April 25, 2010

Watch MEPs Steal YOUR Money

If any of you wonder why I bang on about the EU so much, here are 14,727 reasons.

This (German) report was filmed in June 2008.

Nothing has changed. They rob us on a daily basis. They have no shame, they have no ethics, they have no morality.

On May 6th you have the power to end this unadulterated greed.


PS-Look out for the Green Party. This wifey travels great distances (poor Gaia!) just to "clock on" at 7am so that she qualifies for the daily allowance.


James Higham said...

They taught Westminster how to do it.

joe said...

Ranty what you trying to do to me iv'e had a few drinks, sunday dinner and this isn't very good for the digestion.If only you could get this shit to the muted masses.....