January 17, 2010

The Brotherhood Have Arrived!

Not before time, lads!

Have a look at this short video. The Brotherhood Team offer some insights as to where we are now, what keeps us here, and how we can escape.

I have added a link (embedded in the title) to The Brotherhood YouTube channel. They have several brilliant videos already posted.

Freedom awaits!

Go on, have a taste...my bet is that you will like it.



hangemall said...

"Understand that the further we stray from morality, the more legislation is introduced."

This reminds me of the Roman writer/historian Tacitus in his book the Germania. Comparing the the decaying Roman society and the vigorous Germanic peoples he wrote "Good morals are better than good laws."

Not much sign of good morals at the top end of our society, and it's spreading downwards.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks H.

I haven't read that book but I have a huge interest in Rome and the early days of the empire (and its eventual collapse) so I will buy it.

So much for "leading by example", eh?

Thievery and lying, troughing and denying, they are the only messages I am getting from our politicians these days.

For shame.


hangemall said...

"So much for "leading by example", eh?"

Yes. What sort of leader says "Don't follow me. Don't do as I do?"

Cold Steel Rain said...

Another cracking film Captain. I've been following your Freeman bits and pieces for a little while now (helped inspire my new blog actually!)

I've been watching Road Wars & Street Wars on Sky.. They follow the Police in real situations.

It's amazing how many people 'convict' themselves by being bullied and intimidated by the Boys in Blue..

Keep it up mate. CSR

James Higham said...

Great stuff, Cap'n. Keep up the good work.

opsimath said...

Thank you again, CR. I look forward to hearing much more from these good folk.