April 21, 2010

Sovereigns Restore America

Can we do the same here?

I'm up for it.



Unknown said...

I don't see any plan of action here, just a sequence of statements declaring that the US government is illegitimate, some wishful thinking about long talks with the worlds richest men and claims of cancer cures and free energy sources.

What exactly is the plan being advocated?

Captain Ranty said...

Check it all out right here:


I'll embed the link in the title.


david said...

you seen this? http://www.fbi.gov/page2/april10/sovereigncitizens_041310.html

also - what i see here is a bandaid solution to the problem. alot of the americans, like this man, think that it all goes back to independence for them, but it just doesnt - it was a stage show. everything the yanks do in Equity (which is what their country is built on) is copyrighted by Temple Bar in London. the queen owns (if thats possible) the country... think about when the americans say 'administration' in official things... what do they administer and who for?

there was no sovereignty in usa to begin with unless the word has gathered some kind of philosophical or spiritual meaning.

i know exactly where you're coming from though Captain.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks David.

I had not seen the link but I had seen a similar press release from the FBI.

I think they are right to warn people of the scams. The Freeman Movement is no more immune than any other to charlatans, vagabonds, thieves and conmen.

In your link the FBI state that murder and assault are committed by sovereigns. I have never ever seen any evidence of this from Freemen. It violates the very ideals we hold up for scrutiny: do no harm.

Our stance is that we do not want or need state interference in our lives. We do not want or need to fork over our hard earned money for morons in parliament to squander when we can be improving our lives and others by hanging on to money they would otherwise steal from us and then give it away or throw it away. We do not want or need thugs in uniform. We want peace keepers to do their job properly.

That all seems like a sensible list of demands to me. Yet the FBI (and the rest of the Ignorati) call us free-loaders or extremists?

It doesn't wash.


James Higham said...

How to organize it?

Captain Ranty said...


I am not sure that we can use the American model. Although they have a system very similar to ours (and why not, since we designed it?) there are subtle differences.

I will look a little deeper.

Lawful Rebellion is enshrined in our rights, so it may well be the start point. (It is a duty that many thousands have already taken on). And when enough of us say no, the revolution, the peaceful revolution, will have achieved its aims.

The answer is staring us in the face.

We just need to swell the ranks. By millions.


Unknown said...

Captain, i still don't see what the plan is.

The link to the 'guardians of the free republic' simply states a long list of demands. It doesn't give any idea of how any of it is to be achieved, although it does hint at the use of military force which seems a bit odd.

Captain Ranty said...


I have seen regular newsletters from the Guardians which outline the stage by stage plan. I thought that they might be accessible on their main site but it appears not to be the case. If you wish, you can visit FMOTL forum or TPUC and search for "Restore America Plan" and posts by a member called Farmer. The newsletters contain a lot of details not held at their website.

The "use of the military" (not force, BTW) relates to the Guardians support promised by the military. The US armed forces' first responsibility is to the people, not the government. All fifty state governers have received letters and over thirty of them are four square behind the plan.

Remarkable events. And not a shot will be fired.


Unknown said...


If senior members of the US military, the worlds richest men and over 30 US Governors are backing this plan then it all sounds like it will happen very soon.

I look forward to the promised cancer cure and free energy sources.