January 23, 2010

Shock Doctrine

The phrase "shock doctrine" is new to me.

What isn't new is how corporations cash in on a disaster. There are billions at stake here. More importantly, they have a new country to control utterly.

Haiti is fucked. In more ways than one.

This is from the sidebar at YouTube:

"After the earthquake in Haiti, America is seen coming to the aid of the Haitians, with its mighty military power, although aid has been sent, it is not getting through to the people, which may be purposely done to plunge Haiti into rioting and looting that will need the U.S. soldiers to step in and declare military rule. This will be the prelude to yet another puppet government put into place to serve the U.S. Imperialists".

Click on "more info" for erm, more info.

Watch this short film and let me know what you think.


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Anonymous said...

It may be may dodgy hearing but I'm sure the 'state department counsellor' at around 50s in makes a bit of a slip up.

"We have no intention of supporti..supplanting the leadership of Haiti"