January 25, 2010

Many A Word Said In Jest...

Or is it life imitating art?

It does seem a little close to reality...



Unknown said...

Hehe, why do I get the feeling that those two fine actors/comedians did not forsee how prophetic there "scene" was about to be?

This was then the 'cutting' edge comedy of the eighties, and I have been through all the so called 'cutting edge' crap to come to 2010 with much sceptisism, the forward thinkers in the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties and the 200's trying to reinvent their agendas taken from the other era's, now they are more establishment forward thinking comedians?

Some people will do anything for a laugh!

Comedy aside, my heros of yesteryear have, to me, been shot down in flames.

Make me believe again, PLEASE!

Captain Ranty said...

Yer man Fry used to be a hero of mine but he has turned into a bit of arsehole lately. I'm off him.

The world needs to be turned upside down every now and again TBY, and I hope I am part of that when it happens.

Consequences (to me) be damned.


Unknown said...

Tonight CR I am on the drink and I am thinking of getting my bros in law together for a rap on this evil world. My bros in law are all musicicians well by their sell by date, one is a drummer, the other is s bas guitar player, Proffesional, and the wife plays a mean piano so that only leaves me to to a bit of rap type of singing....I'm gonna do it...I'm gonna get us all together and raise the roof...on video...I feel like rebelion!!!

Prolly wake up and think differently...who knows?

Watch this space!

Anonymous said...

I was supposed to be coming back to the UK from Canada next month.... if this is what it's like.... er, I might stay put....

Captain Ranty said...

No, get yourself back here to fight the good fight!

Our nation is at stake....

And besides, misery loves company.


Unknown said...

Oh chit, woke up this morning and I'm still living in a country that takes our basic freedoms and shafts them with a large brush handle!

The first thing I look at on the net is the Morning Advertiser stating that: "More than 23,000 application packs for National ID cards - billed as the ideal ID for alcohol sales - have been requested."

Bugger, I know it's early but where's that bottle?


Anonymous said...


"No, get yourself back here to fight the good fight! Our nation is at stake...."

You're right. Fuck it. I'm in and on my way.

It'll be fun.


Captain Ranty said...


Good to have you on the team!