January 24, 2010

Freeman Stolen By HMG

And we'd like him back.

On Friday (22nd January 2010) our friend Pleasuredome, aka Richard: of the Harrison family, was abducted from his home by "two men in black suits in an unmarked van". Subsequent calls and visits to the police station revealed nothing. Well, they did reveal that anyone can be lifted, flung in a van, summarily judged and imprisoned.

I have followed Richard's abduction from the beginning. I can confirm that he has not broken any laws: he caused no harm, loss or injury to another living soul. He should not be in gaol.

We want him back. His family want him back.

If you can help, and you can, by spreading this video to all your friends and family, please do so.

I thank you, Richard:Harrison thanks you, and the entire Freeman community thanks you.



Sue said...

The TPUC forum says he's in Welford Road Prison after being arrested by court bailiffs who took him straight to court where he was sentenced to 28 days in prison.

Info here

Sue said...

As more and more people smarten up about the law, this will happen more and more...

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Sue. I knew he had been banged up, but it was done unlawfully.

They (the powers that be) may live to regret gaoling Richard. Few people are as clued up as he is, and right now he has a captive audience and will be teaching them things they hadn't dreamt of previously. They (the old lags) will unleash a hell all of their own!

The law of unintended consequences strikes in mysterious ways...:)


Anonymous said...

The fact it has happened at all suggests TPBT are shitting themselves.
Or there is someone among the TPBT who has a conscience and has had this man arrested to prove the freeman theory is true.
Stranger things have happened!

Captain Ranty said...

You just never bloody know with this lot, Anon.

Uncle Marvo said...

Arrested by court bailiffs?

That would be either an unpaid fine (to the state probably), breaking of a bail arrangement, failing to turn up for sentencing, or failing to appear in court/prison summarily.

So far as I know.

Which was it?

And what was the original alleged offence?

More details. I think we are owed that, at least?

[I can't watch the vid until tonight as you know]

Captain Ranty said...

UM, here it is in his own words:



Captain Ranty said...

Here's the first bit:

This is an overview of the summary judgement hearing on the 29th December 2009. the defendants had applied for summary judgement and the court had accepted it. The court had ordered I pay £1100 by the 7th December. I sent in a waiver saying that I waive the fees and as consideration offered them God’s love. The sent back the waiver with a letter saying that they don’t waive the fees and that they are not negotiable. I wrote across their letter in red marker pen “paid with god’s love” and sent it all back to them. There was no further response. The claim was for £27,500 which they had agreed to by acquiescence for not presenting a bill as proof/validation of charges for the seizure/theft of my car, and a claim for the return of my car. The claim was made at the beginning of July, using the person as I didn’t want to make it a “freeman” issue. My knowledge since then had increased and wasn’t able to include many of the issues of the matter that were very relevant in the claim, which was a problem for me in the hearing.

Apart from a brief 10mins in a preliminary hearing in October, this was my first time in court and having to face an onslaught from a judge and a barrister. I wasn’t well as I had a cold at the time, it’s a stressful situation and its not always easy to follow what they are saying. It wasn’t easy to think quickly and remember the things that were needed to be said. I made some errors and one fatal mistake.

Uncle Marvo said...

Ah yes, the old "let's start at £1000, then we can rack it up to £27000 later" ploy.

Simple mistake. Fell foul of it m'self.

Once I could possibly have afforded it (even though there was never any chance I would have paid it); now there is no chance.

How easy it is to convert a law-abiding citizen into an out-and-out mischief-maker, eh?

Now they fight against a man who has nothing to lose.

"Fear the man who has nothing to lose, for he who has nothing to lose has nothing to fear"

Anonymous said...

Uncle Marvo,

I think you may have comprehended wrongly. I think that the £27,500 was a fee that Pleasuredome had charged the police for failure to present a bill.

"The claim was for £27,500 which they had agreed to by acquiescence for not presenting a bill as proof/validation of charges for the seizure/theft of my car, and a claim for the return of my car."

You can find this on the FMOTL forum at page 4, second post, http://www.fmotl.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=4171&start=30

Uncle Marvo said...

I stand corrected.

As usual.