April 24, 2010

Tory Number Crunching

I'm no fan of the Conservatives*, but this one minute video is an eye-opener. It was clever of them to put it together.

If they wanted to be really clever, they would make a short video showing us how much they will save us.

*All I need to hear are those five magic words: We. Are. Leaving. The. EU. And they can have my vote.

As always, they are not listening. They have contracted selective deafness. Fine by me. I have contracted selective voting.

You need me, but I definitely do not need you.

Now, are you learning yet?



CrazyDaisy said...

Clever piece of Psyops sounds like Christopher Ecclestone narrating!

They won't get my vote that's going to Big Eck.


Witterings from Witney said...

In respect of your second para CR - they don't bloody know!


microdave said...

And they could cut out the CO2 bollox - as we know they are just as welded to this excuse for massive tax grabs as Labour & the Limp Dumbs...

Get us out of the E.U AND wind back this renewable energy crap and they would get my vote.

But they won't, so it's going in the UKIP box.

joe said...

The problem with that Ranty is fuck all will change with the either of LIBLABCON.Get me out of the EU and bring back democracy to the country i once loved and they get my vote.

GoodnightVienna said...

That's a good one, CR. Those numbers are mind-boggling and it's quite effective but I agree with other commenters - Better Off Out.

Captain Ranty said...

Good comments from all of you, and just for clarity, any party saying that they want us out has my attention straight away.

It would just be a beginning though. I have a shitload of other things on my list.