April 22, 2010

Remember THIS On May 6th.

This blog post is aimed at the dwindling number of Labour supporters.

When you trot down to the polling station in 14 days time, remember what they did.

They sent our sons and daughters off to Iraq and an illegal war. They were underpaid and under-equipped. They came home in body bags, or with shattered bodies and broken minds. When they got home they were treated like scum. Medical treatment was woefully inadequate and psychiatric care was almost impossible to find for these brave, but tortured souls. While they were dying or being maimed, the party YOU support was stealing all the money it could from taxpayers. Then they whined that it was within the rules and said that some had to be watched closely lest they committed suicide. I for one, wished they had all killed themselves. There would have been some honour in that.

Now we see our troops come home to Wootton Bassett from the killing fields in Helmand Province in body bags. How often do you spot a politician standing along the road to pay their respects? Yeah. Me neither. Ask anyone you know "Why are we there?" and I almost guarantee that the answer will be "I have no clue". That would be my answer too. Iraq was obvious. It was for oil. But Afghanistan? Could we be there just to stop the Taliban from taking control of the poppy fields? Is it about drugs, and the massive profits to be made from them? It's as good an answer as any others I hear. The one reason that makes no sense is the old shite about the War on Terror. To my certain knowledge, the Taliban never once targeted the UK mainland. Medical care has not improved. Their pay is pathetic, given that they risk all. Chinooks, so badly needed, continue to gather dust in hangars. Our armed forces, once the envy of the world, are called "The Borrowers" because they have so little equipment.

It's time to bring our people home from Afghanistan. A vote for Labour ensures that we will lose thousands more troops because they lack the courage to say "We are scared to admit we were wrong. We shouldn't be there".

More dead. More wounded. More mentally affected. More grief. More heartbreak.

For nothing.

On the 6th May vote for someone else.




Cold Steel Rain said...

It hurts watching that Captain. I blogged about it over at mine.

I can't believe I bought that song 25 years ago - then fucked off to war. Only to see my Nephew preparing to go fight...

I hope people make the 6th count.

I am Stan said...

Yo Captain,

I wont be voting for any of them,I would rather just shoot them,but then I would be in jail and they would win....

No, the only way is to annoy them and dis them where ever and when ever I can....

I`m learning......IT`S WAR!...

Captain Ranty said...


I know mate, I know. Your recent posts have been just as difficult to read. A couple of them have left me choked up. Very evocative. I felt like I was alongside you, so well were the pieces written.

Labour mongs, most of them workshy, would never be seen on a frontline, unless it was down at the Benefits Office. War to them is a video game.

Time for change.

Nothing for useless quangocrats and more, much more, for our troops.


Captain Ranty said...


I knew I could count on you for the "Just Say NO!" campaign.

It isn't hard and it pisses them off. What's not to like?


James Higham said...

Time to say this, Cap'n but will they heed?

Captain Ranty said...

Hope springs eternal, my friend.


Catosays said...

That is one excellent post which I've taken the liberty of thieving.
Hat-tip of course.

Captain Ranty said...

What's mine is yours Mr C.

Thieve away!