January 14, 2010


I don't think I have posted any of The AntiTerrorist videos before.

It is time to do so now. I have watched many of them before and I thought I would buy and read his book. It is crammed with useful information. To get a flavour of this mans work, watch these two videos and then, if you want to learn more, buy his book.

Just lately, I have grown concerned about the amount of utter tosh that our movement contains, but I am now certain that the AT speaks with honour, integrity and truth. The AT starts at the beginning and his videos flow nicely, offering great explanations and remedies along the way. He has thoughtfully placed a good link list on the right hand side. I would urge you to explore them.

Oh, and don't worry overmuch about the ski mask and glasses. It is both a gimmick (explained in the book) and it maintains his anonymity in much the same way as my alter-ego "Capt Ranty" maintains mine. There be sharks in these waters and it may be a sensible thing to do until all the t's are crossed and all the i's are dotted. I certainly do not intend to remain hidden forever. 

Please watch, enjoy, and let me know what you think.



watching said...

Just found AntiT myself. Fascinating.
I agree there is an awful lot of bullshit surrounding "Freeman".
I have also discovered this site today which is also bang on IMHO


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Watching.

That is a good site. No bullshit, no mystery, just good, solid information.


Uncle Marvo said...

I agree, GOODF is a good site, I've read most of it before. I agree, there is much, dark, brown stuff surrounding the Freeman movement. It is not the movement that's at fault, it's the arseholes who have put, or tried to put, themselves at the front of it, speaking in bloody Latin and talking complete bollocks, not to mention putting apostrophe's in every'where to try to make it look a's if they speak some semblance of english'.

Once I've unscrewed the damage Windoze did me yesterday I will watch the AT video.

I think one thing that is uberimportant is that the Freeman paradigm is not confused with trying to wriggle your way out of proper debts, like owing someone money for something you asked for, and got.

Having said that, I think the banks, gubbinsmeant etc can fuck right off, IMHO.

JJ said...
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JJ said...

I trying to find that video again of the man running rings round the policeman who came to question him...can you help?



Anonymous said...


Was that the one? Or was it this one? http://www.raymondstclair.com/?p=319

I'd watch the first one first, then decide if it's worth watching the other.

Captain Ranty said...


I have removed the video for the time being. I have a few concerns and I am investigating.




Captain Ranty said...

Uncle Marvo,

I agree. With one proviso: if I buy a telly on the never-never and discover that the seller has jacked up my interest rates I may well take exception to that. A contract must be agreed by both parties and there must full disclosure.

As for government "fees" (taxes and fines), well, they can wrap their laughing tackle around the snotty end of my love-wand.

It is unlawful to pay a debt with debt-notes. I am thinking of issuing I.O.U's in lieu of actual payment. MY new negotiable instruments may well say something like "I.O.U £5,000. I promise to settle this "debt" in full when our currency has real value again and is tied to silver or gold".

Paying the private side for goods and services is fine by me. And since honour is everything, it would be wrong to attempt to obtain stuff knowing that you had no intention of paying. Pretty soon private companies would be hurt, and more people would find themselves unemployed. I have no desire, or need, to contribute to that.

But, like I say, the taxman can suck my stump.


Uncle Marvo said...

Dear Capn

If I ever buy a telly at all, let alone on the never-never, please feel free to insert a splitered axehandle up my rectum.

I had one (a telly, not an axehandle) many years ago but then discovered that there was nothing on it.

Since then, I have gone to court twice for not having a licence. It is quite funny. None of the "excuses" on the form (they put one through your door when you're not in) include "I don't have a TV".

I do, however, have a pisstake on the go with a credit card company - it is the obvious one, you know, the one everybody has an issue with, named after something that falls out of a chicken's bottom. I haven't yet decided which course of action to take but suffice to say they will be down on the deal by enough to pay for a couple of dozen beardy marchers for at least six months.

I'm going to try the Swan at Fittleworth at the weekend. Sounds a great place :-)

Anonymous said...

Captain, AntiTerrorist strikes me that way, too.

In your video, he mentioned Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception - well worth checking out.

In that video, the constitution (Canadian) puts God at the top and the individual second, over government.

Assuming that our constitution can be interpreted in the same way, might that be why this hideous collection of cretins that call themselves our government want to get rid of Christianity?

James Higham said...

I've just been looking at anarcho-capitalism and the concept of the person and his labour being sovereign.

The problem is that the socialists start from there as well but their solution is for the community to control your labour so you lose one way and also the other.

Captain Ranty said...


Aye, I have seen the Bursting Bubbles vid. It is well worth watching. The Canadian system (most of it) is the same as ours.

I'm not sure they want rid of Christianity. They worked for years with the churches and through them, controlled the masses. To give up the churches means that they have to relinquish control of a huge number of minions.

But if you follow this to its natural conclusion, we (the UK) are controlled by the Vatican. They, of course, have a vested interest in keeping the churches full.


Captain Ranty said...


The mission is to take back control of your labour by controlling the legal fiction.

Isn't one major reason (for the mess we are in today) the lack of cohesion in our communities? The government wilfully sets neighbour against neighbour and now, they even want the kids to act like Hitler Youth-reporting back on their parents.

If we dig a little we can see where the government (in particular, THIS government) has created division with these groups:

Smokers v non smokers

Drinkers v non drinkers

Fatties v skinnies

Christians v Muslims

Gays v straights

Black v whites

Rich v poor

And on, and on, and on the list goes. I am sure you can add to my little list.

While we are concentrating on the splits we aren't concentrating on fighting the enemy within: those that pitted us against one another in the first place.