April 05, 2010

Shit, Meet Fan.

Since I'm up anyway, (leaving for the airport in an hour), I thought I'd wing these two vids your way.

If this chap is right, and I strongly suspect he is, we are heading for a world of pain. It may just pay you to take his advice: get your dosh out of the bank and turn it into something of (tradeable) value. Gold, silver, diamonds, property, whatever. Let's face it, your money isn't putting on any weight at the bank. According to Mr Salbuchi, that £1000 that you put away for a rainy day could be worth as little as £250 very, very soon.

If he is right, it is going to piss down. A debt based economy has a limited life-span. We have been lucky so far, but that luck cannot last. What to do? What to do?

Three words for you: watch, listen, react.

The alternative is to do nothing, wait, cross your fingers and erm, trust that your financially astute government rushes to calm, comfort and protect you.

As always, the choice is yours.


H/T to Harry Tuttle over at the TPUC Forum.


LazyCookPete said...

Have a good trip mate.

Man with Many Chins said...

Yeah have a good one cr

Tapestry said...

This is hyperinflationism.

In fact when debts are as big as they are now, the one thing people cannot get enough of is cash. The debts are vastly greater than the quantitative easing. US government debt is £18 trillion. Combined with personal debt and corporate, debts are around $50 trillion. That's just the US. Easing has not even been one tenth of that.

Deflation beckons. Not hyperinflation. Sorry. Cash is your greatest asset from here. Gold's already falling since it peaked in February. Real estate's being smashed. Shares are late to turn but the rises are 'sector thin', with Apple's surge accounting for much of the froth.

Imagine - an iPad holding up a deflationary crash just a few more months! BUt hyperinflationism is a wrong diagnosis.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Drabzz and MwMC.


Captain Ranty said...
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Captain Ranty said...


Yes, I saw the parallels with Zimbabwe immediately.

I'm no economist (obviously). I am just trying to find an accurate prediction of what's to come. This seemed as likely as anything else I have heard.

I think that they will have to do something about the cash problem though.

This cannot/will not continue for much longer. An implosion cometh.

I just want to be ready for it.

When do you think it will happen?


microdave said...

There was a short piece in one of the papers the other day, which claimed that people who spend lots of time on the internet, and reading blogs, are more likely to suffer from depression. After watching those 2 videos I have to agree...

Captain Ranty said...

Ha! I suppose they would say that, wouldn't they?

It certainly is depressing reading real news and real opinions, from real people without vested interests.

Well, more liberating than depressing.

That red pill cannot be unswallowed.


Antisthenes said...

You do not need a Slabuchi to understand that something has to give when debt outstrips the ability to repay it. A comparison with a basic family budget and what leads to prosperity and what leads to bankruptcy is enough. History is littered with examples of the same set of conditions causing the exactly the same outcome. The fall of the Roman Empire is a prime example, what caused it's demise is mirrored in our society today. Their fall was catastrophic ours will be in no way less.