April 15, 2010

No Fly Zone

That's two strikes Iceland.

First, you wouldn't honour your debts, and now you have stopped Ranty returning to his home base.

Thanks very much.

Mrs Ranty is displeased as she had a pile of jobs for me to do this weekend. Instead, I am stuck in Tripoli where I can smoke where I want, eat at some fine restaurants, wander around the city safely whenever I li....oh wait. It's not bad at all. No CCTV, no Brown, no Cameron, no Clegg, no wall to wall coverage of the most boring general election in the history of general elections, no European interference every 4 yards.

Yes. I will shut up now.

If the Icelanders come to their senses and throw a couple of virgins into the volcano, that might just appease the gods. Please make sure that they are bankers or politicians. That would work. And even if it doesn't we will have ridded ourselves of some oxygen thieves. There's no downside. Crack on!

If the sacrifices are accepted, and the dust has gone, I will try to get home on Sunday.

If not, I shall wait longer.

I can live with the (now unfamiliar and long-forgotten) freedoms, and the sense of joy it brings.

I just never thought I would be thanking Colonel Muammar Qadaffi for that freedom.

It's a funny old world.



Unknown said...

Bloody smokin' volcano's eh CR, they oughta be ban...oops.

Magna Carta Society Blog said...

CR. Enjoy youself. Have you heard that Robert Green has been arrested again BTW.

Regards, John H.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Cap'n,have a smoke for
us back here on Devil's Island
A yellow cloud with a nicotine lining,avoid the fig beer though,
my last session on it had the camels kicking their hind legs.

Gothic Dawn

James Higham said...

yes but they're absolute honeys in that country - have you met some?

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks John.

Yes, I have been catching up on Roberts re-arrest. Something stinks.

We have to highlight the disgusting cover-up of that poor girls years of abuse.

The Scottish Executive will rue the day. Justice will be done.


Captain Ranty said...

Gothic Dawn,

Thanks. I will.

If it will help I can increase my consumption to 40 a day.


Captain Ranty said...


I have met many. Very very few women here wear the full monty. They are very Westernised, this new generation of Libyans.

I see beautiful women wherever I go.

Apart from Greece, where they have beards.


LazyCookPete said...

Icelandic volcanoes spewing carbon into the atmosphere! Oh noes! Wait till they get the carbon tax bill.

Icelandic girls aren't too bad either, but I don't share their penchant for rancid whale blubber though.

/me shudders...