April 16, 2010

The Mother Of All Referendums

In just nineteen days we get to choose. In just nineteen days the fate of our nation rests with us.

On May 6th we get to decide whether we re-endorse the ineptitude of the Labour party, and forgive all of its' mistakes during the last thirteen years, or to endorse a slightly less authoritarian mob called the Conservatives, or, heaven forfend, elect a group of people famous for never deciding anything at all, ever. This last group, whose raison detre I fail completely to comprehend, has not served as a government since 1922. A recent poll said that the LibDems have now overtaken Labour in the popularity stakes. Glory be. If any party needs to be reminded how useless they are, it is the Labour party. This news brought a wry grin, and no small feeling of terror that Cleggy, who is aged around seventeen and three quarters, may form a whole government of fence-sitters. A Labour government, fuelled as it was, by stupidity, seems preferable to me than a party fuelled entirely by indecision. We do not want, or need, a weak government. CMD should have grasped by now that we do not want a clone of the last lot either. It really is hard to spot the differences though, is it not?

I am feeling less anxious than I was the other day when I discovered how worthless my vote actually was. I have decided that I will use my vote, however weak or strong, in the following referenda:

The vile smoking ban
The shoddy/non-existing "science" surrounding AGW/Climate Change
4.2 million CCTV cameras
Flogging our gold off at the worst time ever
Sharia Law
The National Debt
The "requirement" to pass one new statute per day
ID Cards
Loss of liberty
Loss of habeas corpus
Loss of jury trials
Loss of presumed innocence
The illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
The treatment of our servicemen and women

and many, many other things.

May 6th is MY referendum day. May 6th is when I get to say "No more. I am selecting someone new, someone different. Someone who knows, as I do, that the status quo cannot be tolerated any longer". And I will remind them why I have chosen someone else. I will tell them, without flinching, just how badly they have performed. Just how outrageously they have let down the British people. Just how utterly disgusted we are at their greed, their unseemly clamour to steal money off us to pay for second homes, porn films, duck accommodation, and a thousand other trivial things that they felt were claimable from the public purse. And just how pathetic they appear when they try to tell us, in their whiney voices, "It was within the rules!"

May 6th is our chance to fire them. May 6th is a date that all responsible Britons should write on their hands with a permanent marker and ensure that they travel that short road to the polling booths to say "WE DEMAND CHANGE!".

A different outcome, a more pleasurable future, more accountability, fewer thieves in the Palace of Westminster, is finally in YOUR hands. So think on. Your next opportunity for radical change will not reappear until 2015. God alone knows how much damage the wrong party will create in the intervening years.

I would not dare to suggest that you should vote for A, B or C. Who you vote for is between you and your conscience. But I do implore you: do NOT vote for Labour because your dad always did. Do NOT vote Conservative because Uncle William is going to. Do NOT vote LibDem because Aunty Mabel said they are best for the job. Instead, take a cold hard look at the contenders. Find out for yourself. Who amongst them will continue to listen to you after you elect them? Which party will honour their manifesto pledges? Which of these men and women actually care about you, your family, your community and your country?

Do not be concerned with their colour. Do not be concerned with their ethnicity. Do not be concerned with their sexual orientation. Listen. Just listen to their message. Is your choice of MP honourable? That is the only question you need concern yourself with. Skin colour, ethnicity, and sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with honour. Honour has no colour. Honour is multinational. Honour is asexual. If your candidate is singing your song then tick the box alongside their name, get behind them, and convince your friends to do the same. This is all really simple, and I am sure you do not need to reminded. Your friends, however, may need a nudge. So get nudging.

This general election is arguably the most important election in living memory. The government we elect are going to have to make some tough decisions. That means that the LibDems are out of the running. They are going to have to be efficient, less wasteful, and listen to the electorate. That means that Labour must not be elected. They need to roll back the nanny state, destroy millions of cameras, and have a sensible solution to the financial crisis we all face. Which precludes the Tories. Any incoming government MUST get us out of Europe. We have steered our own course for thousands of years, without interference from an unelected, unaccountable, and a seemingly unshamable group of nobodies in Brussels. We MUST control our own destiny. And that, my friends, must exclude the LibLabCon "Carry on regardless" bunch by default. None of them want us out of Europe, so none of them will do. We need someone else. In the three short weeks leading up to The Mother Of All Referendums, you need to find that someone else.

Then vote for him or her.

And get our nation back on track. Back in our hands.

Where it rightfully, and lawfully, belongs.



Witterings from Witney said...

Nice post CR - have linked with a comment of my own.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks WfW.

Been there, read it!

If I knew how to bung the AA piccie on my blog I would have done so.

Every time I try to add a widget or whatever, I break the blog so I have to restrain myself.


James Higham said...

The trouble is that so many are still mesmerized by the Big 3.

Captain Ranty said...


We have three weeks left to persuade them otherwise.


Unknown said...

Does anyone here seriously think that the liblabcon hold on politics is going to be broken at this election?

Captain Ranty said...

Broken, no.

Weakened, perhaps.

The alternative is to do nothing, say nothing, convince no-one, and let the corrupt machine continue to function.

Do you have a better plan?

Elaborate, if you do.


watching said...



Giolla said...

Mind if I repost this on 646allout.org?

Captain Ranty said...

Not at all Mr G.

Please go ahead.


Unknown said...

Captain, i'm not arguing that you shouldn't try convince people to vote for other parties, i just don't think you should be entertaining any particular expectations about breaking the system.

As for what people should do, i advocate passive resistance and disobedience. Ultimately the political system can only operate with the consent of the people, even the most powerful State can not impose its will on the people once they simply say 'no'. (remember the Poll tax?)

Captain Ranty said...

I know Kit, I know.

One of the three main parties will win the election. As sure as eggs are eggs.

But they will win without my help.

Passive resistance and disobedience? Now you're talking!

I'm up for that.


Anonymous said...

Can't be arsed looking but didn't you recently slag off some poor git on here who suggested that nothing can happen without YOUR consent and withdrawing it was a key step on the road to freedom?

Anonymous said...

I've tried to engage with the parties and emailed all candidates with some questions to answer the trouble is only the BNP and libdems have replied.

I will be sending my polling card back No contract RTS.