August 01, 2011

Oi, UK Govt! I Am An Anarchist!-UPDATED

I hear you seek us here and you seek us there.

I am here. I am an anarchist. Having you soil the very air that I breathe is offensive to me. It is debilitating. It is depressing. You couldn't organise an orgy in a brothel. Not even if we banned knickers and pre-fed every male with Viagra.

You ruin my life with your pathetic statutes, with your unlawful handing over of my country to the fuckwits in Brussels, with your incredible, unbelievable addiction to my money, with your wholesale theft of my liberties, and with your fucking unending list of regulations.

In what world would you imagine government to be a good thing?

Seriously, you do nothing for me. I just checked: not a twitch. Not even the ghost of a twitch.

You presume that only YOU can provide order. You are all the way wrong. Even Belgium (Belgium!) manages very, very nicely without a government. No government = no parasites. That's all you are. In the natural world this is a symbiotic relationship. Both parties benefit. No so in the UK. You suck our lifeblood like a demented vampire just back after a 12 week abstention. When our corpses contain not one drop of moisture you re-double your efforts.

You are a stain on the face of my world. I get up each morning begging any and all gods for your immediate demise. I fare better on my own. Left to my own devices my happiness levels would reach untold highs. You are a cancer that a) doesn't even know it exists b) has no self-control and c) will be the cause of its own undoing.

You call me an anarchist? I wear that badge with unimagined pride. Fuck you. Fuck you, and fuck you again.

To steal another groups' ethos:

I am Anonymous.*

I do not forgive.

I do not forget.

I am coming.

Expect me.

This outburst** was inspired by Uncle Marvo.

Go read his outburst.


In an embarrassing climb-down, the Met offers this. Apparently, the statement was 'badly worded'.

No shit, Sherlock.

We ARE allowed to hold dissenting views about this pathetic government. For now. It seems that we aren't quite ready for a full-blown police state just yet.

Har de fucking har har. Twitterers, bloggerers and commenterers win the day. Again!


* Actually, you know very well who I am and where I am. Come get me. (Yes, I find it slightly unsettling that my pals on the internet do not know my government name but you, my enemy, has reams of information on file).

** I know that you read this and you will imagine that it was written in anger. It was not. I am calm. I am serene. I am still peaceful. Anarchy, like the giving away of sovereign nations, can be done without shedding blood.


Sue said...

I saw a post on this stupidity this morning. Things are just getting beyond unbelievable. I'm sick and tired of being treated like a c**t by my own Government. I'd like to come back to the UK but it's not my home anymore. It's been stolen from me.

Michael Fowke said...

I wish I had the money to get out of this f**king country.

bollixed said...

I do consent.

I have formally withdrawn any consent I may previously have mistakenly given to others to govern me , express or implied.

No-one and no thing governs me or has the power to enforce their will against me without my consent.

I am not a subject nor a citizen.

I am a free man, born free, with inalienable rights and freedoms to protect me and my family from any form of tyranny, corruption, and oppression.

I wish no harm to any other man or woman. I live in peace and I desire only to be left in peace. I will oppose all those who disturb my peace.

I recognise Law as defined by my peers in the society within which I exist.

I recognise Natural Law.

I am in Lawful Rebellion as is my right and my duty as a honourable man.

I do not surrender my Natural and inalienable rights.

I am not alone.
We will soon be the majority.
We will not forgive.
We will not forget.
We are coming.

Anonymous said...

Nice one cap'n!
Completely agree!


Nick said...

It amused me that I share the same "given name" as Chief Inspector Nick Smith. Maybe I should turn the name in. Agree entirely with your sentiments and actions Captain.

Anonymous said...

Report to

Ian Mansfield
Counter Terrorism Security Adviser
Police Headquarters
37 Wood Street
London, EC2P 2NQ


Telephone: 020 7601 2863

NOW or else.

NewsboyCap said...


This is more like it a proper Ranty RANT.

Agree with every word, count me in,the only way forward is Anarchy.

BTW check your Email you may find it interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear!

Or, fuck yeah!

Whichever you prefer, top rant Cap'n.


Anonymous said...

I'm an anarchist then?

Too fucking right I'm an anarchist if that means I disagree with what those selfish, greedy, controlling, lying, tretcherous bastards are doing!

Come get some you lying bastards!


analiensaturn said...

Last week we where solitary anarchists now there's a crowd.

Anonymous said...

good one cap,
the nazis wud be proud of the police.
more and more people are waking up to their true power,
at the moment the courts and police have to work inside there own rules exept more people are becoming knowledeable about their rules and know how to circumvent them.
the more people that find out the more people tell others and it seem the cracks are showing,
as frank ocollins says there will come a time when they stop pretending and there will be no remedy in there system when that happens they will be exposed for what they truly are and everyone will wake up,then there control will be measured in only days or weeks.
one can hope.

GoodnightVienna said...

Thanks for the heads-up about the 'clarification', Cap'n. I'm still laughing.

Anonymous said...

I loved this one from the apology

"People purporting to be anarchists have caused criminal damage this year to business premises"

So if I purport to be the Shadow chancellor and start mugging people at random (as a foretaste you understand) will blinky be arrested?

for the last time, they aren't anarchists, they are SWP hooligans, we do not want a bigger state!!!

wayne said...

Get off the fence Capt :)

wayne said...

Oh and for the record, I think the government of this country are incompetent twats, and the unelcted morons that run the Eu are incompetent twats as well. Report me too.......I'm shitting myself.

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Have a look at my blog Cap'n.
I am with you all the way.

I have now declared myself an anarchist, not that that would come as a surprise to anyone.

Being an anarchist means we will ALL be in good company.
Hope they have enough blankets and pillows. I 'DIB' mine now just so you all know, I get one of each.

As for 'Norman' he is an hero even after WWII and in his 80's, Respect Brother, I will be coming to see you soon.

Namaste, phil;

Anonymous said...

Iseral have taken to the streets (source: RT news sky ch 512) aswell as all the others. (including the Egyptians again)

Could it be that things are moving fast and day by day the elites are loosing their grip?

What worries me is that they won't just say "oh alright then we'll just pack up and go away". They will start using dirty tactics and that is when peoples resolve will be tested. as Nige said "one can only hope".

The prison population is at 85,578- 83 more than the previous record of 85,495 set last October and just under 2,500 short of the usable operational capacity of 88,073

Where exactly do they reckon theyre going to put all these "Anarchists"?

I think there may be a problem! ;0)


Angry Exile said...

They may have done an about face, and to be fair I doubt they had Rothbardian types in mind anyway, but the fact remains that even if they are talking just about lefties playing at anarchy and the occasional Bakunin type they're still policing fucking thought crime. Cunts.

Woodsy42 said...

"Apparently, the statement was 'badly worded'."

No it wasn't - I think it said exactly what they intended and meant and clearly indicates a policing of thoughts.
What was bad about it was letting the public realise the situation.
I have decided to become an anarchist, I want no more to do with them. Maybe the neighbours will report me?

Anonymous said...

On the up side, the Met concentrating on stuff like this must mean that they have eradicated all crime in London and need something else to do.

Oh, wait......

Captain Swing said...

The apology/clarification changes nothing.
Purely a PR exercise to get the MSM off the scent.
Blogosphere 2 Police 0 (own goal)

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

If this is the case and they corrected a "mistake" it goes to show just how fast 'WE' can change things.
Had we not brought this to the fore do you think they would have retracted.
My guess is 'NO'

Namaste, phil;

Anonymous said...

Why We Left The Police,

even the police are waking up!

Anonymous said...

You are not alone, Captain.

We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are coming. Expect us.