January 30, 2010

Compare And Contrast

Lady Justice-blind or braindead?

Two wonderful examples of British justice for us to ponder this weekend.

Man blows his nose and is fined £60 and has three points added to his driving licence.

Woman steals £1 million from her employers and walks away free and clear.



Katabasis said...

So the message is, never take personal responsibility, always blame it on someone else.

And there was actually an argument on Question Time on Thursday night as to whether we really were in "broken britain".


Captain Ranty said...


The message I got from the bank manager saga was that it's alright to steal truckloads of cash as long as you don't spend any of it on yourself.

The message from the nose-blowing fiasco is that some coppers should be flayed and dipped in salt. Along with any of their managers and CPS drones that agreed with his actions.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is merely an extreme example of what is going on all the time.

Because Brown has set up the target system he has complete control over all public services. The careers of all employees are utterly dependent on meeting these targets, particularly the careers of those in supervisory and higher grades.

So of course this has corrupted all public services because all in these public services now seek to meet their targets and not serve the public, and certainly not the individual UNLESS it helps with meeting targets!

Since all targets are geared to providing Labour with grist for their PR machine (the BBC etc) and NOT making things work better or making the lives of individual members of society better, the set up has become very corrupted.

Since Brown controls what the targets are he can control all public services with flick of his little finger. To describe Brown as a flesh-eating bug is unfair to flesh-eating bugs

This has completely corrupted the police. It has stopped them being coppers decently serving their neighbourhoods and turned them into parasites and indeed PREDATORS against us - looking where they can to meet their targets.

James Higham said...

Further proof, as if it was needed, that everything is turned on its head.

BTS said...

Katabasis, I think the real message is to get a job in a bank..

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

So let me get this right; the boyfriend has just been sent down for laundering the cast the banker has just been acquitted of stealing?

Captain Ranty said...

That's it in a nutshell Brian.

Ain't life grand?


subrosa said...

CR I can't find your email so forgive me for putting this here.

A few of my readers are saying your site taken too long to load. It's fine for me because I've a singing dancing iMac but perhaps for Window users it's worse.

Delete this once you've read it. :)

richard said...

remimds me of an old Will Hay film - he's found old court papers and reads out some verdicts
" whistling in church"- hanged!.... "threw wife off cliff" - fined sixpence!

The old Will Hay films were great, but it seems that life has imitated satire.

Uncle Marvo said...

It is beyond comment, I think.

She gave it all to her boyfriend.
That means, I believe, that anyone should be allowed to NOT pay tax, so long as they give the "dues" to somebody else.

Anyone want a shedload of cash?

The cop that nicked the noseblower also did a chap for littering because £10 fell out of his back pocket. Seriously.

Barry the Jackal said...

To follow from Uncle Marvo's comment, I saw he was referred to by colleagues as PC Shiny Buttons for his 'zealous approach' to his job...

Pesky Anonymous said...

Man blows his nose...
To look for a bright side, this is just the sort of outrageous happen to anybody story which will filter through and add to the gentle nudging of sleeping Albion's shoulder. It's one of those stories that sticks and becomes a legend, like Walter Wolfgang. If it ever gets to court it will be further enhanced.

Woman steals £1 million...
All seems pretty fair to me. The jury seemed to think so too.