April 13, 2010

GE2010 And My Worthless Vote

Not a good day.

I just discovered that my vote is so diluted it is worthless. There is absolutely no point in me, or the other two voters in my family trudging down to the polling booth on May 6th. Between the three of us we barely have one tenth of one single vote.  

One tenth of one vote for three voters!

If you want to discover the power of your vote (Don't do it. Honestly, don't. It is too, too depressing), you can see the nasty result right here.

My vote "power" is 0.034. There is nothing to be gained in casting my vote. Unless I want to vote for Wee Eck and the SNP. I don't. Salmond and his party are no less authoritarian than ZaNuLabour. Plus, it was one them that introduced the Private Members Bill that led to the heinous smoking ban. For that alone, I would never vote for them as long as I lived. I would no more vote for them than I would vote for the Labour monkey, or the LibDem fence-sitter. Voting Tory in Scotland is tantamount to admitting that you are mentally sub-normal. And a traitor. And a bastard. And that you eat children.

We do have a UKIP candidate standing but it will take THIRTY of us to equal ONE SNP vote. What a load of mince.

Unless someone (one of you, perhaps) can convince me otherwise, I might as well have a lie-in on May 6th.

In fact, I might just stay in bed, under the covers, crying, the whole day.

It will be just as productive as voting.



Dick Puddlecote said...

Hey Cap'n. Simply bet on a low turnout, happily stay at home, and hope for rain. :-)

The Merry Man said...

Hi Ranty,

Well, I live in a Labour stronghold,ex miners and all that,my score? 0.343.

I think I may stay at home,but even my worthless vote would ease some of my anguish.

Just the knowledge that I didnt vote Labour would bring me a little comfort.

Barry the Jackal said...

So let's get this straight, you're going to have a lie in, nobble eleven Labour voters outside the polling station, cast your vote, and home in time for tea.

What was the problem exactly?!

Captain Ranty said...

The Labour voters aren't the problem.

It's the Ess Enn Pee.

The place is infested with 'em.


Unknown said...

I do slightly better - I have a power of 0.15, apparently.


Captain Ranty said...

Beats mine Graeme.

You just need fewer people to make up a full vote.

This really is pathetic, isn't it?


joe said...

Come on Ranty you have got to vote,if you can vote UKIP do it,its not a wasted vote

James Higham said...

Still, we'll stand against them.

Captain Ranty said...

I will Fraser, I will.

It just sickens me to know how little chance my UKIP guy has.


Captain Ranty said...

Indeed James.

There is more than one way to skin a cat.

I have been throttling back on the Lawful Rebellion front. It may be time to give them both barrels.


The Filthy Engineer said...

Hurrah. Mine's 0.044. See you in the pub then.

Captain Ranty said...

Now you're just showing off.

I re-ran the numbers. It needs THIRTY of us to equal one SNP voter.



Harry J said...

Mmmm, 0.02. A safe Labour seat apparently. I genuinely struggle to understand how anyone could consider voting for Labour again. What goes through these people's minds?

Captain Ranty said...

'Stenders, Corrie, Giros, White Lightning, X Factor, More Benefits, Getting Preggers, Getting a Council House, Going to Ibeetha.........and so on and so forth.

Hell, Harry, you're worse off than me!

I have bragging rights. Hold the front page.


Martha said...

is this a contest? I think I'm winning... 0.796 and we have 3.15x more voting power than the UK average.

watching said...

for what it's worth I cannot see votes making any difference whatsoever to the corruption of Parliament by the political class.

Had any party campaigned, is there any campaigning going on? Can't say I've noticed but then again I've weaned myself off all sources of MSM so perhaps I am now 'out of the loop' but all I have seen is a poster featuring a five or six feet tall pic of Gorgons head tastefully vandalised by the locals but other than that and a letter from the gorgon and one from cameroid both essentially saying the same thing "the other lot are devils incarnate so vote for us", had any single party campaigned on leaving the EU they would win by a landslide.

The fact none of them aren't shows all to clearly that all that really matters to the political class is which one of them gets to play king of the hill for the next five years.


Leg-iron said...

That whole site looks like an extension of the old 'vote main party or your vote is wasted' slogan.

It's a scam. It plays on the 'votes that count for nothing' angle to make you believe that if you don't vote for the predetermined winner, you're wasting your time.

So those who weren't going to vote for the safe-seat holder will stay home, and the seat gets safer...

It's a clever scam but a scam nonetheless.

Unknown said...

Captain, your voting, in itself isn't going to change anything, but it is still worth doing.

Even if you just put in a spoilt ballot it will send a small message to the politicians.

Remember, the politicians actually LOVE it when very few people vote. Those constituencies where only 1 in 10 vote are politicians dreams. it basically means they get in without even having to pretend to care what the people think.

Unknown said...

CR- yep, it is pretty pathetic.

I was also most unimpressed to receive a letter from my MP t'other day offering lame excuses as to why he wasn't in Westminster for the 3rd reading of the DEB, and thus didn't vote on it, and then assuring me that if he had been there he would have voted against it...er, sorry - you didn't vote, and it is now law, ergo your assurances aren't worth the paper they're written on.

Uncle Marvo said...


Which pub?


Anonymous said...

Even if you just put in a spoilt ballot it will send a small message to the politicians.
Utter bollocks

I know a couple of politicians quite well, sadly and they couldn't give a flying fcuk about spoilt ballot papers.
All both of them care about is persuading enough of THEIR people that their vote really 'matters' and then they can keep their gravy train rolling for another four years.

waking voting is just a con plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Not just me with the 0.004 then.

Rank 643 out of 650, your wereright Cap'n wish I'd never looked.