January 06, 2010

Watch And Learn, Slaves.

This is a short but powerful video clip.

Every time he says "America", hear instead "Britain".

Then you will have a new, chilling view. If you don't, watch it until you do.

It's the same the world over.

And it has to end.



Anonymous said...

It's the same the whole World over
It's he Poor wot gets the blame
It's the Rich wot gets the pleasure
Aint it all a fucking shame.

Captain Ranty said...

Ain't that the truth...

Trident said...

Outstanding CR - an inspirational monologue and a point well made.

Who is the speaker? I don't recognise him. Who wrote the speech?

Sorry, what am I like? - just so demanding, hark at her!

Captain Ranty said...


I have no clue.

There is a video response on YouTube, a 21 second clip where a guy asks "Who is that man? Perhaps it's not important. What IS important is that he has the problem nailed to the wall. Now, what will we do about it?". (Not exact, but words along those lines).

And you should demand! We need to know these things.


I am Stan said...

Wasnt it ever thus Capitan!

Flat Earth Highlands Dave said...

Great speech.

opsimath said...

Brilliant and perceptive, whoever he is.

Thank you for the link.

Captain Ranty said...

Is it just me, folks, are is there an awful lot more people speaking out?

I have been involved with the interweb since it was carrier pigeons and I don't recall seeing quite so much dissent, rage, calls for revolution or quite so many "truthseekers" (whatever truth they may be seeking)?

You know the score, you buy a blue car and suddenly all you see is blue cars.

Maybe I should get out more.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen The Fall of the Republic? This is Part 1; AFAIK Part 2 has not yet been released.

Captain Ranty said...

I am watching it now.

You could have warned me about the length! That's another nights sleep ruined....:)

Thanks for the link. I see a lot of names and faces from my own search through the maze.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about that, Captain R. Much of it you will be familiar with, but I was especially interested in the bit about TV. We threw our set out years ago and our quality of life has improved no end. What I didn't know then is that TV rots the mind - this article by Wes Moore is well worth a glim.

Captain Ranty said...

Mr Beezley,

No apologies necessary. That is a great film and it should be mandatory viewing for all.

I shunned the idiot lantern about this time last year and within a few months I had unearthed all sorts of useful data on the internet. (I know most of it is garbage but unlike the telly, one can instantly search for different sources and opposing views).

I'll post the film link with a few words. I really think people should see it in greater numbers. Just over 1 million have watched it so far. We are around 6 billion views short.

Thanks again for providing the link.

Just off to see what Mr Moore is saying.