August 01, 2011

Rejoice! Rejoice! The EU Has A Fatal Disease

Is this bastard brain-dead Consortium of the Confused really in its death throes?

Apparently so, according to this erudite chap.

It may be that my calls for the disaffected to scribble their monikers on a petition destined for File 13 were erm, premature. Commenter's here (very wisely) urged patience.

Let's see what Martin Jay has to say, hey?


"He also gave former UK Labour leader Neil Kinnock the job of Vice President and Mr. Clean Up. But someone should have told the Welsh Windbag Supremo that he wasn’t supposed to clean up for himself! During his five years in the job, Kinnock managed to secure himself a peerage in the one institution – the House of Lords in London -- which he spent an entire career slagging off, not to mention an EU-dynasty for his family, which the News of the World reckoned was worth around £4 million, no? [Dear Neil, no you can’t sue Al Arabiya for that as it is just “opinion,” and therefore acceptable under the UK Defamation Act. And besides, you’ve have enough dough already]. Shut up, Jay."


"The problem for The EU Elite is that the more-developed countries always had a less idealistic view about the European Union anyway; some had a very strong commitment toward the political union being enhanced by a beleaguered single currency and by markets then following through with paying dividends. The more skeptical amongst them (The UK and the Scandies) didn’t even adopt the Euro but are now paying for its wretched demise. On the other side of Europe, in those countries which had miraculous growth when they took the brown envelope from Brussels – I’m thinking Spain, Portugal and to an extent Ireland – the magic of the fling has gone array, like a love affair which has quickly lost its zap.

The thrill of pushing your young, nubile wife up against the fridge has now been replaced with the misery of watching the old bird get fat watching UK Gold while you thrash one out then clean the bath. "
(He goes too far-Ed). (He doesn't go far enough-CR)


"But what about a quick poll of existing members? Let’s go to Germany and ask people there if they would like to abandon the Euro and go back to the Deutschmark (many did in alarming numbers last year when polled). Or Spain. What’s Madrid’s answer to 20 percent unemployment and an economy so buggered by being tied to the single currency’s monetary policy that it has gone back to the dark ages of mid-70s gloom? OK, it’s not quite donkeys pulling carts but it did announce, this week, an interesting new economic policy of blocking other Europeans from working there. "

Do pop over and read the whole thing. It drips with truth, humour, and a stark warning for any other fools that have expressed a desire to join this ridiculous outfit.

Look out your black armbands party gear, the death of this nasty little project will be announced soon. To continue to deny that it has a terminal disease is criminally negligent.

Oh, and I will be wanting back every single penny I paid this syphilitic whore.



Anonymous said...

And when it collapses the treason trials can commence...

I bet the Eurodrones are shittin' it!

berni said...

Brilliantly written piece.I for one cannot wait for it fall.

I am not so muuch concerned with getting my money back from the "sexy" beast but my civil liberties,sovereignty,common law reinstated.Then the trials can begin.

Cathy Ashton in a basque!! i can't bring myself to go there.

Anonymous said...

I´m in an intellectual mood:

With Love to all my European Brothers and Sisters.