January 18, 2010

Dan Does It Again

Tells the truth, that is. He is remarkably good at that.

If you have the stomach for more than your RDA of common sense, home truths and some (relatively) unknown facts, listen to Mr Hannan.

This is Part 3, and it is equally as good as Parts 1 & 2, but this bit stands out for me.

The good folks of New Zealand appeared disbelieving when Dan told them that our nation was gone from us.

I find it incredibly sad every time I hear it.

This is well worth 10 minutes of your time.

Tip of the beret to Goodnight Vienna for this great series.



opsimath said...

Thanks for the link, CR. Mr Hannan brought tears to my eyes, too - what has happened to us and how can we reverse it?

I fear I am too old to find out, but in my grandchidren's name, we must find a way out of this nightmare

Captain Ranty said...

There are three ways, Opsimath:

1. A sudden infusion of common sense in the next government.

2. Legislation (we legislated our way in so there has to be a way to legislate our way back out).

3. Revolution.

What do you reckon Ladbrokes will give us on options 1 & 2?

And with a nation fast asleep, and no real signs of them arising from slumber, how likely do you think option 3 is?

Short term we could well be buggered. We may have to hand this full nappy to the next generation.