January 04, 2010

Taking Stock

This entry is an attempt at bringing together all the threads on the Freeman concept, with some lawful rebellion added to the mix, and just to confuse everyone, (including myself), I will try to explain commercial redemption.

As usual, there are more questions than answers, but I will do my best.

History tells us that at one time, somewhere around the 12th century, there was a creature called a Freeman. This being was an "inbetweener". He (for it was usually a he, but his wife and kids enjoyed the status as well), was not a serf, he owned his own land, and was not obliged in any way to his local baron. He was truly free. He could come and go as he pleased, and he was not required to pay taxes or tolls. Tolls were collected from traveling merchants at toll-booths along highways and by-ways up and down our (fairly civilised) country. A Freeman did not pay tolls unless he was engaged in commerce. He wasn't licensed, he didn't register anything with any official body or group, and he did not need to ask permission to do anything. To say that he had a good life during all that slavery and serfdom would be an understatement. Magna Carta (the Great Charter) further protected his way of living, and enshrined a great many rights in one single document. The jury is out on just how many articles enshrined within Magna Carta are still in use today. Some say none, some say only five or six, and some even say that the whole document remains in force because it bound future monarchs. Some legal experts say that this cannot be so. They say that parliament cannot bind any future parliament and that new legislation can replace the old, and that any Act or Bill can be repealed. The difference here is that a monarch signed the Magna Carta, although there is a theory that he did so under duress. It was signed, as we all know, on the island of Runnymede in 1215. It was amended in 1297, and it was followed for several hundred years until the Bill of Rights was assented to in 1689. Many call this Bill "Magna Carta Plus" and it is the nearest we have to a written constitution. For those of us north of the border, when the Act of Union was signed in 1707, any rights the English had were conferred on the Scots and vice versa. In truth, we both gained by the union at the time, and I am not sure whether an independent Scotland now would benefit me. Still, I can always move to England if the split affected me adversely.

Back to the present. Freemen today want to live their lives unfettered and unhindered by todays "barons". They see politicians that have far exceeded their remit, they see a government hell bent on absolute control over every thing we do. They don't like the new-style robbery by the taxman, they don't like enforced vaccinations, they don't like asking for permission for pretty much everything they feel able to take responsibility for by themselves. They are fed up to the back teeth with the mountain of statutes the government say we need to live safe and happy lives. A Freeman (or woman, the term "Freeman" is unisex), obeys natural law, or common law. We take an oath not to cause harm, injury or loss to our fellow humans, and we also swear that we will not make mischief with our contracts. All statutes are surplus to requirements. There has not been a single piece of legislation enacted that is not already covered by natural law. Statutes are big business. The government hauls in many billions of £££'s each and every year via the plethora of Bills and Acts, and the lawyers and barristers, the judges, the police, and the gaols, would have far less to do if there was no legislation. Our lives are far more complex and I challenge any one of you reading this NOT to break a "law" today. There are now so many it is impossible to know and understand them all. Even our "lawmakers" don't read them. There is no time. Most statutes and their amendments, are several hundred pages long, and during Labours tenure, they have spat out, on average, one new piece of legislation for each and every day they sat in parliament. Combine that with over 120,000 new regulations from the European Union and that, my friends, is a lot of new law to take on board. And if they don't understand what they are signing up for, how are we supposed to? The first time we are aware that we have "broken the law" is 10 seconds after a burly policeman arrests us for it. The situation is untenable. Can anyone reading this be surprised that normal people want to make a radical change by declaring themselves to be Freemen? The mechanism exists for us to do so, so we take the option. It isn't an easy road to take, and none of us do so lightly.

Law. For most of my adult life I thought that all law was the same. It is not. Statutes are given the force of law when consented to by the governed. Freemen remove that consent. Lawfully. Statutes are no more than rules by which a society live. When you speed, or park your car on a double-yellow line you have not committed a crime. You have bent a rule. You have committed a crime when you hurt or kill someone, you have committed a crime when you steal from someone, and you have committed a crime when you defraud someone. Everything else is fluff. Everything else is designed to take your money. Make no mistake: new statutes are reviewed (by bankers) in exactly the same way a new business plan is reviewed. What will it cost to implement? What revenues will it generate? The cost/benefit ratio is very carefully considered.

Money. This is what it's all about. They package legislation as safety or security measures, and they tell us that it is for our protection, but what they desperately need is our money. The UK has been bankrupt for decades. We trade under Chapter 6 bankruptcy rules. That is to say, we are allowed to trade but we cannot show a profit. The Chancellor and the Treasury use a double-entry ledger system. Money in, money out, balance zero. In bankruptcy, all debts are forgiven, including yours and mine. What we don't know is that a mechanism exists for us to pay our "debts" using a system called commercial redemption. It is a massively complex undertaking to put your paperwork in place so that when a bill drops on your doormat, you simply send off a notice to the Treasury and instruct them to make the payment for you, and this zeroes the "debt". Commercial redemption is used today, in Canada and the USA, and many are working towards it here in the UK. Imagine: your PAYE, your Self Assessment, your Corporation Tax, your Council Tax, even utility bills can be paid in this way. The result? If you earn say, $30,000 per year, you get to keep it. All of it. And then? You don't go hungry, you spend more (thus ensuring that the corner shop stays in business and keeps people in employment), or you save more, so that you can retire earlier and enjoy your later years, without depending on the state to feed, clothe and house you. The NHS? With more money in your bank account you can now afford private medical plans. The Councils? When you learn that almost all councils have many millions parked in stocks and shares it's a bit galling when we are told that there will be no money for this or that service. Council Tax is illegal in any case. It is just another scam to relieve you of your hard earned coin. The money in circulation today has no intrinsic value. It is worthless. It is known as fiat currency. It is a promissory note, an I.O.U. I am sure you all realise that a debt cannot be repaid with a promissory note. Anyone, anyone, can lawfully and legally produce their own promissory notes. The Bills of Exchange Act is crystal clear on this. You might want to read it. It should change your life. Have a look at my earlier post containing the video "Money As Debt II" and watch it repeatedly. This will give you a greater understanding of the system in use today. Fiat currency is doomed to fail. That is a mathematical certainty. It is rapidly reaching its zenith and the result is a guaranteed economic catastrophe.

Lawful rebellion. Many people, including myself, are disgusted and dismayed that our monarch has repeatedly signed into being legislation that dilutes her power. In 1952 she took an oath. In that oath she swore to protect and defend us from foreign invaders, but she has wilfully broken that oath on 2,862 occasions in the last 12 years alone. These are acts of treason and many have removed their promise to obey her, and by default, her parliament. John Harris led the charge and now the queen receives around 250 sworn affidavits per day from people who have entered lawful rebellion. Not good, (for her), as I am sure you will agree. Visit the TPUC website for more information. The British Constitution Group are also a fantastic source of information.

So, unless you are permanently doped up with Prozac, or hard-wired to Corrie or the X Factor on your TV, you will have noticed that the wheels are coming off. Our communities, our towns, our villages, our cities, the four entities that make up our Union, are in an unholy mess, and bad things are happening as a result of our nations mismanagement. Politicians we elected ignore our calls for sanity, they ignore us when we say something is wrong, they lie to us on an hourly basis, all the while ensuring that they are OK. That they have plenty socked away for the torrential downpours to come. They gave our nation away to the EU in a criminal fashion, preferring instead, to feather their own nests, rather than obey us, their masters. The only direction now is down. If we thought our MPs were corrupt, we are about to witness a whole new level of troughery. Our rights are being taken away by the armload, and some of us want to do something about that.

I know that Fausty asked for a step by step guide to becoming a Freeman, but as you will have read, there really isn't one. Each path is unique. You may want different outcomes to me. You may be happy to pay tax, or you may be happy with services that you get from the NHS. This is an all or nothing deal. Admittedly, you can elect to respect some statutes, or you can reject them all. This ideology is jam-packed with choices. I urge you to study like you have never studied before. This is a rocky road and you need to know where to put your feet. If you don't fully comprehend what you are doing then don't do it. Crawl, walk, run. But when you do, do it calmly and confidently. You will be questioned, by many, and you need to have the answers ready. This is a way of life to be embraced fully. I advise all of you to visit the Lawful Rebellion site in the sidebar to your left. Read and absorb the section on Affidavits. Once you are comfortable with them, make your move. If I were just beginning on this road, I would use affidavits and nothing else. They are the most powerful document in law. I could say in half a page what it took me to five pages to say in my Notice of Understanding, Intent, and Claim of Right (NOUICOR). I also intend to complete, and issue my Affidavit to Gordon Brown in the next few weeks. When he is replaced later in the year, his successor will also receive an Affidavit from me. I may also send one to the European president, and, perhaps, the Vicar of Christ. Further research will show you just why the Vatican is a vital link in this rusty chain.

Right now I am working on my Commercial Redemption and I will update you all on events. If I had done this first, I would not have taken on HMRC at this time. But, I already have so I will fight that battle with the tools at my disposal.

I am routinely accused of being an anarchist, or worse, a freeloader. I am neither. I am happy to pay a fair price for the services I use. Hypocrisy is a regular accusation too. The fact that I travel abroad regularly and need a passport to do so, irks some ignorant people. I don't actually need a British/European passport to travel and I am investigating a World Passport. They are recognised in some 90 countries so that may be the answer. The short story is that I am deeply worried for my future, my childrens future, and my countries future and I decided to take action. The pen, they say, is mightier than the sword. I aim to prove that to be true.

If you have any questions, fire away.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Cap'n. I shall digest it tonight!

Uncle Marvo said...

"Ignorance of the law is no excuse".


Captain Ranty said...

Where do you begin though?

There are now thousands of laws I didn't even know existed....

It has to end.


Anonymous said...

I shall start poring over the affidavit material, as you suggest, Cap'n. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

The thousands of laws we have in the UK are nothing, considering that we can be extradited for breaking the law of virtually any/all countries in which we do not reside where the breach is not a criminal offence in this country.

As a Freeman, how does that affect you? If, for instance:

* the UK has an extradition agreement with Turkey,
* Turkey finds you guilty of some Turkish statute breach,
* the UK hands you over (as with McKinnon)
* The Turks don't recognise your Freeman status.

Even if International law is on your side and the globalists don't change it, might it not take years or even decades to gain your freedom?

How do you travel, with no passport? Are you able to use airports?

How do you use bank accounts, given the sheer amount of paperwork and identification that's required?

Thanks for your patience!

Captain Ranty said...

Well, Freemen are not affected by, or subject to, statute law. If I had breached an international statute my Freeman status protects me.

Mind you, if I had caused harm, injury, loss, or I had defrauded someone, I would expect the full weight of common law to descend upon me.

Did McKinnon hurt, kill or steal from someone? What "crime" did he commit? Who (which human being) suffered loss?

Not that it matters, not really. McKinnon is still in the system, which is global. His legal fiction will continue to be robbed year after year, even if he is in gaol. The US and the UK government (more accurately, the treasuries) continue to make money.

I am looking at acquiring a world passport. There is an organisation in the USA that provides them. I can then hand back my UK/European passports.

Bank accounts? I will need them. I have learnt a great deal in the last 72 hours and I have decided to control my legal fiction rather than give "him" up. I still want to engage in commerce, so I need a vessel to use.

As we learnt from the video I posted last night, our legal fictions are all considered to be dead. This allows the Treasury to manage our money for us. They will keep doing that until or unless we tell them that we want control. (We have a seven year window to inform the govt, but those seven years are from birth to 7 years of age. I was still playing with action man-I should have been completing the govt paperwork to assure them that my strawman was alive and well). First step is for me to notify the government that "he" was not lost at sea. Then I can continue my Commercial Redemption plan. I will post more on this when I have it nailed down.

What I do know is this:

My Strawman (my legal fiction), belongs to the state.

My children belong to the state.

My passports belong to the state.

My car belongs to the state.

My NI number belongs to the state.

My birth certificate belongs to the state.

My driving license belongs to the state.

I want them all back. Under my control. The methodology to reclaim them all exists right now.


richard said...

as i mentioned before, my "strawman" or agent in commerce allegedly owes £5K to a credit card company. myself, as a human being, has asked to see a signed contract and an invoice, so that i can recompense any human being who is out of pocket because of my commercial activties. the company has declined to send me a signed contract or an invoice and is threatening me with a default.
if this should go to court, the judge could (i suppose) order the wages of the strawman to be garnished to pay the alleged debt of the strawman. so i would be no further forward UNLESS the case is thrown out due to lack of a contract, OR (and i feel this would be extremely chancy) the defendant makes sure he appears as a human being and somehow sidesteps his commercial "self" - to my mind, this is very dodgy ground indeed. one slip of the tongue and you would be shafted.
so i will have to get legal advice, with regard to the credit card.
as for Mr McKinnon, and i suppose the rest of us, maybe it doesn't matter a damn whether he was a Freeman or not: because strong men with guns will take you away if ordered to do so by an agent of the state. if you think back to what the State in Germany did to the Jews and anyone else they didn't like, you will realise that the state relies on violence as a last resort, and the threat of violence in the first instance. that's all they have.
in short, to put it crudely, i fail to see how an affidavit will stop a policeman's boot being applied to one's nuts.
however, there is a Notary Public just down the road, and i intend to make enquiries. i will report back with the response, if any.
NB one of the MP's in Northern Ireland is "considering" a night-time curfew for newly-qualified drivers - not too good for shiftworkers or the 99 point something percent of new drivers who don't have accidents. a good case for a notarised affidavit re: freedom to travel without relying on the juxtaposition of planet earth and sun?

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always