January 09, 2010

Three Steps To Freedom

Regular readers have been seeking a step by step guide, but as I often explain, these waters are murky and under-explored. I will try though, to convey what I have learnt so far.

I have identified three main ways to achieve freedom. They are: declaring yourself a Freeman by way of a Notice of Understanding, Intent, and Claim of Right (NOUICOR), declaring yourself to be in Lawful Rebellion, and taking control of your legal fiction (strawman) using Commercial Redemption. The lines between the three are blurred sometimes but they can also be complimentary.

Let's look at them in isolation first, and then you can at least pick a route.

1. Becoming a Freeman

People who choose this option (myself included) prepare an NOUICOR and either send it off to various government departments (mine was sent to the Home Office) or they simply retain them for an occasion where they may be used. Your NOUICOR is a valuable document. To my knowledge, no government department, anywhere in the world, has ever rebutted one. There is a maxim in law that says "An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth". I became a Freeman on 15th June 2009. Lately though, I have been learning more and I now wish to alter the way I am going. (More on that later on).

Here is one example from Freeman Dave. You can, however, put anything you like in your NOUICOR but you must understand what you have written and be prepared to defend your claim.

So, you draft your NOUICOR, get your autograph witnessed by two or three people, and it is done. You may also use a Notary Public to witness your autograph, but I have come to believe that no human has more power than I do myself and the NPs seal is less meaningful than it otherwise might be.

From this point onwards, you continue your research and find ways that being a Freeman benefits you and yours. This method does not suit everyone as technically, it means you walk away from state benefits but at the same time, you stop contributing and therefore become self-reliant. I think this method is perfect for people living out of the way, perhaps in the country where they can grow their own food, provide their own power and water, and have no need of services provided by local councils. It is simple yet complex, and should not be entered into lightly.

2. Lawful Rebellion

A great many people in the UK are disgusted and disappointed at the way Queen Elizabeth II has conducted herself since her coronation in 1952. When she took the job, she made an Oath to her subjects. She swore not to give power to any foreign nations. She has repeatedly given Royal Assent to legislation that does exactly that, culminating in the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty which legally and lawfully negates her position as titular head of the United Kingdom. She has handed the UK to the EU on a platter, without the mandate of her people and without a shot being fired.

Entering into Lawful Rebellion is a right of all British people. It is enshrined in law and if you want to learn the two-step process, go here and absorb it all. Essentially, you swear an affidavit and send it to the queen, and, assuming she does not rebut your affidavit, 40 days later you follow up with a second affidavit informing her that you are no longer bound by anything she (or her government) says. This is very simple, and very, very effective. Around 250 people do this each and every day. At some stage in the future, a tipping point will be reached and someone, somewhere, will have to react.

3. Commercial Redemption

This, I have come to believe, is the answer. Both of the first two methods involve, to a greater or lesser degree, stepping away from your legal fiction. My thoughts now are that I want to control my strawman rather than give him up. I need to engage in commerce, I need to travel, and I feel that I need my strawman to effectively balance freedom with practical needs. The pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together and I reckon that Commercial Redemption is an awesome tool to have in the box. Naturally, this is the most difficult way to proceed and it is horribly complex. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and the government simply cannot countenance that. All of my life has been spent giving them my hard earned money and now, finally, I have a way to redress, and rapidly reverse, that unfair deal. Just a few days ago I found (and posted) some exciting new information. I say new, but the remedy goes back to 1666. I recommend that you go here and study the article. It is simply mind-blowing.

The obligatory disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I have no legal training. If you decide that you do want to take control of your lives, legally and lawfully, there are (at least) three ways of doing so. I urge you to study, to learn, to immerse yourself in all of this before you do a single thing. Then start all over again. Reference and cross-reference what you have learnt until it is as natural to you as breathing in and out.

You are about to discover a new reality. It is painful. In fact, you might want to treat it like a bereavement. You will go through all the same stages: shock, disbelief, anger, denial, blame and finally, acceptance. When you know in your heart and in your mind that you have been scammed, just like your parents, their parents and their parents, you are ready to make your move. Your brain needs a reboot and there is no pleasant way of achieving that.

Fortunately, help and assistance abounds. Join a forum and read, read, read. All fora are inhabited by Useful Idiots, whose job is to undermine your confidence and poo-poo everything. Your task is to separate the wheat from the chaff. Find the nuggets and ignore the fools gold. Take your time. There is no rush.

Finally, good luck! I hope you find what you are looking for.



Daniel1979 said...

Hi CR,

Sorry to go off topic, but I thought you might like to see this



Captain Ranty said...


I haven't been nominated for anything before. (Well, nothing pleasant, anyway).

Thanks very much Daniel.

And many thanks to Corrugated Soundbite for flinging my beret into the ring!


Anonymous said...

If all men were Freemen we would
all still be hunter gatherers.
In a modern industrial state there
will always be those who are less
free than others but who decides the distribution of liberty and to whom.

Angry but not hungry

Captain Ranty said...

You get to decide how free you are all by yourself. The choice was always yours.

You are a god. (a minor one, to be sure, but a god nevertheless).

Act like one.


Uncle Marvo said...

Unfortunately, Freeman Dave has the same problem as Mr Harris, in that he is is incorrectly asserting that Great Britain (i.e. the country) is a "company". It is: registered no. 03456749, DORMANT, at 41 PARK MOUNT
which is here: http://tinyurl.com/y8o5hsj and is just someone's idea of a joke, or grandeur. It is nothing to do with the government.

Small errors like this invalidate the rest of what is being said. I wish they would stop!

Captain Ranty said...

Uncle Marvo,

I hear you.

The thing is, this is all brand new to most of us so we run with what we dig up until it is refuted. One good thing is that people (like you) are able to spot the flaws, which leads to more searching for the correct data.

Ever so slowly we are finding concrete evidence.

I prefer (bizarrely) to go straight to the gubmint. They have all the gen and they don't try too hard to hide it.


Uncle Marvo said...

The problem I have is that the masses who need to be convinced (I am already convinced and have been for years) need good quality information. When they find it, they are often faced with illiteracy and misinformation. They then run away.

We need some good, edited, researched articles.

I am prepared to do the editing and research, and I have both the time and the wherewithal. Let whoever needs to know, know.

And keep ranting, Ranty.

Captain Ranty said...

Uncle Marvo,

I would be very pleased to publish your research here, if you want to supply it.

Feel free to use my house as you would your own. This is ALL about getting the good stuff out into the sunlight.

You can reach me at captainranty at btinternet dot com. Set up a dummy name if you want to preserve your anonymity.

(I don't think I could stop ranting even if I wanted to!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

Thanks for link, hope my site is useful too you.

Regards dave

Captain Ranty said...

It is Dave. You have great references to everything that is going on.

Great vids as well!