January 27, 2010

Scan THIS, Mothertrucker

Gordon Brown, and his fellow freedom removers, have upset millions in their desire to install the pervy scanners at airports.

More importantly, complaints have now been lodged with those folks over at the Equality and Human Rights Commission 

Have a peek:

John Wadham, Group Director Legal at the Equality and Human Rights Commission says:

“The Commission fully accepts the government’s responsibility to protect the safety and security of air travellers. The right to life is the ultimate human right and we support the government reviewing security in the light of recent alleged terrorist activity.
“However, the government needs to ensure that measures to protect this right also take into account the need to be proportionate in its counter-terrorism proposals and ensure that they are justified by evidence and effectiveness.”

The Commission is concerned that that the proposals to introduce body scanners are likely to have a negative impact on individual’s rights to privacy, especially members of particular groups including disabled people, older people, children, transgendered people women and religious groups. Under the Human Rights Act, any infringement of the right to privacy must be justified, necessary and proportionate."

But not men, apparently. Why do lady front gardens deserve less attention than a blokes dangle?

This will end badly for Gorgon & Co, but by the time they lose this case, they will all be dribbling in Homes for Ex-Politicians. They are solid on this: they lose almost all human rights abuse cases. It's the one thing they do well.

In the meantime, travellers will suffer the indignities, and the alleged fucked up DNA that this back-scatter technology is renowned for.

As a frequent flyer, though, my main reason for not wanting to leap in and out of these abominations is because....THEY DON'T FUCKING WORK!

For the record, I don't really mind some jobsworth locked away in a room with a gross of Kleenex looking at my winkie. But FFS, please make my embarrassment worth the inconvenience. These scanners cannot find bomb-making materials and another, less harmful method must be found.

This isn't about human rights for me, it's about doing the job properly and safely.



Barking Spider said...

Spot on, CR, they really HAVE gone too far this time, may they burn in Hell!

Anonymous said...

Keys points:

* These full body scanners are not safe. There is no known safe level for the type of scanning technology they use.

"10microREM per scan" is what the US manufacturer claim in their sales literature.

How exactly is this calculated ? Are they averaging the intensity of the ionising radiation over the whole nominal volume of the scanner cubicle ? Does the scanning beam follow the usual pattern of distribution with an orders of magnitude higher intensity in the central spot compared with the outer edges of the beam ? Are there other "

* They are illegal to use. Why? Because if used on children their operators are paedophiles.

* Storing images even temporary of those taken of children is child porn/illegal/arrestable on the spot for storing child pornography

Take a read of



and then some.

Those who promote their usage and using it are promoting child porn, pornography, child pornography, making or distributing child pornography, voyeurism, etc...


"Dr Sarah Burnett, who works as an independent radiologist in London, raised concerns about the safety of the device two years ago, when she was asked to undergo a full body scan at Luton Airport.

She said: 'It is illegal to expose people to any level of radiation without medical justification. So how is it that the Government is allowed to irradiate us willy-nilly at airports?

'I am particularly concerned about the potential effects on women in their first trimester of pregnancy.

'That is when the risks of the baby developing genetic abnormalities are highest because radiation exposure can damage the body's reproductive DNA.'

'The machines are referred to as 'low-dose', but there is a school of thought that there is no 'safe' radiation dose," said Dr Burnett, who has had 15 years' experience working in the NHS.

"It is true that passengers are exposed to 'cosmic' radiation within the aircraft, but there's nothing they can do about that - it can't be avoided. We can, however, avoid deliberately exposing people to radiation.'"

I believe the Act in question is likely to be

The Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999


Dr Sarah Burnett, service director and consultant musculoskeletal radiologist, St Mary's Hospital, London. Qualified in 1985 from Westminster Medical School, and trained in radiology at Barts. Since 1993 she has been a consultant radiologist at St Mary's Hospital, London and Imperial College, School of Medicine, London.


Anyone like to phone her to get a current 2010 dated statement from her about this Full Body Scanner stuff?

Uncle Marvo said...

All fair, except UNTIL they find something that is better, safer, cheaper etc I would rather they used something than nothing.

I would like to shuffle off the old coil in a pub, having a fag, than spread over an ocean from 40,000 feet.


Captain Ranty said...

It's all fixed Marv, you can relax.

The Americans are now using a Wii Fit board. If you can't balance on it perfectly, you are a terrorist.

I read that last night. Can't find the bloody link now....


Uncle Marvo said...




etc etc

Quality. Not good quality, but quality.

PS I know how to spot a terrorist. Old Holborn published it a week or so ago.

richard said...

"cockpit secure, flaps normal ....proceed to check-in"
after getting scanned or felt, the allegedly-thwarted baddie is in a duty-free shopping area. buys a bottle of alcohol, some flammable pressurised deodorants, and some gas lighters. big bang at 30k ft? why not? it's a loophole so obvious that it makes you wonder what the nudist scanners are for. the hazards of radiation have been ably pointed out by mr Anon above.

Uncle Marvo said...


It's much easier than that. I have been pondering the question, only because I'd hate to be the only one who's arguing FOR body scanners. I might be an argumentative twat but I like a BIT of back up.

I won't reveal it here - I have written a description of my undetectable bomb and, trust me, it would be quite enough to have the wings off a 747, and probably make the captain spill his sausage and beans to boot.

I've done a scribbled picture and detailed the working and explained why it would be undetected. I've sent it to "Head of Security" at Heathrow. God knows where it will end up, probably get answered by the bloke who runs Costa Coffee or something.

I will report when I get a reply.

In the meantime, anyone wishing to blow up a plane full of innocent people should contact me directly; bring a couple of million quid in used notes, whence I shall stuff your balls down your throat and steal the money.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

as the queen is now one of us alleged EU citizens and has to be checked on terrorist lists and show her non-existant passport.. will she also be subject to these scanners?

Captain Ranty said...

As we are all equal before the law you would certainly think so.

In reality I bet thousands of our "betters" don't have to expose themselves like wot we scrotes do.

I'm guessing that a sizeable list exists with "Scanner Exemptions".