, 2011

UK Baying For Draco

Despite the fact that he died around 620 BC, Draco the Lawgiver must be spinning with excitement in his grave.

We have witnessed some horrific scenes over the last few days. Acts of violence and theft committed by pure scum. There is no nobility in their actions. There is no honour. There was no need for this scandalous criminality.

I doubt that I can add any more words to a story that will play out over the next days, weeks and months.

What I would like to do though, is ask normally level-headed people to chill out. If I had a quid for every time I saw words like this, I would be a wealthy man:

"Send the army in!"

"Shoot them all!"

"Bring back hanging!"

And so on and so forth.

We pay billions of £££'s every year to ensure that police officers have the very best protective equipment, and that they receive the very best training for exactly this kind of civil disturbance. On this very blog we have looked at the police, live and in full colour, beating the bejesus out of protesters. Last night though, instead of kettling and righteous clubbing from the cops, I saw this:

I saw it time after time after time.

These boys in blue were happy to kettle young students, anti-war protesters, and other "soft" groups. But when it came to violent thugs, they stood by, claiming that "there are not enough of us". (Bear that in mind for what comes later.)

Send the army in? It is a very tiny mind that comes to that conclusion. The police have not yet fully deployed and they have not yet exhausted all methods of crowd control at their disposal. CS gas has not been used. Snatch Teams (to my knowledge) have not been used. Tasers have not been used. For legal reasons water cannon can not be used. So it is far too early to even think about deploying troops. Besides which, it is not their job. They should never be asked to control riots. Never. If you want to see how badly it can go wrong when squaddies are deployed, look south to Tunisia and Libya, look east to Syria and Bahrain. It goes pear-shaped very, very quickly. I am stunned that some empty-heads were screeching for martial law. FFS!

Enough of this. I'm reasonably sure you have read similar elsewhere.

I think we learnt at least two lessons from all this:

1. We are about to lose some liberties.
2. It doesn't take much to take over the streets.

That thin blue line is anorexic. My timing may well be all the way off, but the last few days have demonstrated much better than my words ever have that we are many and they are few. Imagine, if you can, just 500 people in every town and major city demanding full restoration of those rights which the government willingly (and unlawfully) gave away to Europe? Peaceful action by a significant number of people would ensure a complete takeover of the country in a matter of hours or days. Remember this the next time you try to convince yourself that we cannot bring about change if we were determined to.

Just in case you conclude that I am having a pop at the cops: I am not. I actually think they should have gone in hard, faster. With violent thieves, and they are no more or less than that, a spanking is all they understand. A solid teak baton around the napper would have stopped dozens of them cold. And when their cohorts see the claret fly, it concentrates the mind. This is probably the first and last time you will see me condone tough action from the police. The rioters broke my only law: do no harm. I would expect exactly the same harsh treatment if it was me doing the violence and the thieving.

We have been rewarding our thugs for 20 years. Warm, comfy cells, complete with PS3's, laptops and High Def tellies. When they are released, after serving a fraction of their sentence, we send them on their way with a hug. I believe, firmly, that most of this was Labour's doing. I just hope someone tells them that, repeatedly.

No martial law, no troops on the streets, no hanging. Got that?

I refuse to hand over any more of my liberties because a couple of hundred light-fingered bastards couldn't control themselves.

Punish those half-wits by all means.

But leave me the fuck alone.

You already stole too many of my rights. I want them back.



Woodsy42 said...

Sadly the authorities are mad keen on penalising the forgetful and the respectable people who make honest mistakes. They are easy targets and easily cowed. But they have no appetite to punish criminals and the dishonest because so many of those are friends and colleagues.
That won't change unless we get honest and honourable politicians.

bollixed said...

You voice my concerns that this will be used to erode further our civil liberties. Lots to talk about here but I'll wait until I have more facts. This is however just a symptom of a wider malaise. Note how its knocked the market crisis and defaults off the headlines? Hiding the real bad news?

Anonymous said...

Spot on Captain.


I am Stan said...

Well said Capitan,

I too wish the cops had gone in hard and cracked a few sculls and I`m sure many cops where itching to get at em, my mind boggles why they were ordered to stand by in nice neat lines and watch these morons loot shops and set fires.

I`m getting suspicious, does whoever`s pulling the strings have an ulterior motive?, if so I doubt it`ll be good news for your average Joe Blogs.

As an aside, forest fires destroy but from the ashes comes new growth.

I am Stan said...


I`m hearing on the grapevine that troops may be used to protect property while the police tackle the mobs with plastic bullets.

They`ve been standing off and letting the kettle boil, a few local corner and sports shops are expendable, then a few days later just as the lid comes off coming in as hero`s with overwhelming force and getting the sheeple used to troops and plastic bullets on the streets, to either never leave or return for an encore soon.

All they had to do was take decisive firm action in the first place, I reckon we`re seeing some scull-duggery going on.

Anonymous said...

Well said CR. There is an argument for this youth gone wild stupidity being a false flag situation (even mentioned on LBC!). Tin-foil-hattery? Well:

- It seems very organised for something spontaneous. History has seen the use of agents provocateurs as means of direction ansd control; you wouldn’t need many of them to start something like this and get it to take on a life of its own.

- In recent protests, the police were out in force kettling everyone whilst allowing “anarchists” to smash a few windows. This time they were standing around doing nothing, or not even there. Interesting dichotomy. The state is absent, the police paralysed, the people “abandoned”. SAVE US!

- The MSM is doing its usual programming. They say “it’s a war zone”; journos were pulled back “for their own safety” but there will be reports from the front lines elsewhere in the world which are arguably more dangerous. The news shows looped footage giving little indication of what is live and what isn’t, etc. The language is full of the usual hyperbole and speculation. Some even say it is not as bad in places as the news channels are making out.

- Some of the “citizen journalists” on the ground may be MSM plants; check the background of Tottenham “local resident”, David Akinsanya, for example.

- The thoughtcrime missive from last week could be seen in a darker light: was it published too early, intended for release after the riots had ended? The blame is already going to “anarchists”. The population, programmed by the violence and its presentation by the MSM, coupled with the seeming inability of the police to act against it, becomes more willing to report so-called anarchist or anti-state behaviour and to accept an increase in state power.

- As things get more extreme, people demand that govt restores order and they consent to further reductions in civil liberties. Curfews (already mentioned widely in MSM), banning of groups (under existing legislation, two or more people), armed police/army/TA (already asked for by many), state control of all means of communication (MSM speaks of Blackberry IM being used by rioters, a private service that will now be opened up to police; an MP on LBC mentioned shutting down the mobile network; and the Internet obviously), and the ultimate sanction: the Civil Contingencies Act, suspending civil liberties by “allowing” Parliament to enact legislation without reference to the Habeas Corpus Act, the Bill of Rights and the Act of Settlement.

Welcome to Airstrip One. (A tad extreme...I hope)

The segments of the population that are rioting have little or no understanding of right & wrong, personal responsibility and private property. Is it engendered by the divide et impera policy of the system, because those things are anathema to the communitarian future? Because the tenets of multiculturalism are taught instead, and at home nothing is taught at all? This sub-strata has a sense of entitlement, a belief that they live in an alternate universe where things should be provided for them or taken from those who have “too much”, where the only law that applies is that of the jungle, and where anything outside their circle is either inconsequential or the enemy. They have been shown that crime has little negative consequence, so think they have nothing to lose. They fear nothing because they believe they have nothing.

The state has no interest in protecting our property, either because it is incapable, unwilling, or is waiting for us to consent to it having more power. We must protect it ourselves. If the state hadn’t decided we were incapable of bearing arms, would things have got as bad?

At least most people should now realise beyond any shadow of doubt that Ken Livingstone is a complete twat. Every cloud...



Anonymous said...

Couldn't have put it better myself re: the police action on the 'peaceful protesters' vs the rioters. Makes me want to spit.

And they'd better not try & bring in any more 'laws' to try and curb the situation. If they can't enforce the laws they already have they're a shower of useless f***s!


Michael Fowke said...

@I am Stan

"I`m getting suspicious, does whoever`s pulling the strings have an ulterior motive?"

I'm not sure anyone was pulling the strings last night. It looked like the string-pullers were all on holiday or something.

I am Stan said...

@ Michael fowke,

Thats a fair point, without getting too tin-foil hattery I wonder if the string pullers made their move while the useless politicians were out of the way topping up their tans and paddling in the pool.

*dons tin-foil helmet to deflect brain laser*

Steven UK said...

motoringmitch said...

The riots were sparked of by the police shooting of an innocent man without trial.

Dioclese said...

You wanted a revolution - Be careful what you wish for...

Sue said...

The lawlessness and lack of respect and discipline is endemic in the UK. Criminals get away with a slap on the wrist, victims are left wondering what the hell the police and judiciary are for.

We put 85 year war heroes in prison for an offence that hasn't hurt anyone and let common criminals back out on the streets.

Namby pamby molly coddling doesn't work. The riots are the result of allowing people to do as they like with no regard to anybody else and no prospect of consequences other than not finding a job and spending the rest of their lives sponging from the state.

I wonder how many of them will do actual "time" or get an ASBO or community service.

Some people only understand violence. This scum is not civilised, does not care who it hurts, robs or even kills. It does not deserve civility.

That time has passed.

Anonymous said...


The riots are the result of allowing people to do as they like with no regard to anybody else and no prospect of consequences other than not finding a job and spending the rest of their lives sponging from the state.

The riots are the result of enforced multiculturalism upon the people of this land. Sure, look at the images, especially of the young man being robbed, by the white wigger, with the chimpanzee swagger and no doubt Jafaican "know wot I is sayin' inn'it" dialect. This is the result of indigenous growing up in an overwhelmingly black alien culture in London. School classes in the 70's in East London was 90% white to non white. Now it's the other way around. These white 'yoots' have now adopted the very culture of people not from their land. They are about as English, indigenous as a kebab.
However, overwhelmingly should you look at the scenes it's majority non white smashing up the place, no different to Broadmoor, Poll Tax, and Oldham.

You think it's bad now? Just wait until the whites are a minority within society. Then the indigenous will wish they'd done something in the past, spoken up against continued migration, not supported the political party three and even supported the BNP or other pro indigenous parties and organisations.

This riot is the result of Marxism from School of Frankfurt, mixed in with Fabian socialism, Zionist inflitration and hatred of western, Christian European life and elite control over our society who never have, nor ever will give a shit about the people.

Immigrants were and are the tool used and still being used to cause social disharmony and indigenous division and upheaval. You cannot stop what's been started. The boulder was pushed from the top of the hill back in the 50's and it's merely gathering pace, dislodging others as it moves towards its goal - one world government via total demolition of western indigenous culture and its peoples. And once this is done, it will smash apart Africa (the blacks), currently smashing up the Asians (Arabs and Muslims) before finishing with the Mongol Asians (China, Japan, Korea etc etc).

You can't stop what's happening. Society, as I said was subverted a long time ago. Continue to pointing the blame at our failing school system and respect for one another, when that's merely a symptom of the disease of overall globalism.

If there were no non whites in the UK, there would be no riots. It's really that simple and our society would not be in the mess it's in today. Let's not beat about the bush here. Let's be honest about reality. And moreso, the looting of wide screen TV's means more brainwashing of society. LOL Heads they win, tails we lose....


Captain Ranty said...



This is not a revolution. Thugs and thieves running amok does not a revolution make.

Did you miss how many times I used the word "peaceful" over the last two years?


Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

This whole situation has been escalated because of action that was, in the first place, unnecessary.

OK the aftermath is abhorrent and out of hand. It is, it really is.
However we have a police 'force' that is regularly over stepping the mark. Remember Charles de menezes, another innocent victim and no repercussions, other than the woman in charge is now promoted.

This violence and robbery is unmistakeably repulsive and there is no excuse.
However they have not had a good influence recently, over the last few years, to teach them that breaking the law doesn't pay. The police should hold themselves as beacons and practice tolerance in all they do, not as we have seen :- murder and thuggery.
No not all police are like this, however the media are quick to point out the merits of such behaviour and the politicians are fast to cover their tracks and stick up for a minority of the police that break the law regularly.

A precedence has to be set here and it has to start with prosecutions of those police who 'SHOOT' first and ask questions later (they started it) and those thieving thugs who are currently on the rampage.
If my liberties are restricted because of this 'THE POLICE ARE TO BLAME' The rioting only started AFTER the police SHOT and killed an individual.
Regardless of what he did. The DEATH sentence is not applicable in this country and I hope it never will be.
BUT IT IS - Ask Charles - Oh sorry you can't he is DEAD.
As is this recent 'victim'

Namaste, phil;

pitano1 said...

when their is no justice,only legal plunder,in a society,what do you exspect it to produce.?

i do not condone the actions of these
youths,but i feel,that they are like a generation of manchurian candidates
who have been activated just at the right time.

of course they are f`ing idiots,but that is what they have been taught to be,this allso includes `disrespect `for most things,in a society which can be seen to be run by arsholes,who would be better employed,at the local
`let down and liars club`

state education,state tv,state media,should we wonder why things
have got to this state.

Anonymous said...

They knew this was coming, and did nothing to prevent it.

This will stop any lawful congregation of peaceful protest anywhere in the UK.

I am not one who likes the idea of army personel being put on the streets. (Do these people realise what the reality of this is?).

Be more in favour of demanding our right to bear arms. At least this way protecting ourselves, family and property would be more acceptable.

If the PTB are unable, or, unwilling to protect, doing it ourselves is the solution.

Taking more of our liberties is what will be done. We need less interference from the state not more. Its down to them why we are in this mire.


Anonymous said...

Whilst I have little time for politicians of any persuasion (with a few exceptions), I found this exchange very illuminating, for many different reasons:



Anonymous said...

Dear Captain
Being of suspicious nature could it be that the police were ordered not to engage the yobs?

What better way to bring in draconian order measures by letting a few buildings be set on fire and shops looted.

Just watch the media and the politicians with the backing of the "sheep" middle class start baying for the introduction of curfews and armed response.

Your then hoped for mass peaceful demos will be quickly nipped in the bud.

Sorry about that but you are up against forces that know the angles when confronted by the masses.

Anonymous has the right idea. Thousands of individuals silently messing the system up.

What is needed is a web site where disillusioned members of the police, armed forces and legal profession can impart their knowledge of how the system can be completely disrupted.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the comments folks.

Not a simple story, is it?

I am looking at the links provided, thanks for those too.


Anonymous said...

Some interesting articles over at InfoWars/Prison Planet:

An article by David Icke written in 2009 (his site is down ATM...):

Pictures at Cryptome: