January 24, 2010

No Rioting Please, We're British.

Corrugated Soundbite (click title to visit) has knitted together the ingredients that should have seen us rioting long before now.

Like CS, I am particularly pleased that we haven't succumbed.

The very nanosecond that we amass on the streets, baseball bats and Molotov Cocktails in hand, is when they bring in the Civil Contingencies Act, and then, my friends, we are truly fucked. Brown will stay in power forever and Cameron will be denied his chance to fail the British people.

Far safer to stay at home. Far better to riot from the safety of your armchair. Far easier to cause them no end of pain.

All you have to do is say "No".

You may need to remind yourself just what it is you are saying "No" to.

Get over to CS's blog and refresh your memory.



Corrugated Soundbite said...

Thanks for the link CR, much appreciated. I've given it a lot of careful thought. Much as I'd like our politicians' heads on spikes being paraded around Trafalgar Square, I'm a peaceable chap by nature and would far rather simply hurt them in the pocket. Render them useless to those they have chosen to be slaves to (at our expense) until they have nobody left to serve but us. We've still got those old survival instincts :-)

Captain Ranty said...

No thanks needed CS. Your post is beautifully constructed and serves as a jolt to the senses. So much happens, each and every day, and we keep moving from one thing to the next without pausing for breath, so when you see them all together, it is a shock.

Peaceful rebellion. That's my kind of thing too.


Anonymous said...

I've often thought and said, falling on deaf ears, I might add, for the most part, is that one way to affect change would be to wake up tomorrow and phone in sick. Like you say, simply say, "nah, not today thanks...."

Just a thought.


Captain Ranty said...


Ha! It might become known as The Duvet Day Riots!

Imagine being able to cripple a country by having a lie in!

We would need massive numbers to make an impact though.

I like it.