January 09, 2010

The Real Enemy?

You decide.


opsimath said...

Thank you, Captain Ranty; this man tells is as it is.

Listen to Donovan's 'The Universal Soldier' if you can, and continue to spread the word.

Lost said...

Racism.The perfect weapon for divide and conquer, same for the sky pixies!


Trident said...

CR - Sums up perfectly all I feel about our armed forces under the direction of politicians and politicised military leaders.

I keep quiet about my feelings on this one, too many sheeple are blind adherents to the bravesoldierhero brain washing shit rammed down out throats.

Freedom is only true freedom when it is freedom from military threat, the armed forces are constituted solely to defend capital and exploitation. Without armed forces governments are just as you believe - another man. With armed forces they can subjugate any other unarmed free man. Government and leaders transcend the individual mortal powers of one man at the point they retain a paid army. Immoral...

James Higham said...

Wealth and maimed people versus us standing up for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

lets hope he doesnt take a walk in the woods by himself one day like our Dr Kelly did

richard said...

"Plagued by a troop of baboons, Mr. J.F. Richardson of Rustoord, near Kammanassie, hit on the idea of painting two baboons white to scare the others.
He and his son built a wire cage and trapped two baboons. next they took two long poles with chains and loops and managed to place these over the baboons' heads. The baboons were led against the wire of the cage and painted white from outside the cage.
When the troop paid one of it's regular visits (there were almost 150, including many youngsters) the cage door was opened and two now white baboons sped out with all haste to rejoin them.
Their anxiety to be reunited was matched by the anxiety of the troop to avoid the apparitions, and they galloped away as fast as they could.
Since then - this was about three weeks ago - not a single baboon has raided the Richardson farm, nor have the two white ones been seen again."