January 21, 2010

HMG-The Child Snatchers

My alternative title was "Another Secret You Really Did Not Want To Know".

Last year over 25,000 children were taken from their parents. The reasons for this drastic action are fabricated. Perjury in court (by the child snatchers) is routine. Judges, doctors and social workers are all complicit. They even have targets to meet, FFS.

You might wonder, as I did, what the real reason is. Shamefully, it is the same reason it always is: money.

Words fail me. They really do. Our little ones, SIXTY EIGHT OF THEM EVERY DAY, are taken. They are used for illegal drug testing, their organs are harvested, and chillingly, they are sexually abused. They are knowingly adopted to paedophiles. Playthings for the wealthy. This is big business. The child-snatching industry in Britain is worth £20 BILLION per year.

I know that you don't know me. I hide my identity (for the time being) for a reason. I ask that you trust me when I tell you that Brian Gerrish's research is impeccable. It always is. I have spoken with Brian, and his dedication, his determination, and his willingness to risk all to seek out the truth is nothing short of superhuman. I have nothing but admiration and respect for Brian. He is a courageous man and I am constantly surprised that he has not yet met with an "accident".

Please watch and listen. Some of it is painful, most of it is ugly, but all of it is true. If it gets tough, take a break, but do try to watch all of the videos. Once you know who, how, why, where and when, you can do something about it.

You will never look at your government in the same way again. Who knows? You may even be outraged enough to try and stop this shameful shit from taking place.

It may also explain to you why I want to run away from it, and keep on running. That would be too easy. The hard part is staying put and making sure these child-stealers end up in a cold, dark cell. Until they stop breathing and can no longer hurt the wee ones.

Our country is a disgusting, depraved and immoral place. We have to change it. The sooner the better.

I know, I know. You are all sick and tired of that line "Won't someone think of the children?".

This time we must. We absolutely must.



richard said...

thanks for posting this, i've watched the lot, 7 parts on youtube.
re: Gerrishes comment on the BBC being involved, have a look at this start at time 20 mins for the worst bit. mind control at work?

altogether, a deeply shocking scenario.

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the link.

When I posted the video I had only watched the first two (to get a sense of what Brian was saying) but I stayed up and watched all 7. It badly affected my sleep and this sinister subject was the first thought that entered my brain when I awoke. Those poor, poor bairns have been on my mind all day.

It really is dark and nasty. I was thinking about the parents that have to endure this treatment and the bewilderment they must be feeling day after day after day, for years on end.

The only practical advice I can give is this:

When your chidren enter the world, do NOT register them. Home school them, and keep them away from vaccines that are not proven to be safe. As I have said many times, once you register your children, they belong to the state. So the state can (and does) do whatever they like with their property.

This is a sick world we live in. We need to find a cure for what ails it.

Backing away from the state is a good first step. I am glad that I have begun that process.


richard said...

our councillor threatened parents with "social services" for letting their kids skate on frozen ponds.
a friend's colleague saw a doctor assault a patient. a constable in the room at the time helped to restrain the berserk medical man. a social worker (there are good ones) immediately reported the attack. at the tribunal the constable had "seen nothing", the patient had been "advised" by the police and didn't testify, and so the doctor wasn't struck off.
my trust in authority is nil.
"This is a sick world we live in. We need to find a cure for what ails it."
it's all sewn up, via bread and the circus. if you stir from in front of the telly, State force awaits, including (as the video indicated) loss of family.
BUT... most middle-aged people like me don't know or care, and won't listen. the current crop of state-controlled young haven't been given the tools for critical thinking.
we're seen as an expendable cash-crop, have been for centuries.
oh, have a look at FTAC watch if you haven't seen it - well worth a look.

Sue said...

I feel physically sick!

Anonymous said...

Well done for post that CR.

As per usual Brian's presentation is well research and spot on.

I watched all 7 parts of the youtube presentation this morning.

I'm surprised there aren't more comments on your blog, considering that this story appeared today in the Daily Mail.


"Mother 'not clever enough to raise child' has baby snatched by social workers after running away to Ireland to give birth

By Alison Smith Squire
Last updated at 1:13 PM on 22nd January 2010"

To all those who doubted what Brian said in his presentation (which was in Nov 2009)... the above story confirms 100% what Brain was saying.

CR thanks again for drawing my attention to this and thanks for being "a force for good".

Let us hope that the UK can escape what it has now become, otherwise there is no hope for the UK and what remains is only pain and suffering for most people living in the UK with the UK State corrupted and gone AOL.

JuliaM said...

It seems the only MP willing to stand up to the SS and ask questions is John Hemmings.

So at least ONE LibDem is doing something right...

Captain Ranty said...


The worst thing is that because we see atrocity after atrocity rolling across the screen we have become inured. We have grown this hard skin that nothing can penetrate. We change the channel rather than giving the matter some thought. We dont care enough to even contemplate the horror, far less get up and do something about it. I believe this is by design. As humans, we should be ashamed of ourselves.

I have been to FTAC watch a couple of times but not recently. I will catch up today.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for your comments.

A "force for good"? I admit that I originally wanted just to be a thorn in their sides. Then I realised that my negativity and bitterness (although useful as a kick-start) were not doing my mental health any favours. I adjusted my attitude and immediately felt good about what I was doing. I will still be an awkward sod, but I will not shout, go red in the face, and/or give them a reason to simply assume I am unbalanced.

My responses and interactions with the government are now cool, calm, collected and well-thought out. They have a problem with that. Life would be easier for them if I spat and raged at them.


Captain Ranty said...


I haven't looked for any champions. Having been badly let down by MPs on all manner of things, I simply assumed that they were ALL selfish bastards, concerned only about a free run at the trough. It seems to me that (for this subject matter at least), the place should be teeming with good guys.

What to do? Wait for the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome to kick in?

If this is, as Brian says, an orchestrated event, the 100th monkey knew some time ago that this sinister practice was happening.

Which makes them all complicit, in my book.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Captain, can`t watch it. If it was the case of watch this then pick up your weapons at WX-- 2-- post code and assemble at so and so for the battle of good verses evil I would watch then present myself willingly. But we can`t do anything about it so no point in upsetting myself, not untill things change anyway. All the best and hope you can make a difference to this shit hole we call Uk.

Captain Ranty said...


Fair enough.

I wish my blog was all about sunshine and lollipops, but it isn't.

I really do not mean to upset people but I will not shy away from the ugly just because it is ugly.

And anyway, you are doing exactly what I firmly believe in: you are exercising your right to choose. I would hope that I am the last person on earth to castigate you for that.

Thank you for being honest.