April 28, 2010

Spain Downgraded, Joins Greece And Portugal

Who will be next? Italy? Germany? The UK?

The whole sad tale is right here.

And why do they always leave announcements like this until the markets close?

Disintegration is nigh.

Thank your gods.



13th Spitfire said...

Do you know what is more though? The British electorate are comepletely ignorant of the whole ordeal, little suspecting that they might be next. How very honest of our leaders to relay this message to us.

Captain Ranty said...

I think they got together at the start and said, "Lads, are we agreed? No-one mentions Europe. Not ever."

And so it came to pass.

A whole continent is falling apart and not. one. single. word.

Scary, no?


James Higham said...

Who's next, Cap'n?

Captain Ranty said...


We have a selection:

* Belgium
* Germany
* Ireland
* Greece

* Spain
* France
* Italy
* Cyprus

* Luxembourg
* Malta
* The Netherlands
* Austria

* Portugal
* Slovenia
* Slovakia
* Finland

Italy, like Greece, is peppered with corruption so it could be them.